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Mitch, please!: Bears 48 Buccaneers 10

September 30, 2018

Incredible. Just incredible. For the first time in many years, I wasn’t living off the edge of my seat watching the Bears and wondering when they were going to blow it.

So many things happened. And everyone contributed. The defense was so outstanding, that the Fitzmagic was stopped for this one day. He was human again. The defense forced four turnovers. And, of course, Khalil Mack was wreacking havoc all game.

On offense, wow. Mitchell Trubisky threw six touchdown passes. He had five in the first half. To show you how bad the Bears have been in our lives, that is a franchise record. He tied the franchise record for most touchdowns in the first half. The last time that happened? 1949 where Johnny Lujack did it. Unbelievable.

Just a couple of down points in this game: Akiem Hicks was ejected for contact with a referee. The game was pretty much decided by then. The Bears had just intercepted Fitzmagic. There was no need for that. He’s going to get fined a hefty sum and probably suspended. The defense needs him. Next, Jameis Winston took over in the second half for the Buccaneers. To this day, this guy should have been in prison for what he did at Florida State. Fuck this guy. His face is very punchable.

Alright, the first-place Bears have a bye-week now. The Dolphins are up after in Miami.

If the Cubs win it all this year, I’ll be very impressed…

September 27, 2018

…but based on what’s been happening lately, I’m not counting on it.

For now, I’m hoping they win the division…(not feeling the wildcard scenario).

Also, IF the reports on Addison Russell are true, then he’s done and I hope he’ll get some serious professional help. I’ll never understand “serial” abusers. Regardless, the timing of this is definitely hurting the team.


It’s never easy: Bears 16 Cardinals 14

September 23, 2018

This game had all of the ingredients for a loss. The Bears were on the road, the offense still wasn’t all that great and when they are picked as favorites to win, they generally don’t. Oh, and Dick Stockton was calling the game. Yes, the original Kiss Of Death To Chicago Sports was there calling the action. He called Cody Parkey “Cody Parker” and certainly, this was going to be a very disappointing day. But, they pulled it out and now, are in first place.

First quarter – That was bad. The defense looked like it was turning the clock back a few years and the offense couldn’t get any points. Parkey missed a field goal and Trubisky fumbled the ball for a turnover. Sam Bradford had two touchdown passes and by then, it was 14-0.

The defense They were outstanding in the second half. Sherrick McManis, Eddie Jackson and Bryce Callahan all had interceptions. Just amazing. I know, they pissed down their own legs in the first quarter, but good to see them bounce back despite it getting interesting at the end of the game.

Khalil Mack – I will say he is a guarantee to be in every recap I post no matter how shitty the rest of the team plays. This guy is just amazing. With the Cardinals driving to add onto the 14-13 lead, he caused the fumble on Bradford with him scrambling. The Bears driveĀ  Sacks, forced fumbles and interceptions. Shit, put the guy at quarterback, too.

Mitchell Trubisky – I am not going to roast this guy like others would (and should). He’s put in this position by the franchise. He had an interception today, but that was tipped. He made a couple of nice passes and was able to spread the ball to many different players.

Referees – Okay, this is getting fucking ridiculous. Too many horrible calls. When Rosen was sacked to end the game, I was holding my breath thinking a flag was going to be thrown for roughing the passer. This is what the game has become now in the NFL. It’s sitting around waiting for flags to be thrown rather than just being entertained. Clay Matthews was called for basically playing football all season and he’s been called for roughing the passer when it was clear he wasn’t being malicious. Roger Goodell is a fucking idiot and he’s making the game even more dangerous. Something needs to be done. Fuck this.

Okay, now, Fitzmagic and the current, first-place Buccaneers come to Chicago next week. Hold onto your balls. The bumpy ride continues.

Nearly giving it away: Bears 24 Seahawks 17

September 17, 2018

This game had mixed emotions. First, I am glad they won. Anything to see Pete Carroll lose is worth it. I was there in 2012 when Urlacher pulled his hamstring and little did I know at the time that it would be his final game. Seeing Carroll jump up and down the sidelines like the scumbag that he is made me really want to punch him right in the throat. Fuck him. On the bright side, Brian Urlacher was honored at halftime. Go figure that the last time he was in that building, it was his last game against the same team.

The Bears pulled this game out despite nearly pissing it away late. I don’t want to hear about “garbage time”. The defense was turning into the “I-Pass” in the second half with the Seahawks getting two touchdowns. If they recover that onside kick, I am certain I would be writing a recap on the Bears losing in overtime with shades of that December 2012 game in my head even more.

Matt Nagy – Fuck this guy. Some of this play-calling was horrible. This team should easily be 2-0. Instead, they were damn near 0-2 because of the bad calls. They are still trying to pass the ball in short-yardage situations with one of the best running backs in the league. To add insult, the defense became gassed (again) because of the countless three-and-outs.

Prince Amukamara – He gets called for an illegal contact on the first touchdown drive by the Seahawks. Then, he makes up for it by getting a Pick Six. Keep it going.

Kyle Fuller – This fucking guy. He plays nearly flawless all last year and of course he would. It was a contract year. Then, it’s back to the same shit. The first touchdown by the Seahawks could have all been prevented. How many times have I mentioned how defensive backs can never learn to TURN THE FUCK AROUND? Fuck. Just turn around and that ball is there for the taking. Instead, he looks the opposite way like he’s admiring the stars in thes sky. TURN. THE. FUCK. AROUND.

Mitchell Trubisky – Two interceptions. Damn near a third one. In the first half. I am sorry, but I am getting flashbacks of Cutler. Overthrowing wide open receivers and throwing passes he has no business throwing are both Cutler-esque. Poor guy. It’s not his fault Ryan Pace gave away two extra draft picks just to move up one spot to get him. I mean, it’s not like Patrick Mahomes is throwing for six touchdown passes a game or anything. Seriously.

Khalil Mack – Hey, he’s earning his money. Wilson was getting sacked all first half. Five tackles, a sack lunch and another forced fumble as well. He’s been outstanding so far. They showed him running out of breath right before the Amukamara Pick Six. Talk about busting ass. He’s doing it.

I’m fucking exhausted and off to bed. Next week, the Bears take on the 0-2 Cardinals on the road. Fire Matt Nagy.

Let’s see what the Cubs are made of…this is it.

September 11, 2018

My frendts: Clearly, reports of the Brewers fading away haven’t panned out…and the Cardinals are now lurking only 3 games back.

Yes, the Cubs have been saddled with injuries all year long, affecting key players expected to make a difference. But they are not alone: this is something that all teams must deal with. They just can’t keep it going. The weather postponements have likely affected them….I had a bad feeling when the game that Lester started Fri 9/7 was cancelled. They responded by dropping both games of the 9/8 doubleheader. Sun 9/9 was again postponed. Mondays response? Carl Edwards Jr. wild pitches in the winning run in a loss to…the Brewers.

I haven’t had the luxury of seeing many games this year on tv, but I keep up online and thru box scores. Seems to me the pitching has far too often been inconsistent (again) and same goes for the hitting. Hot and cold.

Daniel Murphy appears to be calm…

I was very young at the time…but I faintly remember the infamous 1969 choke job (the Ghost of Leo Durocher just crapped in his grave). Please….not again.

Your thoughts and rants welcomed.



The more things change, the more they stay the same: Packers 24 Joke-Of-A-Professional-Football-Franchise 23

September 10, 2018

Well, here it was. The Joke Of A Professional Football Franchise was all ready to take the field on National Television in enemy territory.

For years, I’ve always wanted to go to Lambeau. This time, I finally did. Good friend of the site, Jimmy D. was nice enough to get me a ticket and we had great seats. The people up there were amazing and very welcoming. I was completely blown away by the atmosphere.

Everything was great in the first half. The defense was playing well. Trubisky lead the offense down rather easily on two drives. The defense looked like an actual defense. Khalil Mack was all over the place with a sack, forced fumble and an interception off backup DeShone Kizer. 17-0 at halftime.

A 20-0 lead with about five minutes to go in the third should was looking great. Then, the wheels fell off. The Joke Of A Professional Football Franchise turned into what we all knew and loved. The Packers get three drives with a field goal and three straight touchdowns all in a span of about ten minutes or whatever it was. The defense turned into the “I-Pass Defense” and the offense gave me nightmares of the past three regimes.

And here we go with the idiotic head coach of this Joke Of A Professional Football Franchise named Matt Nagy. “We’ll learn from it.” “We’ll grow from it.” “We’ll get better.” Sound familiar?

This is the same head coach that was the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs last year when they blew a 21-3 lead against the Titans in a playoff game. He also said to the media in his introductory press conference that he was going to “grow” from that experience. Yep, sure did. He was offensive coordinator and that term actually means he was offensive to actual offensive coordinators. 3rd and 1 late in the game and they call a pass? RUN. THE. DAMN. BALL.

This is it, ladies and gentleman. Blown leads are going to be the “new” way the Bears lose games from now on. With that idiot at the helm, it’s more of the same frustration. It’s just finding new ways to lose.

Next week, another Nationally Televised game against the Seahawks at home. Barf. Your thoughts in the thread.

Khalil Mack is a Bear. And we all should be sitting on pins and needles.

September 2, 2018

I don’t think it would have been better if the Bears kept their draft picks. History tells us that they would find a way to fuck it up. The Bears have traded for who is considered one of the best defensive players in the league. He’s also the highest paid defensive player in the league with his contract.

The Bears have always spent money on players. The problem has been, they haven’t spent it wisely. We’re going to find out if that’s the case again or, if we are wrong.

A six-year deal seems intimidating. But if the Bears win the Super Bowl in that time, it will all be worth it.

Your thoughts in the thread.