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Calling all idiotic Bulls fans: How confident are you now?

January 29, 2012

It’s rant time. I figured it would come sooner or later. I was originally going to post a rant last week after the Bulls shit their pants against the fucking Pacers. I decided to wait until now because real fans knew they were going to lose Sunday against the Heat. The fans who are idiots along with the “experts” actually think the Bulls have a chance to beat the Heat in the playoffs have another guess coming.

Let’s just start with last week’s game against the Pacers in which the Bulls lost. Let’s play with stats (Cue Yeti). 12 fucking turnovers which turned into about 20 points for the Pacers. Six missed free throws. How many points did the Bulls lose by? Five. There you go. Oh. They also had a ten point lead at halftime then everything fell apart.

Then they play the Milwaukee Bucks. They win but still played like shit. The game was much closer than it should have been. They had 15 turnovers and wait for it…they missed 11 free throws. I said this last year but you can get away with that shit against teams like the Bucks, but when you play the next team I am about to talk about, it will cost them.

That brings me to Sunday’s game against the Heat. It was a game that the Bulls never lead in and they continuously had to play catch up. First problem I have are the amount of dunks the Heat had. The worse one was when that piece of shit LeBron James literally jumped over John Lucas for a slam. What the fuck was that? The defense was terrible until the fourth quarter. Next up: turnovers. How about 15 of them? I don’t how many points the Heat scored off of them but I am guessing it’s around 20 as well. That is way too  many.

Then we get to the last point which is, you guessed it: free throws. The Bulls missed eight of them. Even before Rose missed the two free throws at the end of the game, six were missed and that is fucking terrible. Ronnie Brewer missed two. Joakim Noah missed three of them. How in the fuck do they miss this shit? IT’S THE EASIEST FUCKING THING TO DO IN SPORTS.

In order for the Bulls to win games against actual teams, they have to play nearly perfect basketball. From free throws to turnovers, they have to keep them at a minimum. I don’t know what it will take to make some fans aware that the Bulls are simply not good enough to overcome their deficiencies like other teams. We all saw on Sunday what happens when there a lot of missed free throws and just flat out, stupid turnovers. I bitched about this all last year and at the end, it was all true. They can have fun getting away with this shit against the Bucks or Nets. When they play a team like the Heat or even the Sixers, they will pay dearly.

This team is full of problems. Luol Deng is going to be an idiot and not have the surgery. Not doing this is going to worsen his condition and be a problem in the playoffs. If he gets the surgery, he will get to rest his legs and have his wrist fully healed by the start of the playoffs. Richard Hamilton is also stupid with his decision of playing despite realizing that he will better if he sits out longer with a groin injury. Joakim Noah isn’t as good as people think. Omer Asik is fucking terrible. By far, the worst hands in the NBA. When he actually holds onto the ball, he continues to do this pump fake instead of just dunking the ball which results in him getting fouled and promptly missing two free throws. Fuck him.

Also, can someone tell Carlos Boozer to stop yelling at his teammates on the court? If you turn up the sound, you will hear him yelling at his teammates “Gimme Dat” while going for a rebound or “Dunk that shit” on the other side of the court. Carlos Boozer is a fucking idiot and an annoying prick on the court. How is that not a distraction to his teammates on the court? To top it all off, he is horrible at playing defense.

Who thinks the Bulls have a chance with these assholes on the team? Not me. The only way they have a chance is if they actually work on their issues like turnovers or missed free throws. One would figure that they had a whole summer and then some to work on it. Instead, it’s the same old shit. If they aren’t going to fix this shit, then the team really needs to make a trade. Dwight Howard sucks at free throws but he can at least get to the line 20 times a game and will get the other team in foul trouble. He is a guaranteed 20 and 15 guy. He plays great defense and doesn’t play like an idiot on the court. The Bulls cannot go into the playoffs with this team.

That’s it for my rant on the Bulls. In addition to this wonderful game I watched on Sunday, I was treated to a waste of money by ordering the WWE Royal Rumble. Usually, it is the most exciting pay-per-view of the year. There are only two pay-per-views that a few friends and I order every year and those are the Rumble and WrestleMania. This year, many fans have agreed that it was the worst one of all time. From start to finish, a total disappointment. All three announcers entering the match? Sheamus winning the Rumble? That guy is Omer Asik bad. Letter to WWE: I want my estimated $60 back.


January 27, 2012

Fire Jerry Angelo is now Fire Lovie Smith. This site’s URL will still remain and so will our mission here which is to call for complete change at Halas Hall. Angelo is gone but the shit still stinks with Lovie Smith calling the shots. I have stated here many times and so have others that all will be forgiven if Lovie Smith leads the Bears to a Super Bowl victory. So far, he has failed miserably and has still, kept his job. PATHETIC.

Open thread.

January 23, 2012

A few thoughts.

January 16, 2012

1. The NFL is down to it’s final four teams. I have to say, seeing the Packers lose was not a surprise. It seems like the Giants are attempting to repeat their performance of 2008 by barely getting into the playoffs, then kicking the crap out of every team they see. I must say I don’t really like the Giants but they sure are getting the job done. I wish the Bears had a franchise that was ran half as decent as the Giants. It would be cool to see the 49ers win just because they have sucked for years and it would be nice to see a team that we haven’t seen in a while. In the AFC, it’s the Ravens against the Patriots. I will probably be rooting for the Patriots just because Tom Brady is pretty damn good and it’s fun to watch him play. This Sunday should be exciting.

2. Well, the Bears have a few candidates for general manager. I don’t know much about any of them but anybody other than Jerry Angelo or Tim Ruskell is better in my mind.

3. Blackhawks have been stumblinf but managed to hold onto to the win against the Sharks Sunday night. Corey Crawford has struggled as of late and I am a bit worried. While they are still close to the top of the standings, this still needs to gets fixed. There are other issues such as the power play being 1 for 256. While the trading deadline is about a month away, there is a need for a center and defenseman.

4. The Bulls decided not to play defense on Monday against the Grizzlies and they paid for it dearly. They have played well despite being exhausted by having a game every night but still. That game was terrible to watch and they looked disinterested from the start. I won’t bitch too much now but if they have games like this later on, I’ll be here to talk about it and rightfully so.

That will be it for me. Feel free to add your thoughts.

Open thread.

January 9, 2012

Fire away.

Surprise, surprise.

January 3, 2012

Well, today was something I wasn’t expecting. Jerry Angelo, Mike Martz and Shane Day are all out the door. I am not really sure what Shane Day did wrong but I welcome any changes that are being made right now. The way I see it, everyone is at fault for this failure of a franchise. I was pissed that Ted Phillips and Lovie Smith are still here but some idiots gone are better than none. If Tim Ruskell takes over as GM, the Bears will continue to suck. He was in the Seattle Seahawks organization and is the one responsible for their recent failures.

The Bears must find someone that has a proven track record of success  to take over as the general manager. It doesn’t have to be another general manager, but maybe someone who is known to scout talent well. As my previous post goes, the Bears have all of those needs for this team to compete next year. And as far as Lovie Smith is concerned, it’s Super Bowl victory or get fired next year because the new general manager will probably want his own guy in charge anyway.

As far as this site is concerned, it will stay at Fire Jerry Angelo for now. Some dick bags already registered the .com, .org, and .net domains for Lovie Smith. I was thinking of “Go away Virginia McCaskey” but decided not to in fear that the old bitch may actually “go away” and therefore, I’ll probably feel responsible. Call me superstitious.


For the Bears this offseason, changes must be made but won’t be.

January 2, 2012

It is very frustrating that I have to write the same shit every single year after the Bears finish their season. I figured I would just copy and paste the same stuff I wrote after last season because it would look nearly the same as to what I am about to write now. The only difference would be some of the player’s names. I said this in the last thread and I’ll say it again: It is very embarrassing to be a Bears fan. To have an organization that allows constant failure is embarrassing. We have seen this shit for too long.

It’s almost a given that major changes won’t be made. I heard a bit of Lovie Smith’s press conference the day after the season ended and made his case for staying by saying there were a lot of injuries. This is the kind of comment that would piss off any other franchise. Not for the Bears. Knowing the McCaskey’s, he’ll probably be given a bonus. Myself, along with the many other Bears fans out there are sick and tired of this shit. I said above that nothing will change as far as the front office is concerned but if there is any prayer out there, Jerry Angelo can get lucky in the draft and get some players in here that can actually play.

I am going to guess that the Bears will have about six or seven picks in the draft. In the NFL, most of those draft picks are expected to contribute right away. With Angelo’s picks, only three or four out of his 50 picks in the last decade have actually panned out. That is a terrible stat (Cue Irish Yeti). With all that being said, here is what the Bears need (in no particular order) in the offseason.

1. Offensive lineman: Two of them at least through the draft/free agency. For the first 11 games or so, the offensive line to many people’s surprise, played very well. Gabe Carimi had a knee injury in the second game of the season and has his annual injury later on. I read last week that the Bears gave backup lineman Edwin Williams a two-year contract extension? Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Also, we cannot go through another season of Frank Omiyale or some other bum pass them by at will.

2. Wide receivers: I prefer three or four new guys. Earl Bennett is nice to have around. But assholes like Johnny Knox, Dane Sanzenbacher and Roy Williams have no business being on this time. At first, I liked Knox but I have found out that this guy sucks. He cannot run routes properly, he has horrible hands and cannot hold onto the ball as we saw with his unfortunate injury against the Seahawks. The Bears need wide receivers who can do everything that Johnny Knox cannot do. Fuck Johnny Knox in my opinion. He is the sole reason for Jay Cutler breaking his thumb. Last thing I’ll say is something I have been saying for a few years now and that is Devin Hester is not a wide receiver and never should be one.

3. Running backs: Matt Forte will be here but I am not sure for how long. Getting back to Jerry Angelo, fuck this guy because he is the one that is refusing to give Matt Forte his money. He is the best player on the team and he deserves to be paid that way. After finding out why the Cowboys told Marion Barber to take a hike, I am convinced the Bears need another running back. And no, it’s not Khalil Bell. In just a few games, he has fumbled the ball more than most runnings back do in a full season. Fuck that guy too.

4. Quarterbacks: No. Josh McCown should not come back. Something about him screams “Chad Hutchinson” and I do not want to see that. This once again goes back to the ineptitude of Jerry Angelo. Angelo drafted Dan LeFeveour last year and ended up cutting him after the preseason. Then this year, Nathan Enderle is drafted and it seems like they don’t like him either. This has become PATHETIC. Get a quarterback in here next season that has had at least SOME success and is capable of being quarterback.

5. Linebackers: Reality is setting in. Urlacher has only a few years left in him and who knows how much longer we are going to hear Lance Briggs piss and moan until he gets traded. The Bears must get at least one linebacker in the draft.

6. Safeties/Cornerbacks: You all saw this coming. Yes. The Bears need a new set of safeties and at least one cornerback. Surprisingly, Charles Tillman (worthless) wasn’t that bad this year. For the most part, he actually learned how to cover a receiver. Tim Jennings on the other hand is fucking terrible. Zack Bowman has no business even being a ball boy in the NFL. There were at least three or four plays in the games against the Seahawks and Packers in which he didn’t even bother to go after a receiver and was beat terribly.

With the safeties, Chris Conte played very well but was injured late in the season. I am alright with him starting next year. Chris Steltz played fine towards the end and he should be brought back but only in a backup role. I think we can all agree that Major Wright Wrong and Brandon Merriweather are not very good. Speaking of Wrong, fuck this asshole too for being the reason that Brian Urlacher nearly tore his knee up in a meaningless game. Those two idiots along with Tim Jennings and Zack Bowman have no idea how to play defense. A nightmare that I vision is some of these idiots back peddling while a receiver runs right past them and catches the pass for an easy, 4o-yard touchdown. I do not want to hear about this “Cover Two” garbage. The safeties supposedly are suppose to cover the receivers and they still don’t. The Bears need defensive backs who just need to find a receiver/tight end and stay on them instead of assuming that someone else is suppose to the job.

That will be it from me. Feel free to add your thoughts.