Lovie Smith: We tried giving the Buccaneers the game and they said ‘No, thanks’.


When the Bears were up 21-5, I was thinking of having the headline “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. I forgot that in most cases, the Bears usually find a way to blow it. Without a doubt, this was horrible to watch during the second half. The Bears should have won this game by four touchdowns the way the defense played early on.

Offense: As I said earlier, my headline was suppose to be something else. That was because the Bears actually ran the football very well in the first half. Then, the second half came and we saw plays that made us wonder if the ghosts of past offensive coordinators that the Bears have had were taking over Mike Martz’s brain. It turns out that Martz is actually stupid and called a bunch of passing plays when they should have just continued to run the ball. Cutler kicked ass in the first half but sucked ass in the second. It’s not completely his fault but his last interception was terrible. Regardless, he was spot on early in the game with the wide receivers.

Back to Martz being a dumbass, the Bears had a first and goal late to try to put the game away once and for all. Instead of just running the ball the first time around, Cutler throws three straight passes with one of them nearly getting intercepted. Instead of fourth down, Aqib Talib of the Buccaneers plays the role of another, stupid cornerback that is on the Bears by committing a personal foul penalty that gives the Bears another first and goal. Then, stupidity rises but in a reverse role. Three straight runs (even on third down) forces the Bears to kick the field goal and give the Buccaneers a chance to win the game.

I think the offensive line had another great game. Each of them had great blocks throughout. The one who stuck out the most in my opinion was J’Marcus Webb. There were a couple plays in which Matt Forte had big gains on and Webb did a great job creating the gaps. The wide receivers were surprisingly good. Roy Williams dropped an easy pass early on but ended up being the best receiver today.

Matt Forte was outstanding once again. To tell you how good this guy is, if Martz wasn’t such a stupid fuck, he had an outside chance of rushing for 200 yards for the second time this season. I am certain he had at least 115 of them in the first half alone. Now on to another stupid fuck, Jerry Angelo. PAY THIS MAN!

Defense: Like the offense, the defense was kicking ass in the first half. I actually thought this defense was going to turn the corner as far the season is concerned. Instead, they went in reverse when the fourth quarter arrived. The first thing that pissed me off was the Lance Briggs interception that was taken all the way to the one yard line that would have given the Bears a chance to be up by three touchdowns. What happens? Tim Jennings (Fuck you) committed the most pointless penalty in football by having an illegal block in the back and it fucked up the whole thing. Then Brian Urlacher gets an interception in the red zone only to nearly give it right back by fumbling it. Luckily, his knee was down an eye-blink before the ball came back.

During the first three quarters of the game, I was thinking to myself “Charles Tillman (Worthless) has been playing pretty decent.” Stupid me again. After Cutler’s second interception, Josh Freeman throws an easy touchdown pass to get the Buccaneers within a field goal. Why? Because Tillman (Worthless) all of a sudden stopped covering Dezmon Briscoe who was all alone for that score. It doesn’t help either that Chris Harris was trying to be dumber than Tillman (Worthless) by being far away from Briscoe on that touchdown. I think it’s time to bench Chris Harris again. This shit needs to stop.

On the good side of the defense, I think Chris Conti played a pretty good game. He came up with a big interception in the first quarter at the goal line. Then later in the game, he stopped the Buccaneers from converting the two-point conversion. He deserves to start another week. Also, D.J. Moore saved the day for the entire team by intercepting Freeman in the final minute. For some odd reason, I was worried that the way the day was going for the Bears, that Cutler would fumble the snap and give Tampa Bay yet, another chance to win the game.

Special teams: Not much here to discuss. Hester didn’t have much of a chance to take a return back. Moron play-by-play announcer Kenny Albert mentioned before Robbie Gould’s first field goal attempt that he would be the most accurate kicker in the NFL if he made it. He was then way off on the attempt. Make of that what you will.

The Bears have a bye-week coming up. Thank God too. I need a week off from these assholes. This win was important because the teams that the Bears needed to lose in terms of the last wild card spot, lost too. After the bye, they go on the road to take on the Eagles on Monday Night Football.

7 Responses to “Lovie Smith: We tried giving the Buccaneers the game and they said ‘No, thanks’.”

  1. Yeti Says:

    Two things.
    1. You understand how a zone defense works? I don’t want to hear if you agree or disagree with running it, but you understand the way it works, right? Particularly in cases where a receiver leaves one man’s zone?

    2. You realize that what the announcers say has no effect on the game on the field

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    I don’t know how the zone defense works. Would you care to explain it?

    Not trying to be sarcastic on this next point but if the Bears are playing a “zone” defense, would you even know? The cornerbacks are terrible even on man-to-man coverage. However, they have a better chance of stopping the other team if they actually covered the damn receivers. If are they are in this “zone” defense, why do the safeties wander around the damn place too? Someone is missing their assignment. I am blaming it on the corners. Charles Tillman (Worthless) has been here long enough to know that if the safeties are sucking ass, then he should say “fuck it” with the assignment and take matters into his own hands by going after the receiver. But it seems like everytime he drops back, he just stops and stares at the quarterback.

    If you want to criticize what I said about Gould missing that field goal, fine. I saw something in the game that I found to happen quite a bit. You enjoy coming here and acting like your shit doesn’t stink when someone proves you’re wrong. With that being said, do you have any stats for us?

  3. Yeti Says:

    “But it seems like everytime he drops back, he just stops and stares at the quarterback.”

    That’s kinda your answer on when they’re in zone. It’s not a perfect indicator, but when a DB is playing zone, they’ll focus on the QB more than they focus on the WR, their eyes at least. Also, as bad as you think this defense is, if everyone said “Fuck it” and did their own thing, then the Bears would give up 600 yards every game.

    As far as the Gould thing, I hear a comment about his accuracy at least every game, if not more, and he still has made like 87% of his FGs. I don’t see what can possess you to think that what Albert said has anything to do with the Gould miss… But then again, you were also one of those freaking out when baseball announcers mentioned a pitcher having a no-hitter during a game because supposedly, them mentioning it makes that pitcher lose it

  4. Joe Says:

    Contrary to what some in the media were saying, the offensive line still sucks. Cutler was constantly under pressure. Even the max protect didn’t work sometimes. J’Marcus Webb was always chasing guys that had gotten by him. Lance Louis is too inconsistent to be a starter at tackle.
    There was a shot of Frank Omiyale on the sidelines.
    This can only be solved by NEW TALENT and the Bears and Mr. Incompetent Jerry Angelo don’t seem to realize this.
    Of course, Angelo is too busy hiding under his desk because he doesn’t want to face the whole Forte situation.
    Fire Angelo now and find someone who knows something about football, talent evaluation, and communicating with players.
    Then, if they fire Lovie in the off-season, the guy already has experience with the organization. Our long national nightmare will be over.

  5. chucky Says:

    Not quite Joe. We still have the asshole McCaskey family to deal with. That old bitch Virginia loves Smith so much she would take that cocksucker with her to the grave if she could.

    What is it with idiot team owners in this city?

  6. Joe Says:

    Somehow, someway, we have to get the Bears ownership to take the same serious attitude the Cubs just did in terms of management of the team.
    We thought there was no way they’d get Epstein, but they did. And Hoyer coming with him?
    I still say that firing Angelo now, given how he’s totally fucked up his relationship with the team, would be worth two wins this season. If you’ve noticed, he’s pretty much hiding from the media at this point because he doesn’t want to give weak answers to questions about Forte and Briggs and why Jay Cutler still can’t plant his feet and throw the ball. And what about the money he wasted on Merriweather? And why did he give Frank Omiyale a four year, $14 million contract?

  7. chucky Says:

    That cocksucker should be in hiding from angry mobs wanting a piece of his goddamn ass.


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