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Da Cubs.

June 15, 2020

strange days

Greetings to all and apologies for my prolonged absence…current events have thrown a wrench into many things, and like many I’ve been affected. Between scrambling to make ends meet, and how to release an album that was scheduled for a mid-March release (I held it back for awhile) my plate has been full.

That said, I’m healthy and doing my best to remain that way; here’s hoping that the same is true for you and yours.

Under normal circumstances, we would be 2 months and counting into the 2020 baseball season. But the way things are looking, I won’t be surprised if baseball is canceled until 2021….what do YOU think is going to happen?

As for the Cubs, I honestly haven’t been keeping up with what’s happening/new. If anybody wants to post an in-depth analysis to spark a new thread, please comment here. Upon request, I’ll start a new thread with your post featured and a credit to you.

As weird as things are, a summer without baseball makes everything worse…(for me).

In 2016, the Cubs surprised (shocked?) most of us by winning their first WS since 1908. Now we sit and wait…

tick fucking tock…

If the NHL does resume this summer, the Blackhawks will be in the playoffs.

May 31, 2020

Unbelievable. I can understand fans of other teams being frustrated, but I’ll take it. With 12 games to go in the regular season, the Blackhawks were six points out. Certainly, they weren’t consistent the entire year to put together a long winning streak to make a push. Regardless, I’ll take it.

They would face the Edmonton Oilers in a five-game “play-in” series. And need I remind you, I’ll gladly take it.

Anything is possible.

If there is football this Fall, how many games will the Bears lose? (A look at the schedule)

May 11, 2020

The season in order: Lions, Giants, Falcons, Colts, Buccaneers, Panthers, Rams, Saints, Titans, Vikings, Packers, Lions, Texans, Vikings, Jaguars and Packers.

If this was a team that had an actual head coach, you would think the Bears could actually get off to a great start of 3-1 or so. However, we’ve seen the Bears be 3-1 before (last year and 2014) and we all know that means nothing.

For now, here are my predictions as the Bears will go 5-11:

Wins: Lions, Buccaneers (the proverbial one game a year where no single soul expects the Bears to win), Panthers, Lions and Jaguars.

Losses: Giants, Falcons, Colts, Rams, Saints, Titans, Vikings, Packers, Texans (Watson shoves it up the Bears’ asses), Vikings and Packers.

Your predictions in the thread.

You know Ryan Pace is lying when his lips are moving.

May 4, 2020

January – “We believe in Mitch. Mitch is our starter.”

March – (Trades for Nick Fucking Foles)

April – Doesn’t draft a quarterback

Also in April – (Refuses to pick up Mitch’s fifth year option)

This guy is setting back the Bears even more. Fuck. Even Jerry Angelo tried harder than this guy by trying to get a franchise quarterback.

Mitch Trubisky may be good. But we aren’t going to find out with him playing for the Bears. I’m not going to go all “meatball” on this saying he’s going to be in The Hall of Fame by playing for another team. But he’s been put in a position to fail as soon as he was drafted. Call me bitter, but I’ll never get over Ryan Fucking Pace passing on DeShaun Watson for Trubisky. I just hope when the fans boo the Bears when games do start again, that it won’t be directly at Trubisky. Instead, it will be directed at Pace.

Where the fuck is George McCaskey at to fire this turd? What him and that dumbass Matt Nagy are doing to this team is criminal. Fuck.

Thanks, I guess? The Blackhawks have axed president, John McDonough.

May 4, 2020

I don’t really understand this move. John McDonough didn’t do much as far as hockey operations is concerned. That being said, I would have to guess that general manager, Stan Bowman, is next.

It’s been five years since the Blackhawks last won the Stanley Cup. I felt strongly that they had a great chance in 2017 with the best record in the conference. Instead, they were swept in the first round by the Predators. They haven’t made the playoffs since.

On the other side, this shows that Rocky Wirtz does not tolerate losing. It’s been three years since they’ve been to the playoffs and that was enough for him to make a change. He’s the only owner in Chicago sports that when he sees his team losing, he makes changes. It took the Bulls 17 years to finally make changes. The Bears make changes every few years, but that’s not saying much.

We’ll see what happens as the summer gets underway.

Chicago Bears: 2020 Draft (Also, Matt Nagy is still an idiot)

April 24, 2020

Okay, folks. The Bears have two picks tonight. Will Ryan Pace trade both of them to move up one spot and get that punter everyone is raving about? Or will he just give them to another team because he’s in the giving mood? Tune in tonight!

I will once again reiterate my stance on Trubisky. We will never find out if he is any good or not because of the village idiot, Matt Nagy. When you are put in a position to fail, its impossible to overcome. I would think football is no different. I will never trust a coach that blows a lead of 23-3 or whatever it was when he was the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs the year before he came to the Bears. That was the playoff game against the Titans. What’s even more PATHETIC is that the very next game he coached, he promptly lead the Bears to blowing a 20-0 lead against the Packers. If that wasn’t enough to to prove that this idiot is exactly that, then I don’t know what else will convince you.

I’m not saying Mitch is going to be the greatest quarterback ever. All I’m saying is that without an actual head coach, we aren’t going to find out. If he goes elsewhere, it may be too late as other teams may think he’s damaged goods. His mind could be fried now or by the time his contract is up with the Bears. They have until May 5th or so to give him that extra year on his deal.

The Bears have seven picks tonight. Here’s what I feel they need: Running back, wide receiver, offensive lineman (maybe two of these), defensive tackle and cornerback and a safety. Yeah, that’s how bad this team is. They need help all over the place, but I’ll say they definitely need help on the offensive line. But I’m sure Ryan Pace really feels strongly about that one punter from a junior college in South Dakota. He may just have to trade all seven spots just to move up an extra few to get him.

Oh, fuck all of this!

Long overdue: The Bulls made changes!

April 24, 2020

Well, it only took 17 years (or 22), but the Bulls seem to have finally brought in someone who knows what they are doing. Arturas Karnisovas comes from Denver and is now the president of basketball operations. A general manager is yet to be decided as of this writing.

Regardless, it’s good riddance to Gar Forman. It’s too bad Paxson is somehow, still around the team. I don’t even want Paxson working the concession stands for the Bulls. He should have been long gone a long time ago. Get him as far away from the team as possible.

I have to look at the bright side of things. There is no other choice now. This is the guy that robbed the Bulls many years ago and ended up with Nikola Jokic, who’s become one of the top big men in the game. The Nuggets are near the top of the standings.

Whether or not he can do the same with the Bulls by making them relevant for the first time in 22 years is yet to be decided.

We have no idea when we will see basketball again. But whenever it does, the Bulls will be under new management. I’m praying this works.

Missed me?

March 17, 2020

Hey everyone. I know it’s become routine for me to apologize for not being here much. But I just don’t know what else to say. My job has been stressing me out. I’m doing a bunch of shit around my house. And quite frankly, our teams just fucking suck.

Oh, and this bullshit that has taken on our society in the last several months has affected all of us. I know it’s bigger than sports, but damn.

Here are my takes on the teams:

Illinois Fighting Illini: Here I was all season being excited for this team. For the first time in seven years, I was ready to see the Illini in the NCAA Tournament. And some of the “experts” were saying that the Illini had a legitimate chance to WIN the National Championship. 15 years after my heart was broken in the National Championship, some thought they had a chance this year. Now, some players may go to the NBA and they have to start over again. Fuck.

Chicago Bulls: I’m tired of it. I’m tired of Mr. Clean acting like he’s a basketball coach. I’m tired of Jerry Reinsdork keeping all of his favorite people employed for the last two decades (or more). Just like the Blackhawks (see below), I am probably happy that this season is cut short to put us out of our fucking misery.

Chicago Bears: Fuck Ryan Pace. This offseason has been embarrassing (no pun intended). Jimmy Graham? What’s with Chicago teams signing players past their prime? Ryan Pace also released Leonard Floyd. This is Ryan Pace showing everyone what a failure he is. PATHETIC. This Draft is just going to expose him some more. If there is an NFL season this year, it’s going to be a disaster again for our Bears. Hey, speaking of an NFL season…

NFL Players’ Union: Fuck these stupid, uneducated fuckwads. Voting for a 17-game season? So much for wanting to be protected. All this time, players wanted to be safer. Yes, I agree about the owners being scumbags. Fuck those guys. There is another league now, albeit not as popular. But if those players decide to go to the XFL, the owners would be put into a corner on negotiations at some point. Now, we’re dealt with watching the Bears in another meaningless regular season game for years to come.

Chicago Blackhawks: Fuck. Just, fuck. Get within a few points of a playoff spot and what happens? Two or three really shitty losses in a row. At least that season is probably over. More rest equals more of a chance to be fresh and ready to go come this Fall. I don’t know if this is the closing of that proverbial “championship window,” but it’s been great. I got to see them win three Stanley Cups in the previous decade and that was three more than I thought I would get about 13 years ago at this time. So, I’ll take it. But damn, this current team has been frustrating to watch.

I welcome all thoughts about this and anything else you feel is on your mind. It’s open season.

Open thread

March 4, 2020


Marc Trestman and Matt Nagy are from the same tree of “stupid.”

February 13, 2020

After seeing Marc Trestman mercifully coach another another team, I started thinking about all the dumb shit he said to the media while we was in Chicago. I have realized that there is indeed, something in the water. Many of these coaches over the years have said similar crap. Matt Nagy and Marc Trestman are prime examples.

Marc Trestman: “Grow the man.”

Matt Nagy: “I’ll/We’ll grow from this.”

Marc Trestman: “We’ll have to look at the tape.”

Matt Nagy: “But when you go through the tape…”

Let’s throw a Lovie Smith comparison as well.

Lovie Smith: “We get off the bus running.”

Matt Nagy: “I know we need to run the ball more. I’M NOT AN IDIOT.”

Um, yes you are.

You see a pattern here, folks? It must be something in the water. There is no other theory. I’m fucking sick of it. George McCaskey and the family of misfits need to grow a pair of nuts and do something about this. Eventually, there are going to be many more empty seats at Soldier Field. The Bears can continue to raise ticket prices all they want (like they are again) and it’s just going to drive the fans away some more. If these fuckers are going to raise prices, they better start winning Super Bowls. The price doesn’t fit the quality of the product.