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Fro Dog

Hello friend. Since 2008, I have brought you readers nothing but the most absurd opinions you have ever read in your entire lives. I am shocked that you are reading this right now. Anyway, most of the regulars here and I have been together as a group since 2005/2006 at the original http://www.firedustybaker.com. Since then, we have changed names of the site to people we currently want fired. If you are new here, welcome and feel free to post anytime.

I am avid follower of the Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls. I am an Illini fan as well but ever since getting out of college many years ago, I haven’t really put much investment into watching them. I also love professional wrestling. It’s something I have followed as a kid and it grew on me. I make it a goal of attending Wrestlemania every year. You’ll see me write about it every now and then on this site.

I live in Dekalb, Illinois where I may be the only person here that doesn’t give a crap about the Huskies.

8 Responses to “About The Columnist”

  1. Dave Morris Says:

    Hey Fro, good yakkin with you. Cool site. Stay in touch.

  2. T-Train Says:

    So, stick with me here, cause I’m interested. I was a front page writer for the now defunct FireJerryAngelo.com

    While doing a search, I ran across your post for the first time. I’m interested in how you came to the title, and whether you were involved in FJA.com. I know you weren’t part of the staff, but were you a member?

    I’m not asking to bust your balls. I’m just curious. I am in contact with the former administrator of the old site, and I have run across several of the old members and was wondering if you were one of the old guard.

  3. Joe Says:

    There is no bigger “Fire Jerry” person than me.
    That picture at the top of the blog? That’s Jerry showing how much he lacks in intelligence, common sense, and competence.
    “How much do you lack, Jerry?”
    “Thiiiiiiiiiiis much.”

  4. Mark Loventhal Says:

    Hey Fro Dog,

    You’ve got a great site with a great message.

    I’m a lifelong Bears fan and web designer.

    I’d love to make your site even better for FREE.
    NO CHARGE, no hooks… just a web designer credit.

    Please contact me if you’re interested.

  5. Payton J Pickett Says:

    Great site for venting on days like this. Here’s to the day you finally get to rename this webpage “Angelo Fired!”

  6. Greg Says:

    Great site you fucking douchebag! You have done a great job at getting Lovie fired…keep up the good work homo!

  7. genrebuster Says:

    hmmmmm….I wonder if “Greg” is related to that homophobic douchecoptor “Greg M”…. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Hey Lovie: buh bye!

  8. Carl from Chicago Says:

    Ha ha this is Carl from Chicago from Fire Everybody.

    Funny “about” page. Good site.

    See you at the Bears’ this year…


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