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May 28, 2010

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

May 26, 2010

For many seasons we have had to witness Aramis Ramirez dogging it due to injury. He is currently sitting out a few games due to a bruise on his thumb. My take on this is…grow some balls motherfucker!!!

After watching Duncan Keith get seven teeth knocked out and return to the conference winning game ten minutes later is a testament to just how much of a lazy ass pussy Ramirez is.

Anyone care to chime in on this?

Open thread.

May 17, 2010

Thanks. But no thanks.

May 14, 2010

Last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated from the playoffs by the Boston Celtics. Since the Cavs game 5 loss, all the talk has been about the Chicago Bulls getting LeBron James this summer.

Well, I am here to explain why the Bulls should not go after LeBron. I have my reasons why this would be a bad idea. This guy has been in the NBA for seven years. This guy has had many chances to win a title in my opinion.

I have had this discussion with many people that I talk to on a daily basis especially at work. I have told all of them for at least the last two or three years that LeBron James will never win a title. Why? Because he is a selfish, self centered punk. There have been many occasions where I have seen him dancing around the sidelines with his teammates. He has also been seen talking shit to other teams while playing. He is such a turd.

I am not doubting his talent. He is a very good player. However, his maturity and character is an issue. Another player I hate is Kobe Bryant. But when I see him play, I respect him. Unlike LeBron, he doesn’t run his mouth during the game. He let’s his play do the talking. When he hits game winning shots, he does celebrate like most players would but he doesn’t taunt the other team or talk shit to them during the games. Kobe didn’t do that. Jordan never did that. When players talked shit to Jordan, all he did was hit game winning shots and go on streaks but I never saw him open up his mouth.

In 2007 when the Bulls had a legitimate chance to land Kobe Bryant, I was excited. I knew that I didn’t like the guy but at least I respected him. All that had to happen was that the Bulls had to give up Luol Deng and either Kirk Hinrich or Ben Wallace in return in a three team trade with the Lakers and Kings. Obviously, John Paxson was stupid and didn’t pull the damn trigger because he was a dumbass. With this situation, I do not want him to get LeBron. It will be the same shit. All hype and no titles.

So LeBron, have fun either staying in Cleveland or going to New York to play for the Knickerbockers. From a real Bulls fan, your immaturity and selfishness is not wanted here.

Halfway home.

May 12, 2010

Open thread.

May 7, 2010

Ideas on how to fix pro wrestling: The WWE part.

May 6, 2010

Just like the TNA segment I wrote about, there are many problems that lie on the WWE side of things. So here we go.

Wrestlers winning titles that don’t deserve or earn it: If there is anything that pisses me off the most, it’s giving titles of any level to wrestlers who cannot act or wrestle. I won’t get into the situation involving The Miz although I am sure good friend of the site Chucky will give you his take. However. When idiots like Drew McIntyre and Sheamus are basically given titles without doing anything, then that pisses me off. Those two guys cannot act or wrestle. With talking about Jack Swagger, I actually thought he could be champion someday. I just didn’t think this soon. However anybody winning the title other than Sheamus or Drew McIntyre with the Intercontinental Title is better.

Give titles to wrestlers that actually deserve it: This part somewhat ties in to the two articles I wrote a few weeks back on underrated wrestlers. There are people like Evan Bourne, Chavo Guerrero, Christian and Dolph Ziggler in my opinion that deserve to be top stars more than most in WWE. All of those guys that I mentioned above can actually wrestle. You can also throw Santino Marella in this conversation. That guy is flat out a great character. His wrestling isn’t the greatest but his character makes up for it. When he made his debut, he won the Intercontinental Championship. He is basically a puppet now for these guest hosts which is awful. Hey. Speaking of guest hosts…

Guest hosts: Stop. Enough already. This has grown tiresome. This is another thing killing wrestling. It has become a joke. People who don’t know shit about wrestling are showing up and to be honest, it’s embarrassing. At first, I was somewhat OK with this. But after about four or five of them, I got tired of it. Get a general manager in there. Make it permanent and make it work. It’s not that hard.

Commercials during matches: When I was younger, it was unheard of that WWE would go to commercial break DURING a match. For the last couple years at least, there is just about a commercial break in every match. That needs to stop. In my opinion, that is what draws people away from the channel (Other than the bad wrestling). When it goes to commercial break, some viewers usually change the channel then almost forgot they were watching wrestling.

Batista: If the rumors are true about him leaving WWE soon, then thank God. He has been a waste of space since his debut in 2002. This guy is not a human. He is a steroid freak and to be honest, when he comes out, he looks disturbing. Injuries, steroids and no ability to act really pissed me off because WWE gave this guy anything he wanted while in the company. A total waste indeed.

Michael Cole: When Michael Cole was announcing on Smackdown!, he really wasn’t that bad. He wasn’t great but he wasn’t awful either. Since his move to Raw a couple years back, he has been hideous. His “vintage” quotes and mediocre announcing is making me wonder if he is being told to say this crap or the fact that it’s his call. If it is not him making the call, then he should be asking for his release because that’s stupid. If it is him, then he should really stop because it’s becoming annoying.

Matt Striker/Todd Grisham: These guys are not only bad at announcing, they are annoying. It seems like when I am watching Smackdown!, these guys talk about how this Smackdown! is the greatest show in history. Then the next week, they will say the same thing. Then to make things worse, Striker talks about certain wrestling moves and how “great” or “painful” they are. Now once again. I am not sure if it’s really them saying this or someone in the back but it needs to stop. It just makes me wish that Jerry “The King” Lawler was doing every show because everyone else is awful.

Ring attire: This is a topic that might not bother some people, but it bothers me. When a wrestler comes out to do a promo, it would be nice if they actually had some clothes on. For the most part when Chris Jericho does a promo, he usually is in a suit. Everyone else just has their damn tights on. It bothers me when Batista, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre and a few others just come out to the ring without even wrestling in their damn tights. This is why the mainstream media doesn’t take pro wrestling seriously. And how are they suppose to when wrestlers are cutting promos in their tights? I cannot stand this. Is there some type of dress code that says they only can wear tights? For crying out loud: PUT SOME DAMN PANTS ON!!! It’s disturbing.

John Cena: When John Cena made his debut in 2002, this guy seemed like he would be a bad ass. That eventful night at the AllState Arena he made his debut, slapped Kurt Angle and then had a somewhat good but short match, I thought this guy would be big. Well, he is a superstar but not the kind some of us envisioned. This guy went from ruthless to absolutely awful. Did he forget how to wrestle? He jumps around with this five knuckle shuffle and his awful wrestling. I wish he would just go back to the way he started out at.

With John Cena, I will always respect him for the way he got into this business. If anybody who doesn’t know, Cena trained at a gym in California while living in his car with his then girlfriend now wife for many months. He lived off of the sandwiches and protein bars the gym provided before finally getting a job at the gym and getting a place to live. This guy drove across the country with his girlfriend with two bags of clothes and $500 cash. That’s heart. That’s guts. For that, I will never hate the guy but the way he has been wrestling for the last few years is disappointing.

The Divas: Suck. There is only one woman (Beth Phoenix) who is worth a damn. Watching a divas match is painful. They released Mickie James. Gail Kim has basically been a bust. Women like Michelle McCool, Eve Torres and Layla are worth as much as donkey shit. At least the women in TNA are competent. What WWE should do is have Natalya along with Serena (As soon as she grows her hair back) to get into the mix. The Divas really need help. I wonder if they have some women down in the developmental territories that can step up and help because honestly, I find myself fast forwarding through every match.

Hornswoggle: Can someone please shoot this guy?

The PG rating: There has been a back and forth debate that WWE should go back to the TV-14 rating to attract more viewers. My reply to this is that there are bigger fish to fry when it comes to putting a better product in the ring for the fans. Regardless of the swearing, violence and sexual innuendo that makes a TV-14 rating, WWE doesn’t need it to be a good product. What this company needs are actual wrestlers and ones with character.

Some fans: With the people I discuss wrestling with either at my job or online, we seem to be all knowledgeable on the subject and what needs to be done. In any sport, there are always the idiot fans or in the case of wrestling, losers who think it’s real or one’s that get annoying while attending events.

When I attended Raw on Labor Day of last year in Rosemont, I happened to sit right next to a kid who was about 10 but had a lot of knowledge about the history of a few wrestlers. He talked like a real fan. Another kid the next day in Rockford when I attended the Smackdown! show who was a few years younger than me was also very smart about wrestling. Him and I both shared a lot of good memories of growing up a wrestling fan and we both had pretty good memories of types of matches wrestlers had many years ago. That is what I like about wrestling.

However, when I am at an event and I hear a moron behind me say “Hulk Hogan is the greatest wrestler ever”, I cannot help but want to punch that person right in his throat. Hulk Hogan is not even close one of the greatest wrestlers ever. Why? Because he couldn’t wrestle. Don’t get me wrong. Until recently, I was a fan of him. And even if he was the greatest ever, he is certainly ruining his reputation right now.

That completes this list of things that need to be done in the world of professional wrestling. Til next time.

Ideas on how to fix pro wrestling: The TNA part.

May 4, 2010

There are many issues concerning certain storylines and mismanagement of certain talents. The ways to fix pro wrestling in my opinion will be divided in two portions: What needs to be fixed in TNA and what needs to be fixed in WWE.

On to TNA:

Developing a character: This part is something that is very important when a wrestler is coming up through the system whether being in a minor league territory or in the big company starting out. Jim Ross has went on record many times throughout the years saying the best way to get noticed in the ring is to be yourself. When I attended TNA Bound For Glory in 2008 in Hoffman Estates, I heard Randy Savage’s music and as soon as a I heard the crowd cheering, I said to my friend sitting next to me:

“Holy crap, is that…Wait. That guy is black.” Instead of Randy Savage, it’s a turd name Jay Lethal. What the fuck.  He talks just like him. He wears the same ring attire as him. And he has a beard like him. If wrestlers just be themselves whether that’s being a douche, I can at least respect that as a fan.

Abyss: OK. I am not doubting this guy’s ability to be a monster. However getting back to the character part, this guy should not be dressing up and acting like Mick Foley when he played Mankind back during the late 90’s. This is one of TNA’s problems. They need stop trying to recycle certain wrestling characters. I think if Abyss just takes the damn mask off and just goes out there to wrestle, he will have a fan in me and many others.

The senior citizens on the roster: This issue is TNA’s biggest. This is why the ratings have been shitty. This is why the most loyal of fans are already pulling the plug on TNA. Nobody wants to see a 60 year old Ric Flair take his shirt off and want to fight. Nobody wants to see Kevin Nash and Scott Hall walking around with their stupid shit every Monday night like it’s 1995. The last time I saw the Nasty Boys wrestle were in the mid-90’s. They should have stayed there. Instead, Hulk Hogan brought them in to limp around the ring for a few months before mercifully getting released last month.

Speaking of Hulk Hogan, I am sick and tired of seeing him trying to make a comeback. Hulk Hogan was probably one of my favorite wrestlers growing up but now, I have lost almost all respect for the guy. He is ruining TNA. Instead of the young guys getting their call-up, we have to deal with morons like the Nasty Boys, Nash, Hall and Flair take away their chance. Enough already.

If those bastards want to be there to help out younger guys by managing them or just training with them, so be it. But please. I do not want to see any of them in any more matches.

Blood: Blood isn’t cool. It never really was. I didn’t realize how stupid busting someone up was until a few years ago. Everytime I turn on TNA, I see Ric Flair bleeding a lot from the head. It’s awful. Nobody wants to see this shit especially when it happens to the looney tune known as Ric Flair. It’s not believable. It’s disgusting and people tune out because of that.

A.J. Styles: This guy is one hell of an athlete. He is a TNA original and he’s a great wrestler with a lot of years left in him. But I wish TNA would just let this guy go back to being the phenomenal one. Get him away from Ric Flair. Because really. It’s hurting his credibility. I don’t mind him as a bad guy but they need to get Flair away from him.

Hire a financial adviser for young wrestlers: I am sure Dixie Carter can find a way to get a couple of these people to work for their company. The reason I put this in here is because when I see idiots like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan still trying to wrestle, I read more into why and I find out it’s because these idiots didn’t know how to manage their money when they were younger. Flair was married three or four times and now, he is still giving plenty of his cash to his ex-wives. Hogan was only married once but once he got divorced, it cost him quite a bit.

It’s simple: TNA can hire a couple financial advisers to help wrestlers set up a retirement fund early. This also leads to them getting insurance (Wrestlers make six figures on average each year; they can afford it) and if they get married, make sure they get a prenuptial agreement. Wrestlers should keep in mind that they never know when their wife may go psycho, divorce them and take half or even all their money along with their kids. We as fans would figure that some of these young guys realize that if they don’t think about their future, that they could end up like Ric Flair. Not pretty.

Last but not least…

Hire Jim Ross: If WWE is stupid enough to let this guy go, it will be TNA’s gain. J.R. doesn’t have that many years left him to call wrestling, but I am sure TNA wouldn’t mind him in there. He is one of the best announcers in the last 20 years. He makes some crappy matches somewhat pretty good by the way he calls it. I like Mike Tenay as an announcer, but Ross is as good as it gets.

That is it for the TNA portion. If any of you have any other comments, feel free to discuss them. I am sure I missed a few.