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The Draft is upon us. How will Ryan Poles fuck this up?

April 22, 2022

Certainly, him signing Trevor Semen is already a sign that this disast-era isn’t going to go well. And here I was thinking Jerry Angelo was the worst. Sheesh.

Here are the picks for the Bears. Who should they draft? It doesn’t have a specific player. But maybe a certain position? From the six that they have, they should not trade down for anybody. Just play with the cards that are dealt. May I suggest in this order: Offensive line, wide receiver, offensive line, secondary, linebacker, secondary. And sign more undrafted secondary players because I’m certain the ones they draft will end up being shitty.

Round 2: No 39

Round 2: No. 48 (from LAC) 

Round 3: No. 71 

Round 5: No. 148 (from HOU) 

Round 5: No. 150 

Round 6: No. 186 

Thank you, Pat.

April 17, 2022

It’s a shitty ending to a great career. The Blackhawks have forced one of the few good things about this franchise out in Pat Foley. Last season, he made a comment that offended so many dumbasses and right after, it was announced that he was going to be retiring after this season. The comment was something about giving credit to all of the people behind the scenes that made the broadcast under difficult circumstances. He made a reference to not being able to handle it if he had to do it. Yes, it was in poor taste. But it wasn’t that major of an issue. Yet, everyone got pissed.

Then, this past season happened with shit that was way worse that he had nothing to do with. Yet, he was only doing a limited number of games. The only bright spot this year was him calling games and he didn’t do very many of them.

As a fan, it sucks. I’m all about bringing in someone who was a fan. But I guess nothing lasts forever. I’ll always remember Foley for calling National broadcasts on Fox back in the mid-90’s. And whenever the Blackhawks were playing those same games, even better.

The Blackhawks are in a very bad place now both on and off the ice. It’s been difficult just trying to pay attention to it. I’m praying better days happen soon. But it would have been nice if Pat Foley was still on the broadcasts.

Open thread (Waiting for the NFL Draft)

April 8, 2022

Three weeks to go. As it is usually around this time of year, it’s pretty slow. I’ll leave this thread up for whatever you want to talk about.

Also, the Bulls really suck and don’t deserve my time to write about them. I will say this, though. At least the players from this team aren’t “hateable.” The same cannot be said for the teams of a decade ago with shitty players and a bum head coach.

Fire away.