09 Cubs, Fifty Games In….


The Cubs are sitting at .500 after the first 50 games of the season. That’s about the best that I expected from them coming out of spring training. This is not a playoff caliber team. They don’t scare anybody, not even the Reds or Pirates, or even the Nationals for that matter.

I not only blame Hendry, but also Piniella for the debacle that took place in the offseason. Lou was given way too much influence as to how the roster would be assembled, and that’s not right. It was Lou’s bright idea to balance out the batting order and get more lefthanded. How good has that worked out? There was not one off-season move that I was in favor of. This was a 97 win team a year ago, and they should have just left well enough alone. The bullpen is a complete disaster, Soto has become fat and lazy following his ROY season, and Hendry failed to land a suitable backup for Ramirez in the event that he might miss significant playing time.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago in a thread that it wouldn’t surprise me if Piniella packs his bags and quits on the team. If the players don’t get their heads out of their asses and start playing winning baseball, Lou will be gone by the end of June. But to tell you the truth, I think the players have quit on Piniella already. Lou acts like he just doesn’t give a fuck anymore.

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  1. Dave Says:

    If I were Randy Wells, I would be begging for a trade right now. Randy Wells has number 1 starter quality stuff. He nearly threw a no-hitter into the 7th inning. The bullpen, which was doing well over the past couple weeks completely failed him.

    Randy Wells
    W/L 0-2
    ERA 1.69!!
    BB: 10
    K: 28
    Never allowed more than 3 runs per game. He doesn’t have dazzling stuff but he is very efficient. Quite possibly the next Greg Maddux.

    He should be 4-0 right now, but thanks to this offense and bullpen, he’s 0-2.

    Cubs now 25-25, 4th place
    Cubs October 83-79, 3rd or 4th place. They’ll get the winning season but that’s about it. Sheeple will call the season a success.

  2. chucky Says:

    Great post KSMC. Let me break this down some more:

    1) It was Lou’s bright idea to balance out the batting order and get more lefthanded.

    This was simply an excuse for the embarrassment to the Dodgers last fall. Nothing more, nothing less. Grasping at straws.

    2) There was not one off-season move that I was in favor of. [Let’s look at just a few of them]

    a) Milton Bradley:

    Complete headcase who acts like he’s off his ridolin. Bad move.

    b) Traded away Mark DeRosa.

    Ramirez blows out his shoulder and now that leaves the team without a 3rd baseman. Great foresight there Moe.

    c) Traded away Jason Marquis.

    I know many people were calling for his head while he was here, but tell me how his slot was upgraded. The answer isn’t Randy Wells because he wasn’t part of the equation at the start of the season. I have been very impressed with him though, and I hope that continues.

    d) Acquired RHP Kevin Gregg from the Florida Marlins in exchange for RHP Jose Ceda.

    Gregg sucks. Period. End of statement.

    e) Signed INF Aaron Miles to a two-year contract.

    Uuhhhhhh??? Why?

    f) Signed RHP Chad Gaudin, LHP Neal Cotts and OF Reed Johnson to one-year contracts.

    Gaudin is gone, Cotts sucked goat balls. Reed Johnson was the one only worth a flying fuck.

    g) Acquired RHP Aaron Heilman from the Seattle Mariners for LHP Garrett Olson and INF Ronny Cedeno.

    I don’t miss Cedeno, but Heilman sucks ass.

    Those are the major ones. There are plenty more. Moe Hendry really outdid himself with these moves. I now submit his nomination for the 2009 class into the Bonehead Hall Of Fame.

    3) This was a 97 win team a year ago, and they should have just left well enough alone.

    I thought some improvement could have been made, but Moe really missed the target….again.

    4) The bullpen is a complete disaster:

    Addressed earlier, I won’t repeat it.

    5) Soto has become fat and lazy following his ROY season.

    Where in the goddamned hell is the conditioning coach? How the fuck did Soto get like this?

    6) And Hendry failed to land a suitable backup for Ramirez in the event that he might miss significant playing time.

    He had one. He traded him to Cleveland. His name: Mark DeRosa. And even when Ramirez returns, I’ll expect a big power drop off just like Derrick Lee had after he came back from a broken wrist. He’s not going to be the same…ever.

    The really bad thing about this situation is the impending sale to the Ricketts family. I know everybody (myself included) have been clammering for this sale to be finalized, but it will mean the end of the Cubs being contenders for while. They simply won’t have enough money to pay all the saleries needed to content.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    well…there’s not much to add…ksmc and chucky have covered it.

    This would be a better team with DeRosa and Wood, but I am happy for them that they got away, the Cubs organization is PATHETIC.

    If Piniella makes it through the season, I won’t be surprised to see him leave when it’s over.

    I’m still trying to figure out how/why Hendry and Rothschild still have a job. Apparently nobody has the fucking balls to make a move that should have been made a long time ago.

    Business as usual at Wrigley Stadium.

  4. Sandberg23 Says:

    The number is 83. Lou took Wells out after 83 pitches!! WTF are you thinking you old senile bastard?? You just had to make sure you trotted Marmol out there for his 1,000th time this season huh?? Then I can hear a month or two from now Piniella saying Marmol has to get some rest cause we are having to use him too much. I wonder why Lou??? It’s because of you!! You didn’t have to use him last night, Wells was lights out last night there was no reason to pull him out of that game. And Kevin Fagg, what the fuck are thinking throwing Francour a fast ball???? That’s the only thing that guy can hit and you we’re ahead in the count!! At this point put anybody in there to close except him or Heilman for that matter. Has he ever gotten a 1-2-3 innning all season?? As the closer he has given up more hits (24) to innings pitched (22.1). Has given up 5 fucking home runs and has walked 13 batters with a now sparkling 5.24 ERA. WHY LOU DO YOU KEEP TROTTING THIS WORTHLESS RAG ARM BASTERD OUT TO CLOSE???? Just look at his stats that should be reason enough!! I don’t care that he has only blown 2 saves all year. That’s like trying to polish a turd. How many of those saves did he have runners on base about to blow it or actually give up a run or two and cause the game to be closer then it should have been?? I just wish in that Houston game when he gave up them 4 runs without getting an out that the line drive he got hit with would have broken his goddamn hand so he couldn’t pitch for the rest of the season. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about Lou trotting his worthless ass out there in save situations. Of course Lou would have been hailed as a genius for making the closer change for it though even though it was his dumb ass that made him the closer in the first place.

  5. Nemo Says:

    Ok, I have to say this, because it is pissing me off-STOP fucking saying Randy Wells should be traded/begging to be traded because the bullpen sucks!!! We have a good pitcher, be happy we have him. If they could fix the fucking bullpen, he’d have some wins by now. (Dave, I am not directing this comment at you personally, but I have heard this idea-that the Cubs should trade Wells because the bullpen blows his games-EVERYWHERE. IT IS STUPID. KEEP your good players. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!!!!

    I disagreed with most of the offseason moves too-but I was ambivalent about Kerry Wood-and I seem to remember that although many here were sad to see him go, I don’t recall outrage over the move. Besides, Kerry Wood is sucking in Cleveland- 2-2. 6.00, 1.67 WHIP, 8svs, 2 blown saves. How would that help us? Guys, you are smarter than this.

    The DeRosa move was also to help Fontenot get playing time. I remember everyone getting squishy about Fontenot and I don’t recall too much disappointment at DeRosa leaving either-but maybe I am wrong about that.

    Marquis? Same thing happened when he went from the Cards to the Cubs. Talk to me in late August to see if that turned out to be a bad move.

    The thing that pisses me off most about the Cubs is the moves they DIDN’T make-get Peavy, trade Lee, among others. I know Peavy wouldn’t solve the bullpen issue, but for fuck’s sake, if that guy wants to come here-MAKE IT HAPPEN. Does Hendry have any kids? Because this guy cannot get a deal done-between the Roberts bs and the Peavy bs, I have a feeling the ladies snap their legs shut on his dick every time he gets close to penetrating. What a useless fucker!!!

    I have not actually watched a Cubs game from start to finish this year. I DVR’ed some of them in April and zipped through them, but since the start of May, not even bothering to DVR them. If I had seen the game last night, I would have needed a crew from HGTV or something to patch up all the holes that would have been in my walls. I have been much happier not watching the bullshit they serve up on a daily basis. Just commmenting here has me all fucking pissed. FUCK THIS TEAM, AS USUAL.

  6. MadCityMac Says:

    I can’t really add anything. I WILL say that I agree that Piniella has quit on this team. I never wanted him in the first place; I know there are others who agree. I don’t know if Girardi would have been any better-the Yankees didn’t do much last year with him in the dugout, but at least he has some fire. Besides winning the WS with the Reds against Oakland, what the hell has Lou ever really done. Oh yeah, he quit on his team in mid-season. Quit now asshole, and take Rothschild with you.

  7. robert Says:

    I am so Jealous the nationals fired there pitching coach why cant the cubs

  8. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    That sucks Robert. Even they had some knowledge in figuring out if your team sucks, then changes should be made.

    Nemo, I understand your frustration with some of our comments. Yes, most of us were pissed about DeRo and Wood going. It wasn’t that they were let go, it is the fact that Hendry didn’t replace them with someone equal to or better than them. That is why trades are made: To get better. Not sign Miles and Gregg. Those two guys are not better.

  9. Sandberg23 Says:

    Matt Stairs agreed. Nemo there was a lot of people pissed about DeRosa getting traded. He was one of the only guys that actually hit in the playoffs last year and they shipped him out. I thought maybe they traded him to get prospects that the Padres wanted to pull off the deal for Peavy. If that would have been the case I could have seen they’re thinking in that. You gotta give up something to get a cy young award winning pitcher. Who knows maybe that could still happen. I doubt it cause Hendry is a moron. I agree that I would rather have had Roberts, I was all in on that trade happening. But look who you had trying to negotiate that trade. Moe and McFail. Imagine that negotiating between them two? My god! I can’t speak for everybody on this but I was not happy to see Gregg being brought in here from the moment they traded for him. He had a lot of blown saves last year for the Fucklins last year, plus I wanted to see Marmol get the shot at closing games. Granted I know he hasn’t been to great this year either but you don’t know how well he would have did to this point if he would have gotten the closer’s job up to this point either. In any event this team is a complete disaster and it is all Hendry and Piniella’s fault as far as I’m concerned.

    Mac I wanted Girardi in here. Maybe that was bad thinking but the jury is still out on him I guess. But when they got Piniella I figured all this was gonna be was a a retirement party for Lou doing his last Managerial skit and he wouldn’t be around long, not give a shit and wouldn’t get Chicago media and fans. Up till this year I would have to say I was wrong and he does give a shit, but he sure acts like he doesn’t now that’s for sure.

  10. genrebuster Says:


  11. ksmc2000 Says:

    I was also jealous when I saw that the Nats pitching coach was fired. Why is Rothschild untouchable? I’ve had it with towel drills, a bullpen that can’t throw fucking strikes, and piss poor development of young pitchers coming up through the system. It seems like Guzman is finally starting to “get it” after several years of struggling. Marshall should be much farther along than he is also. Hell, I could go on and on….

    The only reason that DeRosa should have been traded, was to bring Peavy to the Cubs. They needed someone back that could make an immediate impact on this season. The window of opporitunity to go deep in the playoffs is closing quickly, and now is not the time to go two steps back to go one step forward. The Pirates make trades like the DeRosa deal, not teams that are trying to win a championship. If they can’t get it done this year (“cough, cough”), the new owner should clean house and start over.

  12. erniesarmy Says:

    Lou is one of those “old school” guys (like Dusty), who won’t go outside the “conventional wisdom” in making moves, and other baseball intricacies. Rothschild, and Alan Trammel, and the others, are there because Lou like them, and wants his buddies around. Trammel was a disaster as the Tiger manager, and Rothschild is equally a disaster as pitching coach. But, for Lou, who cares. He’s in charge and he will run the club his way no matter how foolish and ridiculous his moves are. He’s a hard head, and the Cubs don’t need another stubborn hard-headed old school guy as manager. The last old school manager to win a world series was Jack McKeon, and if it wasn’t for Josh Beckett being a superman that year, they don’t get out of the first round.
    Cubs need new leadership, new GM, new manager, new everything from the top down. They need new and younger people who can think outside the box, take advantage of the players they do have, and get rid of the one’s who don’t fit the new look.
    Until that happens, the Cubs go nowhere, and the Cubs win nothing!

  13. Christopher Kinney Says:

    Soriano is a piece of shit. But I guess that he had to run to stay out of the double play. He could say the same thing that Sosa stated during the 1999 State Of The Union address:

    “Baseball been very very good to me.”

    Lazy Soriano, fucking overpaid prima donna, terrible outfielder.

  14. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Are you serious?


    “Fontenot is not a natural third baseman and has been forced into the role by Aramis Ramirez’s absence and the lack of infield depth.”

    “Look, it’s been a problem since Ramirez has been down the whole time,” Piniella said. “It’s been a big problem for us. A big problem.”


    “Do I need to keep rehashing this every night?” Piniella said, standing up and waving his arms. “I don’t really need to. You all see it. Write what you see, and that’s it. What can I do? I don’t know what to do.




  15. genrebuster Says:

    1. Christopher Kinney, you came to the right place!

    2. Matt Stairs, that article sums up the increasingly ugly situation on the northside and I’m with you on the DeRosa trade.

    Poor, poor Lou: He doesn’t know “what to do”! I predict a Thanksgiving day invite for him (from Dusty)…Lou will be seated between Howry and Jackoff.

    Also, I hear that “Lil Z” has announced his retirement when his contract is up. Nice to see that Lil Z has matured, gotten smarter and is focusing on the matters at hand now. Sorry Lil Z: there’s probably not a Cy Young in your future anytime soon, you just can’t handle the pressure, internal or otherwise!

    What a PATHETIC organization. Business as usual, SOS.

    Sell the Cubs, clean house and start over.

    Happy 101 years of losing!

  16. Dave Says:

    Carlos Zambrano will retire for a year or two. Then the Spankees will offer him some ungodly contract and he will play for them.

    Anyway, it shouldn’t take 14 innings to get the offense going. Yet another good game for Wells ends up a no-decision. I can’t see him having love for this team much longer. Good win anyway; picked up some ground on all 3 teams they trail.

  17. robert Says:

    is it just me or should angel Guzman be made the cubs closer…should Randy Wells be allowed to take a ball bat to the rest of that bullpen..with harden coming back if hendry attempts to send asciano down his ass should be shown the door ( it should have been shown the door already)

  18. Dave Says:

    Guzman should at least be in a setup role, but closing seems reasonable too. Man, it seems he has improved 10 times over to the point of just being lights out.

    And well, Asciano has just been rocking.

    How about Heilman/Marshall in the 7th,
    Asciano in the 8th,
    and Guzman shutting the door?

  19. genrebuster Says:

    I’m ok with that (Dave), and how about Gregg gets a pink slip and Marmol goes to AAA for a few weeks to get his stuff together?

  20. Irish Yeti Says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  21. ron santo's legs Says:

    marmol has been overused and used some more in the last year…when the season ended last year, he went to winter ball. i understand that there is a love for the game and that is probably why he went there but winter ball is usually for people who need to work on their game…

    he threw a lot of in winter ball and it was a cause for concern when the spring rolled around…i think he needs to rest a little bit but it doesn’t help when Lou continues to throw him out there…

  22. genrebuster Says:


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  23. robert Says:

    I have an indea fire larry roachchild sign Tom Glavine as a player/pitching coach..fire louchbag pinella fire moe hendry

  24. Dave Says:

    Genre, what’s with the palindromes?

  25. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti inspired me.

  26. robert Says:

    welp today is the major league draft or as jim hendry and his scouting staff call it the day to make a jackass out of ourselves

  27. ksmc2000 Says:

    Maybe Tim Wilken and his staff can find a diamond in the rough as a position player. We all know Hendry wasn’t worth a fuck at evaluating talent. They need to improve on developing position players through the system.

  28. Irish Yeti Says:

    “I have an indea fire larry roachchild sign Tom Glavine as a player/pitching coach..fire louchbag pinella fire moe hendry”


    “welp today is the major league draft or as jim hendry and his scouting staff call it the day to make a jackass out of ourselves”


    “Guzman should at least be in a setup role, but closing seems reasonable too. Man, it seems he has improved 10 times over to the point of just being lights out.

    And well, Asciano has just been rocking.

    How about Heilman/Marshall in the 7th,
    Asciano in the 8th,
    and Guzman shutting the door?”

    THIS as well

  29. robert Says:

    cubs drafted an outfielder who strikes out a lot typical cubs bust

  30. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti, all kidding aside….what is your take on the Cubs?

  31. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Yes Yeti, tell us what you think. Since you enjoy coming in here and saying how we are dumb and don’t know a damn thing about this team. Are you going to tell us that this team is good enough to win the division? How about winning the world championship?

    Are you going to tell us to have faith like the other sheeple?

    Do you still proudly wear your “Believe” bracelet that you received a few years ago?

  32. robert Says:

    yeti I know its your screen name but is you real name al yellin or carri muskat or did you come to this site do the fact you heard the word sheeple and got horny

  33. TDubbs Says:

    Can somebody please check on Robert? He obviously had a stroke. Nobody types like that.

    Oh. He’s retarded? My bad. Carry on.

  34. Dave Says:

    Cubs once again trying to pull away from the .500 mark. They currently sit in 2nd place now; 2.5 games behind the Brew Crew. Lily was masterful last night, and then the bullpen came in and only gave up a solo homer. Walks were down, and hits were scattered. I wish they could be consistent like this and stop teasing us with occasionally dazzling performances.

    Last night they mentioned that Soriano was on a 7 game hitting streak, but he has hit once each of those 7 games. When you do that you go 1 for 4 or 1 for 5, or in Sunday’s case, 1 for 7 or 8. That is only a .200-.250 average. I would not mind him sitting out some more to learn some more hitting fundamentals.

    Somebody planted a boot in Angel Guzman’s ass or something, because he has become barely hittable the last few games. I hope he keeps up the good work.

    I saw the draft pick, I’m not impressed. Fire Hendry.

    Oh, and lets get those ‘Stros again tonight.

    Lets get those ‘Stros again today.

  35. Irish Yeti Says:

    What’s my take on the Cubs? Well, clearly they must fire Hendry and the entire front office in order to get over the hump. I mean, obviously he knew that Milty was going to forget his bat in Texas. He knew that Sorianus was going to start off hot and be dogshit during May. He also knew that Marmol wouldn’t be as lights out as he was last year. He also knew that Ted Lilly would be the ace of the staff at this point this year, instead of the 3 others that *should* be ahead of him. He also knew that Soto was going to have a sophmore slump. Oh yea, he also knew that lazy lazy Aramis Ramirez was going to break himself in half trying to dive for a ball. So, in summary, Jim Hendry knew all this was going to happen this year and should be fired. Is that what you’d like to hear?

    Is this team good enough to win the division? Yes. Have you seen the division. The Cardinals are coming back to earth. The Brewers will join them soon. This is not a good division. As much as the Cubs have sucked in the last 2 weeks or so, they are 2.5 GB. 2.5 GAMES! Let’s say the Cubs win the next three and the brewers lose the next three. Know what happens? The Cubs are in first. So, basically this division is very winnable. As far as the WS, who knows? Don’t you remember a couple of consecutive seasons where 2 midwest teams limped their way into the playoffs and won the WS? When it comes down to just 11 wins, how the 162 games went for you to get to the playoffs doesn’t matter all that much. I’m pretty much convinced the guys who should be hitting (Soto, Bradley, Soriano) will turn it around and start hitting. Once that happens, this team will be a good enough ball club to win some playoff games. Preferably 11.

    “Do you still proudly wear your “Believe” bracelet that you received a few years ago?”

    I don’t buy that stupid shit. Sorry, dude. The most “embarrassing” Cubs thing I have is a Sosa jersey from around 2002 or so.

    The people you were referencing are called Al Yellon and Carrie Muskat. Thanks for tarding the spelling. Yellon wouldn’t resort to personal attacks. He’d just find a way to ban you from this blog. The Muskrat: She’d just refer to Ed Hartig.

    “Oh, and lets get those ‘Stros again tonight.

    Lets get those ‘Stros again today.”

    A wha? Say the same thing twice and it’s bound to happen?

  36. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    What’s my take on this team you ask? Hendry should be fired? You want an example? Ok. Fine. No one knew that Ramirez was going to get hurt. That shouldn’t be expected. But do you have a clue that if you are GM of a team that you should have a suitable replacement for him just in case an injury occurs?

    So if Ramirez goes down, have somebody ready who can play the position. Not Aaron f’n Miles. That is why a lot of people are frustrated over the DeRosa trade. I am all in favor of trading anybody on the team as long as someone who is equal to or better is the replacement.

    When Wood gets released by the team, find someone that can put the same or better numbers up. Not trade for a guy who had knee surgery and sucked last year.

  37. ron santo's legs Says:

    yeti, hendry should have been fired a long time ago…if you think he should keep his job, than you are the dumber than i thought…let’s take a look at what Hendry has done over the last few years…

    keeping Dusty after the 04, 05 and 06 seasons…
    getting rid 1/3 of a 97 win team after the 08 season
    keeping Rothschild as the pitching coach after all these years of mediocrity with the staff
    Mark Prior towel drill and not signing any backup starters at the time
    Bob Howry
    Jeremy Burnitz
    Aaron Heilman
    Kevin Gregg
    …see what Matt Stairs wrote

    should I keep going? i think not…i am about to puke

  38. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti, what I wanted to hear was your “real” opinion on the Cubs…Thank You for sharing your thoughts.

    As for Hendry, there is plenty of evidence to support that he has performed poorly as GM.

    Most of us here would like to see the Cubs win it all…I believe they have a better chance doing so with a change in leadership…it starts at the top.

  39. Thrillho Says:

    > When Wood gets released by the team, find someone that can put the same or better numbers up.


    Wood: 5.31 ERA, 1.57 WHIP, 20.1 IP, 12 R, 8 SV, 25 K, 13 BB
    Gregg: 4.62 ERA, 1.50 WHIP, 25.1 IP, 13 R, 10 SV, 28 K, 13 BB

  40. morpheus Says:


    Do you really think those are all mistakes? Let’s address them in order.

    1) “keeping Dusty after the 04, 05 and 06 seasons…” I hate Dusty as much as anyone, but he *was* under contract for four years. And he was gone after the 2006 season.
    2) “getting rid 1/3 of a 97 win team after the 08 season” You sure that was a mistake? If the Cubs win a playoff game this year, was it a mistake?
    3) “keeping Rothschild as the pitching coach after all these years of mediocrity with the staff” I can’t argue with this, so I won’t.
    4) “Mark Prior towel drill and not signing any backup starters at the time” Not sure what this means. There were no other starters in the system? Glendon Rusch was not hired, for example?
    5) “Bob Howry” As a Cub he has a 1.25 WHIP, 4.12 K/BB ratio, 118 ERA+. Those are good numbers, by the way.
    6) “Jeremy Burnitz” (I assume you mean “JerOmy Burnitz”) was not great, with an OPS of .757, but were there a ton of other options for OF that year? And, that was after a year in which he had OPSed .916 and received MVP votes.
    7) Aaron Heilman and Kevin Gregg – you’re ready to call those “mistakes”? Good thing you aren’t short-sighted.

    Look, I think Hendry has his share of mistakes, but your’e short-changing him if you don’t point out his positives, or worse, count his positives as negatives. Bob Howry comes to mind – anyone who argues that Howry’s pickup in 2006 or his tenure as a Cub are bad things is not seriously looking at the numbers. Toward the end he fell off, which is why he was used less and less, but in 2006 and 2007 he was pretty damn good.

  41. Irish Yeti Says:

    Rothschild (2002-Current): I invite you to look at this: http://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/CHC/pitchteam.shtml#teamranks

    Besides leading in K’s for the last 3,000 yrs, this team has been in the top 3 in the NL in ER’s 5 out of his 8 yrs. The WHIP has been pretty good during that time. Also, the hits allowed have been pretty damn good. Like Dr. Kenneth Noisewater mentioned to me (and others), Rothschild gets flak for Wood and Prior but under him the pitching staff has been pretty solid. I’m not saying Rothschild has been a savior or anything, but he hasn’t crippled this team like you believe.

  42. robert Says:

    TDubbs I usually do not respond to personal attacks but I am going to respond to yours…

    My father died of a stroke
    I made that post after getting off a 16 hour shift
    I had my 3 year old daughter on my lap as I was making that post
    I have a nephew who is mentally challenged

  43. TDubbs Says:

    Robert . . .

    Your life sucks.

  44. Thrillho Says:

    > I had my 3 year old daughter on my lap as I was making that post

    Thus explaining your intemperate suggestion at the time that Irish Yeti gets off thinking about sheep?


  45. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    Expanding on Yeti’s Rothschild post, it seems as though his fine work is marred by the complete dilapidation of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior during their time here. I don’t remember so much pitching talent in my time as a Cub fan, and for them to be so unlucky with injuries, and to an extent injury management, it hurts and sadly it wrongly falls in Rothschild’s lap. Unfair.

  46. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    Could I have typed a longer run on sentence? Sorry about that.

  47. genrebuster Says:

    …maybe if Rothschild had “stood up” to Baker, Prior and Wood would have been healthier (?)…we’ll never know.

    I’m surprised at the support that Rothschild and Hendry are receiving here today (Dr. Kenny please don’t feel too bad for Rothschild, he’s a big boy and can handle whatever comes his way).

    p.s. TDubbs. Your last 2 posts are TRULY PATHETIC…please try harder. Or, better yet, quit while you’re ahead!

    p.s.s. Morpheus. If the Cubs make it to the playoffs–and win one game–then it’s not a mistake. We’ll see how that goes…

  48. Irish Yeti Says:

    I don’t really think you understand the “support” for Rothschild. It’s more of “He’s not as bad and dumb as you guys think so lay off a bit, because more times than not he’s had some good pitching staffs here.”

  49. Dave Says:

    Yeah, I did tell the Cubs to get the Stros twice today, it was a mistake. I was distracted while posting. How “mature” of Irish Yeti to point it out. Anyway, I never talk trash to anyone here, its not necessary. The most I did was back on the old site, saying that the childish name-changing of the players wasn’t really necessary. It seemed to get a little out of hand, lol.

    Anyway, good performance from Zambrano tonight, still going in the bottom 8th with a 1,2,3 inning. But the offense went back to bed after waking up briefly last night. Hopefully our re-vitalized bullpen can keep it going, but it looks like another extra inning game if the bullpens keep it down.

  50. The Pope Of Greenwich Village Says:

    Dave, you are forgiven and absolved of all your sins.

  51. The Ghost of Leo Durocher Says:

    where in the hell did all these ass licking pissants emerge from my god the fucking stench is unbearable worse than this godawful excuse of a pisspoor professional sports franchise as my friend Ralph Houk would say shitfuck or was it fuckshit who the hell gives a damn sissy boy wannabe poet posers get the fuck out real men don’t defend this abomination of a so called professional sports franchise i’m tired of rolling over for crying out loud damn sheeple an embarrasment to the human race the horror the horror the horror

  52. EMC=2 Says:

    According to my calculations, Zambrano is still “Lil Z”.

    Fondly, Albert

  53. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Good to hear from you again Ghost. These sheeple just pop up out of nowhere. They travel in packs.

    On a better note, I am coming back to Chicago in early July. I said before my job is sending me to St. Louis for work from the 20th until the 2nd of July. Then from there until the 9th, I will be in Chicago with my wife and daughter visiting my parents and in-laws. It will be nice going back home for a bit and going out in the greatest city in the world.

  54. chucky Says:

    That was one awesome post Leo! Keep that coming…..PLEASE!!!!!

  55. morpheus Says:

    I think maybe some of you regulars here who seem to think that others are all “ass licking pissants” and “sheeple” because they don’t subscribe to your DOOM theory should know a few things:

    1) Fro was a regular commenter for a while at another site.

    2) That is how some of us such as Irish Yeti, RV, Thrillho, TDubbs, and I found out about this site.

    3) We used to argue with Fro quite a bit because he had the same perma-pessimistic outlook that many of you seem to have.

    4) You’ll notice, in my case at least (and there are others), that I don’t just say random angry stuff, but rather I put together reasoned opinions and back those up with actual analysis. See my post on Jim Hendry above.

    For the record, I’m not a big fan of Hendry. I just don’t think that he’s a significant negative. When evaluating him I look at the positive things he’s done as well as the negatives, and there are plenty of both.

    Genrebuster, at least, has chosen to deal with me in a civil and logical way, so thanks for that.

  56. Thrillho Says:

    Shorter morpheus:


  57. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


    Ghost wasn’t directing that comment towards you or at least it didn’t seem like it. I think him as well as others here were just a bit pissed that others come here every now and then and make an asinine comment or two that wasn’t needed or asked for. You actually come in here and give your point without acting like a jackass. That is nice. I say thanks to you for doing that.

  58. Irish Yeti Says:

    I’m one of the Others

  59. jimmyd Says:


    Which of the “Others” are you claiming to be???

  60. EMC=2 Says:

    Mr/Ms. Thrillho:

    What a thoughtful post.

    Fondly, Albert


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