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The Bye Week is a good time to fire a general manager and head coach.

November 22, 2020

Instead, George McCaskey is still hiding in his underground bunker away from the media. He probably refuses to have internet down there because he’s too much of a coward to face the criticism he deserves. Every day that goes by, he admits to letting the inmates run the asylum. Every passing day, he does nothing to change this team. Instead, Ryan Pace continues his SEVENTH year as general manager by drafting busts and signing players who can’t play football (Buster Skrine). Go ahead and throw in “trading picks for absolutely no reason whatsoever.” Then again, he can’t do shit with the picks he does have, so it doesn’t really doesn’t matter.


I am tired of the mediocrity. I’m tired of general managers who don’t know how to draft good players. I’m tired of head coaches who don’t know that running the ball on 2nd and inches is a better idea than passing it. I’m tired watching players not know how to cover receivers. We’ve seen this shit for way too long.

There has been only one season in my life where I actually felt confident that the Bears could have won the Super Bowl. Of course, that was the year they lost the Super Bowl back in 2007. Everything seemed okay until the playoffs where the “magic” of Lovie Smith disappeared. I’m not going to get into that because it will just piss me off. But you get the point. As I am in my mid-30’s, that shows how bad the Bears have been since I’ve existed. The Bears really haven’t been feared since the 80’s. That’s a long fucking time ago.

Easier said than done. Of course, this is the NFL. But at the same time, a professional football team should hire actual professionals that are qualified. Ryan Pace wasn’t qualified to become a general manager of an NFL team. Matt Nagy wasn’t qualified to become a head coach. And after watching these two clowns piss all over the Bears, I am certain they aren’t even qualified to be in the sport.

But, these are the Bears. A lifetime accountant is the president of the team (Ted Phillips). He’s been there for about 30 years. 30. FUCKING. YEARS.

The bye week is a good time to fire a general manager and head coach. It would give the team almost two weeks to get acclaimed to a different coach and maybe lighten up the mood. It would also give the chairman time to find someone who actually knows the game of football.

But, these are the Bears. And therefore, we will continue to dream of those scenarios.

Bye bye Theo.

November 17, 2020

Having experienced the 2016 Cubs World Series Championship under Theo’s watch, I’ll always be grateful for his part in making it happen.

It will be interesting to see where he ends up….thoughts?

Bill Lazor is also a fucking idiot: Vikings 19 Bears 13

November 16, 2020

What else more can be said? We’ve been saying the same shit for years. The Bears refuse to run the ball. And when they pass, they are horrible calls. I mean, what other team calls a bubble screen pass on third and long late in a close game?

Everyone is to blame. Even the “great” defense. Fuck Buster Skrine. He was responsible for both touchdowns by the Vikings. JUST TURN THE FUCK AROUND. This is the story of the Bears’ defense.

The season is over the Bears. Sure, they are usually out of it by Columbus Day. This year, it was pretty over the week after Veterans’ Day. There is absolutely no way this team goes 6-0 to close out the regular season. No. Fucking. Way.

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the Bears playing meaningless football by Thanksgiving. I seriously don’t think we will ever see this franchise bring in a general manager who actually knows how to draft good players. I highly doubt we will ever see a head coach who can develop these players.

I don’t have much else to say for now. Your thoughts in the thread.

Undisciplined: Titans 17 Bears 0 (In the 3rd quarter)

November 8, 2020

See a pattern here? It’s a nice day outside and instead of walking my dog, I’m watching the Bears commit penalties and not know where to go on the field.

This is fucking exhausting. I’ve had enough. The rest of you have had enough. Where is George McCaskey? He should be going down on the field right this second to tell Matt Nagy that he’s been relieved of his duties. Three losses in a row are on the table and there is absolutely no way the Packers are going to lose this division. The Bears need to go 6-1 just to get into the playoffs from here on out.

Sound off, everyone. I’ll check in later.

Inept: Saints 26 Bears 23

November 1, 2020

I have just a few things to say because that game left me exhausted.

The defense of the Bears fucking sucks. Don’t let anyone else fool you. They can’t stop anyone. This game was proof. In overtime, with everyone fucking exhausted, they couldn’t stop the Saints. Alvin Kamara with 163 scrimmage yards is all you need to know about this “great” defense. Jaylon Johnson fucking sucks. With the game at 13-3, he was caught napping on the touchdown right before halftime. That changed the entire game. Fuck him and fuck Ryan Pace for drafting him. And fuck Ryan Pace for giving us this team made of horse shit.

Fuck that bald-headed dipshit. Where was David Montgomery in the second half? Why was Nick Foles taking forever during plays only to get sacked? Fuck this entire offense.

Newsflash: The Bears aren’t going to the playoffs. They’ve played two actual teams the last two weeks and both times, they were embarassed. The Packers and Lions lost today. The only path to the playoffs is winning the division and there is just no way that’s happening. Other teams chasing them are much better.

One last thing: Fuck Javon Wims.

While Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are pissing all over the Bears, George McCaskey is too busy trying to get fans back in the stadium.

October 28, 2020

After Monday’s debacle, I have more to get out of me. The worst 5-1 team in the history of the NFL came to Los Angeles on Monday Night to get a beatdown. The entire football world was watching. Instead of stepping up and showing everyone that they can be great, they ended up eating shit.

Of course Pace and the bald-headed dipshit aren’t on the field throwing interceptions and not knowing how to cover receivers. But they are the ones putting those players out there. The bald-headed dipshit is the one continuing to give Cordarelle Patterson the ball on handoffs.

Meanwhile, George McCaskey doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the team he is currently in charge of. Instead, he’s swamped having conversations with the mayor and other officials about trying to get fans inside the stadium for games.

Really? That’s what he’s worried about?

Whenever the day comes where fans get to come to games, I certainly pray Soldier Field looks exactly like it has this season: empty. Fans like us aren’t going to keep taking this shit. George and his sidekick Ted Phillips raised prices (again) after last season. I have an idea. How about not raising prices until these idiots bring home a Vince Lombardi Trophy? Then MAYBE, these idiots can raise prices.

How can the Bears win the Super Bowl? In a perfect world, George McCaskey sells the team to someone who will give a shit. That would be a nice start. By all accounts, George is a very nice guy. I’m sure he would be a great neighbor. But I don’t want him as the owner of my favorite football team.

But since that isn’t going to ever happen, let’s start with something that could happen. Fire Ryan Pace, the bald-headed dipshit and the entire coaching staff. Just get rid of the stench and start fresh. Bring in a general manager who actually knows how to scout talent because that isn’t Ryan Pace. This is the same fuckface who passed up DeShaun Watson for Mitch Trubisky. That still pisses me off to this day. Next? Bring in an actual football coach. Not one that has a history of blowing 20-point leads BEFORE he becomes coach of the Bears. Not one that in his first game as head coach, blows another 20-point lead.

This all is a way to build a respectable contender. Easier said than done? Absolutely. But if we as fans know the formula to build a championship team, why can’t these idiots?

Because that’s exactly what they are: idiots.

Looking like a bunch of “Foles”: Rams 17 Bears 3 in the 3rd

October 26, 2020

I’m getting a head start on this recap because why the fuck not? This fucking team is showing how bad they really are.

Nick Foles is over-throwing everyone. We’ve seen enough quarterbacks in the last 25 years do this. It’s more than old.

The defense can’t tackle anyone.

Fuck all of this.

How much more can we take?: Bears 23 Panthers 16

October 18, 2020

Yes, it’s never easy. It’s fucking frustrating watching this team every week. Even when they win, they look awful. The offense continues to sputter thanks to the bald-headed dipshit on the sidelines. Matt Nagy seriously does everything he can to put the offense in a position to fail. Despite all of this, the defense did just enough and Cairo Santos gave the Bears important points to move to 5-1.

Offense: In the third quarter, Eddie Jackson recovered a fumble and the Bears had a chance to put points on the board. The first play? Nick Foles is running for his life and throws a horrible pass for an interception. Why not run the ball? That’s because the bald-headed dipshit thinks he’s a great head coach and wants to show everyone how “innovative” he is. Want another example? 3rd and 2. Under two minutes. The Panthers have one timeout left. What does Nagy do? PASS. INCOMPLETE. PUNT (that was almost blocked). Even Jonathan Vilma said during the broadcast to just run the ball. The Bears should have had 40 points today had they had a competent head coach. Sadly, they haven’t had a competent head coach since John F. Kennedy was president. So I don’t expect them to find one anytime soon.

As far as Nick Foles in concerned, he’s getting it done. Yes, that interception was a fucking stupid decision. At the same time, again, Nagy calling a pass play on first down with the Bears in field goal range was a fucking stupid decision as well. If I’m Nick Foles, I tell Nagy to fuck off and call an audible for a running play the next time it’s in a situation where running the ball is obvious.

What was good? David Montgomery ran the ball well when the fuckface of a head coach actually called a running play. And of course, guys like Darnell Mooney, Allen Robinson and Jimmy Graham made some crucial plays. Cole Kmet scored his first career touchdown as well.

Defense: They are still having the tendency to give up big plays that puts the game in jeopardy. Today, three turnovers with the first one leading to a touchdown. Rookie Jaylon Johnson was getting beat all game. He was caught napping a few times and it lead to the Panthers getting points. Then on the fourth down play late in the game, D.J. Moore dropped a wide open pass. The defense is getting away too many times and eventually, they will fall on the sword if they can’t fix this shit. Defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano needs to rush more than four at times because these quarterbacks are having way too much time to throw.

Special teams: Give credit to Cairo Santos. He nailed a 55-yard field goal right before halftime and nailed two from 31 yards. He’s had a struggle in his career, but none of us should be complaining (yet). There is a long way to go.

You know this year is fucked up when the Bears win not one, but TWO games with Kenny Albert announcing.

Next up are the Rams on the road for Monday Night Football.

The ‘Toothpick Chomping Idiot’ strikes again…!

October 18, 2020

My frendts: consider this post a shout out to the individual who ‘inspired’ many of us to band together here at and the many others who frequented the original Fire Dusty Baker site,

Fro Dog kept the site alive – by creating THIS site in August 2008 after “bobbyd” had mysteriously disappeared from the internet. I’ve often wondered what happened to bobbyd, and whether or not he was alive to enjoy the 2016 season when the Cubs finally won another World Series.

Here’s Fro’s 1st post from this site:

To be fair, you could say that the Astros overachieved…but it’s not the first time a Dusty led team has, only to fall short. This time, his team ‘teased’ the fans by losing the first 3 in a best of 7, only to win games 4-6 and even the series. But unlike the Red Sox, they couldn’t pull off the almost unthinkable…so here we are.

I don’t know Dusty Baker personally – by many accounts he’s a great guy’ – but some of the crap he spewed in 2003 when the Cubs were in control and yet self-imploded was too much for me. His mis-managment of the Cubs in the 2003 NLCS was EPIC.

After falling behind behind 2 games to none, the Cubs came back to win 3 in a row and were a mere 5 outs away in Game 6 at Wrigley Field from going to the World Series for the first time since 2008. The Marlins then scored 8 runs in the 8th inning, to defeat the Cubs 8-3. None of it was Bartman’s fault, I’ll forever give most of the credit to Dusty Baker (and some to Moises ‘piss hands’ Alou)…

Yet there was a still a game 7…and we know how that went…BRUTAL:

Astros fans, no worries: Dusty promises that the Astros “will be back”…and he still has a way with words! bwahahahaha bwahahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahaha

And here’s another…

If ‘toothpick chomping idiot’ seems overly harsh or malicious, please understand that it was merely a nod to those of you who’ve been checking in for more than a few years. Perhaps “Dustfuck’ would have been too harsh, and ‘Dustbin’ too blase (?).

We’ll see if the Braves can avoid a choke and win Game 7 (can’t pull for the Dodgers, due to Steve FUCKING Garvey). But given their postseason performance history, it will tough to bet on them should they prevail.

Thanks again to the 2016 Cubs (shout out to Joe Maddon and Theo Espstein) for winning the World Series.

Comments welcomed.

Making the plays when they counted the most: Bears 20 Buccaneers 19

October 8, 2020

It’s late. I’m exhausted. The good news is, I’m not going to bed all that pissed off because the Bears pulled one out of their asses despite Matt Nagy’s dumb ass trying to lose it late. Fuck, this isn’t ever easy with that bald idiot driving the bus. With some help from the referees and Cairo Santos coming up big, the Bears won this game and move to 4-1.

Offense: Look above. Matt Nagy did everything he could to piss this game away by not calling run plays when needed. Look at the game-winning drive. The Buccaneers had one timeout left and it was 2nd down. Instead of running the ball to make them call their last timeout, Nagy calls a pass play? Incomplete. The next play goes for five yards or so on a pass and then, the last timeout gets called. Again, this shouldn’t be difficult. Run the ball and make the other team use their timeouts. This was awful play-calling by the dumbass bald guy in the visor on the sideline. No other person in this world would keep giving Cordarelle Patterson the ball on handoffs. HE’S NOT A RUNNING BACK.

Hey, I am going to say some nice things about some players who are actually trying. It’s not Nick Foles’ fault that Nagy is a dumbass and puts the entire team in a position to fail. I will say the same for David Montgomery, Darnell Mooney and Allen Robinson. They are out there doing everything they can to get this offense going. And Jimmy Graham? This team doesn’t have any of those four wins without him. He seems to have rejuvenated his career. He had a one-armed catch for a touchdown right before halftime that looked absolutely amazing. He’s made big catches all year and that was the top one. And back to Foles, he had big passes tonight. He put them in a position to win and again, this is despite who the coach of this team is.

Defense: It’s frustrating watching them give up touchdowns on the first drive of games all the time. Fuck. This shit needs to stop. Same with missing tackles. And for the love of God, can they stop giving up first downs and other big plays on 3rd down? It’s 3rd and 77 and somehow, the other team manages to get 65 yards and get a field goal out of it. ENOUGH.

That being said, they made some big plays down the stretch and at least they were field goals rather than touchdowns. Kyle Fuller forced a fumble before halftime that lead to a touchdown. Khalil Mack showed up and sacked Brady twice. Neither side of the ball have dominated for a full game. It’s not a good sign.

Special teams: Hey, give credit where credit is due. This week, the Bears brought in kicker Kai Forbath(house) for a look and stuck with Cairo Santos. Santos nailed two field goals with the last one being the game-winner with just over a minute to go. My heart was beating very fast during that last kick. I had to keep telling myself to “JUST BREATHE.”

Next up: The Bears go on the road to take on the Panthers a week from Sunday.