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Bears escape disaster.

November 28, 2010

I have said this before on my site: I am not a pessimist. I am a realist.

Well the reality on Sunday was that the Bears escaped disaster on more than one occasion against the Eagles. They went into the 4th quarter leading 31-13 and nearly pissed it all away. Luckily, the ball bounced their way earlier and that was enough.

Offense: For the first three quarters, the offense was outstanding. Matt Forte had another 100 yard rushing game. Cutler hit six different receivers and had four touchdown passes. Knox, Bennett and Olsen had touchdown catches and Hester had a few key catches that later led to scores. Johnny Knox did a couple stupid things both occurring in the fourth quarter. He had a nice catch for about 30 yards before fumbling which nearly gave the ball back to the Eagles. Then on the onside kick, he had possession of the ball but instead of staying down without hearing the whistle, he sat up and let the ball go which also nearly led to a potential disaster. The offensive line wasn’t spectacular giving up four sacks but they were good enough to open up space for Forte to run and Cutler to throw. And speaking of Cutler, he is a fucking dumbass. Forte was held on an incomplete pass but yet, Cutler decides to yell at the refs and get a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty late in the game. Stupid. And before I forget, the offense was shut out in the fourth quarter. They can get away with that in regular season games but if they want to contend, they need to score points and score consistently.

Defense: The defense was driving me nuts all game. They looked good on one series then they looked completely lost on another. When it was 14-13 late in the second quarter, Vick was marching the Eagles down the field with ease. Then all of a sudden, Tommie Harris did something productive and tipped the ball in the air for Chris Harris to get an interception in the end zone. The Bears had no answer for the passing game. Vick was throwing short passes nearly the whole game and the defense was clueless. Somehow (I really do not know how) the defense only gave up 13 points in the first three quarters. Then the dreaded fourth quarter came. Vick took out his “I-Pass” and marched the Eagles down the field not once, not twice but THREE times which lead to three scores. This seems to be a trend for this defense. When teams use the hurry-up offense, the Bears’ defense tends to let them get big gains in consecutive plays. I am not sure if the lack of learning how to cover is the problem (Which is very possible considering who the cornerbacks and safeties are) or if the coaching is the problem. Whatever it is, I am sick of seeing that crap. It happened against the Lions in the first week and it happened against the Eagles.

Special Teams: This may go unnoticed in the papers this week but the special teams was outstanding. Hester had at least two returns that set up excellent field position. Manning even had a nice return or two but one of those runs was called back on a stupid holding penalty by Nick Roach.

So now, the Bears are up one game in the North on the Packers. Technically, they have a two game lead because of the tie-breaker so that is good news. The Lions are up next in Detroit. These are not the same Lions no matter what their record says. We can all be sure that they want payback after what happened in the first game of the season.

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November 24, 2010

I would like to wish a safe and happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys and your families. I will have a Bears recap late Sunday or Monday.

Now that’s what I am talking about.

November 19, 2010

These last two games, the Bears have been shocking the shit out of me and many other fans out there. They went into Miami and won against a team they haven’t beat since 1997. They did what they were suppose to do with the Dolphins who were missing basically their whole offensive line, their two quarterbacks and in the game, their best wide receiver. The Bears took advantage and kept their foot on their throats the whole game.

Offense: Although having an interception and nearly throwing two more, Cutler was efficient. He was 16-25 for 156 yards. He made the plays when they mattered. In the air, Hester, Olsen and Knox had at least four catches so nice to see him spread the ball around. The Bears shockingly ran the ball 40 times in the game. This was the most important part of the win in my opinion. The Bears chewed up nearly the whole clock in the 3rd quarterback by running the ball. Forte nearly had 100 yards and while Taylor only had 10 carries for 11 yards, this once again results in the Dolphins defense being on the field much longer. Martz for the second game in a row deserves credit for that.

Defense: Thigpen was just awful. Just to show you that stats (Cue the morons) don’t mean shit, Thigpen had more passing yards than Cutler in this game. The Dolphins did their best impression of the Bears in early season by going 1-11 on third down. The defense was outstanding. Briggs was awesome. Urlacher is the fucking man and Peppers had three sacks. Luckily, Tillman (Fuck you) had an interception early in the game but wasn’t much of a factor after that. Manning (Fuck you too) finally did something productive and leveled a wide receiver (Was it Hartline?) trying to convert a fourth down late in the game.

Special Teams: Robbie Gould did his job and hit three field goals and Brad Maynard (We love our punters) is now third all-time in punts with over 1200. Carl from Fire Mike Martz was quoted as saying he believes he has seen all 1200 of them. You aren’t alone on that one my friend. That just goes to show you how bad our offense has been the last decade. Devin Hester nearly took back a couple kicks early in the game. Nice to see him in the groove again. Even if they don’t kick to him, the Bears are almost guaranteed to have good field position when he is back there.

NFL Network: I am sure a lot of us hate the NFL Network. I for one do. The Thursday night concept is stupid. Cable companies want you to pay more to get it although there are sites you can watch it for free. However, the thing that pisses me off the most are the announcers. I won’t go as far as saying they are as bad as Tirico, Jaworski and Gruden on ESPN but they are catching up. I don’t mind Bob Papa calling the game. Millen was just annoying Theisman all game with his “Where did this player go to college at?” quotes. They argued a few times about Marinelli being great and Theisman actually threw some words across about Millen being the GM of the Lions. Just awful.

The Bears are 7-3 and tied for first place. Even if the Packers win Sunday, they would still hold the tie-breaker because of their division record. We will find out how good this team really is when they face the Eagles a week from Sunday.

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November 17, 2010

Bears win; Lovie Smith forgets to take stupid pills.

November 14, 2010

The Bears for the first time all season played nearly a great game against the Vikings and they are now tied with the Packers for first place. This game was still close despite the score. Both teams had missed opportunities. In the end though, the Bears prevailed. Let’s get to it.

Offense: I will admit that I am not a fan of Mike Martz. I don’t think many of us are. However, he does deserve credit in this game. For the second week in a row, he balanced the offense and once again, it paid off. He must have finally realized that this offense isn’t as good as he is use to coaching. So what does he finally do? He calls the plays to the best of the players’ ability. The offensive line was outstanding. I can’t say if this is just smoke and mirrors but it has worked two weeks in a row. This needs to continue.

If you look at the stats (Cue the experts who think they know everything about football), the running game wasn’t spectacular. Forte and Taylor combined had 32 attempts for 102 yards. That averages to slightly over three yards a carry. The fact remains though they ran the ball 38 times total. No matter how many yards they get, balancing the offense goes a long way in trying to win a game. The receivers played their best game as a whole. Knox, Hester, Bennett and Olsen had some great catches with Olsen catching a touchdown pass. And the receivers we haven’t heard from in a long time in Rashied Davis, Kellen Davis (Touchdown catch for him too) and Devin Aromashodu had catches on key plays during the game.

Jay Cutler for the most part had a good game. He scrambled around the line and was only sacked once the whole game. Credit goes to the line and Cutler should get some too. I am not going to let this asshole off the hook though. In the first half, he could have ran nearly to the goal line for a possible touchdown. Instead, he runs past the line of the scrimmage then throws a near interception. Luckily, they still scored a field goal. Then in the second half, he threw a stupid interception in the end zone instead of running the ball or even throwing it away. He could have easily had a couple more interceptions on other plays. Luckily, Martz kept his mistakes to a minimum.

Defense: The first two drives, I thought the defense was in for a long day. The rest of the way, they were as good as they have been for the most part. There was one play however that made me want to throw my remote across the room. Favre threw a wide open Percy Harvin for a touchdown pass. Blown coverage seems to be the norm every now and then for the defense. I think Chris Harris was the one to blame for that. The defense did force four turnovers on defense. I know the grass at Soldier Field (More on this later) helped with everyone slipping all over the place, but the Bears offense played on the same field too. Urlacher and Briggs were once again outstanding. And luckily, Favre did not throw to whoever Charles Tillman (Fuck you) was covering. Not sure if Tillman (Fuck you) was actually covering the receivers and they happened to not be open, or that Favre was just that bad. I’ll take it though. Speaking of Favre, he is a jackass. Seeing his downfall makes me smile more than most. He made my childhood and many others miserable.

Special Teams: Whoever didn’t remind Lovie Smith to take his stupid pills today, thank you for that. We FINALLY saw Devin Hester back on kickoff returns and he nearly took one back on both a kickoff and a punt return. That’s where Hester needs to be. I know he scored a touchdown on offense but they should still focus him on special teams. Hester’s returns proved to be huge with the field position the offense was given. Robbie Gould was also productive making two of three field goals.

Stupid penalties: This is something that could have cost the Bears this game. Here’s a stat for you so called “experts”: The Bears had 11 penalties for 116 yards. This included a stupid penalty of Danieal Manning (Can I put “Fuck you” after his name too?) not knowing when to turn around causing a pass interference penalty. Another stupid penalty was Olin Kruetz having a block below the knees causing the Bears to be pushed further out of field goal range. Frank Omiyale met his quota of having at least one false start penalty per game. Good job Frank!

Soldier Field grass: I have heard this issue being discussed on the radio quite a few times. It is to my understanding that the Chicago Park District is suppose to maintain the field and make repairs if necessary. If they are unwilling to do that because of financial issues, why can’t the Bears open up the checkbook to fix it to make sure players quit slipping all over the place? I know the Bears and whichever team they are playing are on same field but eventually, someone is going to get hurt.

Up next are the Dolphins on Thursday night in Miami. History shows the Bears rarely beat the Dolphins especially in Miami so that needs to change. If they win, they are in the driver’s seat in the division. They lose and they are fighting just to stay alive in the wild card race.

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November 11, 2010

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Bears win but let’s not put too much stock into this.

November 7, 2010

The Bears barely won against the now 0-8 Bills in Toronto by the score of 22-19 Sunday afternoon. The Bears had a balanced offense (About damn time.) and they did just enough to win. The offensive line probably played their best game of the season. This was in large part to Roberto Garza coming back. He did a nice job along with J’Marcus Webb on the right side. The defense was just good enough to hang on.

Offense: The offense wasn’t dominating but once again, good enough to win. Cutler was lucky not have a couple of those passes intercepted as he continued to try to throw in double and sometimes triple coverage throughout the game. That has to stop. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to either throw it out of bounds or just take the damn sack. The offensive line as I mentioned earlier played much better. Cutler was able to have some time to throw the ball and even run it.

The rushing game was OK at best. The stats (Cue the idiots) weren’t impressive, but it shows that if you can run the ball anywhere between 20-30 times a game, you have a chance to win. Forte had 14 carries for 49 yards and Taylor had 10 carries for only 13 yards but he did get a touchdown. The receivers had a good game. Earl Bennett scored the game winning touchdown and had four catches. Olsen, Forte and Knox each had three receptions. Balance was the key to winning this game. If three to four players each get a few catches a piece, your chances of winning are better.

Defense: The Bears were playing well on defense until the last drive in the first half. I know they forced three turnovers but the reality remains that the Bills aren’t the greatest team out there and that’s why they attained the win. In my opinion, I think NFL teams now know the recipe on how to score easily on the Bears defense. Simply put, all teams have to do is run a hurry up offense. This is where the Bears look like total shit. The secondary like usual looks clueless but even more in a hurry up situation.

Late in the first half, Charles Tillman (Fuck you) had a late hit which lead to the Bills tying the game. By the way, everytime I say Charles Tillman’s name, I will put in parentheses (Fuck you). Moving on. Tillman (Fuck you) also let Steve Johnson (Who the hell is he?) to haveĀ  a Jerry Rice type game with 11 catches and 145 yards. There were also instances in which Tillman (Fuck you) allowed the likes of Roscoe Parrish, Fred Jackson and Lee Evans to get big first downs. There isn’t anything we can do about it though. A cornerback who cannot play cornerback is who he is. I can’t wait for the idiots like Irish Yeti or some other douche to reply “But Tillman had seven tackles and two assisted tackles!” What these douches don’t understand is that he had seven tackles and two assisted tackles because the receivers he was suppose to cover were open all damn day.

The defensive line is playing really well though along with the linebackers. Urlacher and Briggs are playing at a high level. They virtually gave the Bills no running game but this also led to Ryan Fitzpatrick to go “I-Pass” on the secondary. Tommie Harris actually did something productive and was one of the players who caused Fred Jackson to fumble the ball. Julius Peppers seemed to have been hurt towards the end of the game but said he just had the wind knocked out of him so that’s good news.

So here are the Bears at 5-3. I still stand by my word that this season is over. The Vikings are in town next week after a huge come from behind win against the Cardinals. If the Bears can somehow pull this one off, their season MAY be shortly revived. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though.

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November 4, 2010

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