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Son. Of. A. Bitch.

August 27, 2017

The ACL-tear epidemic has continued. The only receiver that the Bears could actually count on this season was taken out on a horrible freak play. While making the catch, Meredith was tackled with his knee basically twisting/turning in the most scary of ways. FOX only showed the replay once before they decided to no longer show it again. It was that gruesome.

It sucked because the team played the entire game. Even Mike Glennon showed he could actually throw the ball to players wearing the same jersey as his. And the defense didn’t look like the shitty “I-Pass” defense.

The Bears aren’t alone. Julian Edelman of the Patriots tore his ACL the other day. The Bears are fucked on slot receivers. This makes the running game and tight ends even more important now. They are going to be counted on to pull the wagon.

This team is depleted with injuries already and the regular season hasn’t even started yet. Like other teams, it’s the next man up. Like other teams, injuries are no excuse. But damn. Meredith was going to be exciting to watch. This is an injury that has ended careers. I am praying for the guy.

What to look for this Sunday with the Bears

August 25, 2017

It’s Bears vs. Titans in Nashville this Sunday. Maybe our Tennessee correspondent, Pie In The Sky, will give us some insight on the atmosphere down there for this big PRESEASON match-up.

Mitch Trubisky – He’s been out-playing Mike Fucking Glennon so far in the preseason. I know. I know. It isn’t supposed to mean anything. But, he’s played well enough to get playing time with the starters in the 3rd quarter of this game. If Glennon takes another shit on the field and Trubisky shines again, I fully expect the idiot (John Fox) to go with Mitch as the starter when the season starts. Fox’s ass is on the line, so he should do what’s best for the team.

Mike Glennon – Fuck this whiny little bitch. I know it’s Ryan Pace’s fault for signing this guy when nobody else wanted him. But, this guy is getting $15 million to suck just like he did in Tampa Bay. He’s pissed off that Trubisky is playing better than him. Once again, it’s Pace’s fault for signing this guy and telling him he’s the starter. This guy needs to just shut his mouth and worry about knowing how to not throw interceptions.

Defense – It seems as if it’s the same problems with the defense every year: Good defensive line and shitty secondary. We’ve seen how shitty this secondary is so far this preseason. Sadly, it will probably be the reason why the Bears lose 13 games this season again. But damn, can’t they at least try? Like, you know, turn around while covering a receiver so they don’t look like complete idiots? I feel like I ask for that every year.

This will be the thread for the game as well as your thoughts on what was written (poorly) above.

…shades of K Fucking G!

August 17, 2017

…..sorry, my frendts!


I didn’t watch the game, but kept up with closing moments on-line. They gagged, but didn’t choke. They live another day.

Something is “off” with this Cubs team. Does the loss of Dexter Fowler have anything to do with it?


Trubisky shines – Is it fool’s gold?

August 10, 2017

Broncos 24 Bears 17

Quarterback stats (Cue Yeti):

Mitchell Trubisky – 18/25, 166 yards, 1 TD, 103.1 Rating; 3 rushes for 38 yards

Mike Glennon (sucks): 2/8, 20 yards, 1 INT (returned for a touchdown)

Mark “Dirty” Sanchez: 1/4, 4 yards

Trubisky completed his first nine passes and all were right on the money. The accuracy was just insane on his attempts. On the scoring drives, he did a great job of eating up the clock while running the offense smoothly. If it weren’t for the I-Pass defense in the fourth quarter, they win this game. He nearly led them to a touchdown in the final seconds. Impressive.

We’ve seen this before, correct? I can just remember Caleb Hanie tearing it up in the preseason only to suck ass in the regular season.

While you were (or weren’t) watching the Bears, former Bear David Fales (!) threw a 99-yard touchdown pass for the Dolphins. While I liked Fales, this is proof that the preseason isn’t always what it’s built up to be.

Bears vs. Cardinals next Saturday night in the desert.

Hello, friend. (And the Bears start preseason Thursday)

August 8, 2017

I am sure the opinion is split. You love him or you hate him. But, he’s back.

I’ve said this numerous times over the last couple of years. It was just time for him to leave the Bears. Whether it was his fault or the team around him, it was just time to go. If that trade eight years ago were available again, I’d take it every time. Jerry Angelo didn’t make many great decisions, but that was one of them.

So, we shall see in this season whether or not he helps the Dolphins.

Meanwhile, back in Chicago, Mike Glennon sucks. And can someone please explain Mark Sanchez? If you can, please leave your theories in the thread.

Also, Ted Phillips has been with the Chicago Bears for 34 years. I don’t get that either.

Bears vs. Broncos Thursday in the preseason opener.

Wake up….or go to sleep!

August 5, 2017

I’m skeptical that this Cubs team can do it.

Wade Davis has not been “lights out” recently…some of his recent saves were a little too dramatic (for me). He blew a non-save opportunity and lost; a game where they had fought back from a large deficit.

The pitching is inconsistent, at best…as we’ve learned through the years, walks do NOT clog the bases (cue Carl Edwards Jr.). The hitting is inconsistent…chasing bad pitches isn’t going to get it done (cue Javy Baez).

Daniel Murphy. That guy is reminding me of Steve Garvey (barf) . I believe that there are a few here among us who know what I mean…

I had a feeling that the Cubs would “relax” after their series opening drubbing of Arizona. Losing that series was bad enough…if they lose this series to the Nationals, I don’t like their chances of winning the division and making it to the playoffs. I think our good friend ernie previously stated the same.

The standings are tightening up…and everybody is gunning for the 2016 WS champs.

Question. Who is the “clubhouse leader”?


Another year in the books: Fire (Some Asshole(s) In Chicago Sports) turns 9!

August 1, 2017

(The man in the referee shirt – May 2017)

It doesn’t get old for me every year at this time. It was exactly nine years ago today that many of us ventured over to this dark corner of the internet. And trust me, the previous place was a pretty dark corner as well.

To think that we would actually get what we asked for at the start would be nothing more than a mere pipe dream. That was, to see the Cubs win the World Series.

If I forget any of your names, I am truly sorry. But to see a bunch of you long-time fans who had to witness the garbage of 1969 or 1984, I was most happy for you. You guys saw way more failure than I could ever imagine. Genre, Jimmy D., Ernie, MadCityMac, DVX and Chucky, you guys deserved it the most.

To the rest of you folks who actually find this place interesting (Dave, Pie, who else?), you guys are awesome too. For the ones who use to post that may come back, thanks for all of the fun times. I pray you all are doing better. For the others who may just read this site to either laugh with or at us, thanks as well. If you’re laughing at us though, feel free to chime in so Chucky can track you down and properly, saw off your nuts.

We’ve seen a lot happen over the nine years. I am very happy this place is still around with all of those other “blogs” going Hollywood or simply going away. This place costs little to nothing to run and I am fortunate that some of you have still stuck around.

Let’s keep the train moving!