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Robbie Gould and the 1-10 49ers come to Chicago to get their second win of the season?

November 30, 2017

Yeah, probably.

Also, Soldier Field and it’s 60,000 capacity will have plenty of empty seats.

I will go with 25,000 no-shows. I pray it’s 50,000, but I don’t think we’re that lucky.

If these empty seats don’t wake up George McCaskey to make changes, we’re fucked.

Your thoughts in the thread.

P.S. – Robbie Gould is playing on a 1-10 team (that will probably beat the Bears) to feed his family.

Annoyed: Eagles 31 Bears 3

November 26, 2017

Trust me, it wasn’t even this close. I won’t give the defense too much crap since the offense couldn’t get going all game. But, this was very bad.

Cairo Santos: He’s not Connor Barth. And even though he missed that first field goal, he made the next one. That’s one more than Barth would have had. So, there’s a positive.

Fans of Philadelphia teams: Never been to this city nor do I want to go. Their fans suck. They actually have a jail with a judge in the bottom of the stadium for fans who are “unruly”. Trust me, I hate dealing with fans of my own teams as they are dumb as shit. But at least I am not from Philadelphia.┬áIt was sweet seeing the Blackhawks beat the Flyers in their house in 2010 for the Stanley Cup. Their fans deserve losers and may their precious Eagles lose in the playoffs or better yet, the Super Bowl.

Next up: Nobody really cares, but the 49ers are in town. If the Bears lose this game, Fox is done on January 1st.

Happy Thanksgiving! (Open thread)

November 21, 2017

I wanted to wish all of you weirdos a Happy Thanksgiving. While I am not thankful for idiots like Ted Phillips and John Fox, I am thankful for all of you who contribute by either posting your thoughts or just reading this site for your own entertainment.

Peace and love.

Connor BARF: Lions 27 Bears 24

November 19, 2017

Trust me, we all saw this coming.

The defense was shit in the second quarter.

More stupid penalties changed the momentum of the game after the Bears blew leads of 10-0 and 17-7.

And once again, fuck Connor BARF and his shitty kicking. What would have forced overtime ended up being a missed field goal that was a good 50 feet to the right of the goal post.

Undisciplined: Packers 23 Bears 16

November 12, 2017

It’s a one-word headline that speaks volumes. This is exactly how the Chicago Bears are, have always been and will always be. It’s penalties. It’s dropped passes (fuck these receivers). It’s bad decisions by players on the field. It’s bad play-calling. This is what they are. The Packers gave the Bears every chance to win this game. A missed field goal in the final minute and still, the Bears couldn’t capitalize.

I fucking knew that Brett Hundley was going to have a great game. It’s just what happens with the Bears. He’s a very good quarterback. He was great in college and now, he’s learning the NFL from one of the greatest of all time.

While we should give Hundley credit, even if Mike Glennon was starting for the Packers, he would have had the game of his life as well. This so-called “great” defense really showed up today. No excuses. The Packers were playing in the same shitty weather. AND HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT FOR THE SECONDARY TO LEARN TO TURN AROUND WHEN DEFENDING A RECEIVER? TURN. THE. FUCK. AROUND.

I didn’t think the Bears had any realistic shot at the playoffs. I wanted them to win because I want them to win every game. I said they needed to win out (11-5) to guarantee them a spot. Now, they must win their final seven games to just have a chance. It’s all but over. Worst yet, Ryan Pace and John Fox will still be employed by this franchise.


Respect goes out to Jerry Jones.

November 9, 2017

I know some out there may not like Jerry Jones. Whether it was the way he treated head coaches since taking ownership of the Cowboys in the 80’s or even the way he handles business. For me, I always thought of him as someone who was controversial. Maybe it was a negative stigma that was placed on him because of what people said about him in the media.

That being said, he’s an owner who gives a damn about his football team. He cares about winning. His decision-making with player-personnel can be debated. However, it’s no secret that cares.

What has transpired over the last few months to now is a breath of fresh air.

Yesterday, Jones hired a prominent lawyer to handle a lawsuit against the NFL. The reason? Roger Goodell’s contract, which is due to expire after next year. He is trying to block that smug bastard from getting an extension through other owners.

For the last several years, a bunch of us on here have mentioned our issues with the NFL. Whether it’s the constant rule changes (for the worse), horrible TV deals or even the advertising/political argument (let’s try to stay away from this one), it’s a problem. The blood of all of these problems are on the hands of Roger Goodell. Yet, the rest of the owners don’t give a shit because their pockets are being filled by the billions.

Roger Goodell is nothing but a kiss-ass because his salary is basically a leftover from the pie of what the owners make. If $45 million a year is leftover for this idiot, that’s a shame.

Goodell doesn’t give a damn about the players. He doesn’t care if teams play games four days later on a Thursday or even the next day. He will still do it and the owners will follow suit.

To see Jerry Jones oppose this is a big deal. He’s the one with a voice and us fans are the voiceless. He is echoing everything we are thinking. And yes, maybe this is also because Ezekiel Elliot was suspended and it’s hurting his team. That’s another discussion for another day. But, I highly doubt that is the sole reason for this lawsuit. Jones would not spend millions for a lawyer just for that.

In closing, we all should give Jones some respect and be happy someone is fighting back at the other owners and Goodell. I don’t know what will happen in this lawsuit. But, it’s good to see that something MAY change.

Your thoughts in the thread.

Open thread

November 2, 2017

The 3-5 last-place Bears have a bye week. For us, that means a free Sunday without needing to watch our team showing everyone why they will continue to be cellar dwellers. I will be attempting to mow my lawn one last time before putting into the shed for the winter.

Feel free to add whatever else is going on in your mind. SHOW DA FIRE AND PASSION, MY FRENDTS.