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Thoughts on the Bears through the bye week.

October 31, 2010

After a week of trying to calm down on this Bears season, I can’t help but be pissed off due to the numerous missed opportunities this team has had. From the coaches making stupid decisions right down the players doing the same, this season up to now can be described in one word: Frustrating.

I said last week that after seven games, the Bears are finished. I know I am not the only one on that boat because most of you have agreed. Everyone is to blame. Angelo is a dumbass. Smith couldn’t locate his ass with both of his hands. And Mike Martz just isn’t the “genius” some people in the media built him up to be.

Now on to the players: Cutler is a fucking idiot. And even when it’s not his fault, someone else on offense decides to be the idiot for him. Stupid passes turn into interceptions and on other occasions, he takes his time behind an offensive line that couldn’t block anybody to save their lives. The wide receivers (Is that what they are called?) can’t seem to figure out where they are suppose to be on the field when a play is called.

On defense, I won’t be too hard on them. Julius Peppers is earning his cash so far. Urlacher is back healthy and playing at a high level. However, this Bears secondary still makes me want to throw my remote across the room. Charles Tillman is a worthless clown who can’t cover a receiver. Danieal Manning while a good kick returner doesn’t belong on defense. I like Tim Jennings and D.J. Moore but they have only played a handful of games so I am not trusting them quite yet.

So with nine games left, here is the Bears remaining schedule:

At Buffalo – Vs. Vikings – At Dolphins – Vs. Eagles – At Lions – Vs. Patriots – At Vikings – Vs. Jets – At Packers

So with the Bears at 4-3 and tied for the Packers in first place (In the loss column), their remaining schedule gives good reason why their season is all but toast. Buffalo can’t lose every game so there is a good chance they could beat the Bears. This team may be able to steal one away from Minnesota due to Favre’s continuing downfall. They never beat the Dolphins so that’s a loss. The Eagles game is a tossup. The Lions who lost to the Bears in the season opener on a bullshit call will probably redeem themselves. The Patriots will mow the lawn with this team. Once again in week 15, they could get out of Minnesota with a win. No chance in hell they beat the Jets. Likewise at Lambeau for the final game of the season.

After all of that, that brings the Bears to a 6-10,7-9 or 8-8 record at best. This once again goes back to the two games they were suppose to win against Seattle and Washington. If they win those games, they probably go to the playoffs with a 10-6 record.

For anybody who argued that this team was good or want to bring up stats to show me otherwise, save yourself a loss in an argument because you won’t win this one. And just to make it clear: I want to be wrong. All of us on this site want to be wrong. For crying out loud, we want the fucking Bears to win the fucking Super Bowl this fucking season. I just don’t see it happening. Our only prayer is the Bears getting into the playoffs because every other contending team in the NFC becomes mediocre and is close to .500 at season’s end.

Like Sarah Spain, Jenn Sterger wants to be a whore and gain attention in the process.

October 28, 2010

According to a person I know who lives in the Green Bay area, Brett Favre has been rumored to have numerous affairs during his time with the Packers. As we all know by now, Brett Favre is a cock-sucking attention whore. So it’s no wonder when he was playing with the Jets in 2008 that he had (Or at least attempted) to have an extra-marital affair with another attention whore by the name of Jenn Sterger. Even though I stated some background on Favre’s personal issues, I could care less what he does. I am only writing this because I am sick and tired of the fucking whore bags who try to get jobs or in this case millions of dollars just by gaining attention for something that isn’t important.

Jenn Sterger in this case is by the far the dumbest fucking bitch of them all. For two years, she didn’t say a damn thing about this whole Favre fiasco. There wasn’t a sexual harassment suit filed nor a story of any sort to come out until a few weeks ago. According to reports, when Sterger received the dick pics from Favre, she laughed it off and moved on. That was totally fine by my book.

But now after all of this time has passed, she has all of a sudden came out with the voicemails and pictures for what reason? You guessed it. To gain attention and make millions of dollars off of it. You would figure like Sarah Spain, that she obviously didn’t work hard enough in college and in interviews after school to get a decent job and live a normal life.  Well there may be several reasons why she didn’t get a full time gig doing something. Maybe like Sarah Spain wasn’t as talented as some.

So what does Jenn Sterger do a few years ago to gain attention? She gets fake tits. I for one have no respect for any woman who gets fake tits. At least Spain had the self-respect to not do that. Then Sterger proves that she is just flat out ditzy by saying in an interview that she didn’t do it for self-esteem issues, she did it because she wanted to. Oh I believe her now.

So ladies and gentleman, I will leave you with this prediction and you heard it from me first:  She will probably be millions of dollars richer after this whole thing finishes up. Sooner rather than later, ESPN 1000 will offer her a job as an update anchor leaving many people who are more qualified for the job to be back on the search in this shitty economy. Fucking whore.

Bears lose; season over.

October 24, 2010

I told everybody on this site last Sunday that the Bears would lose this game. I was right. I said after this game, to stick a fork in this PATHETIC excuse for a team. The Redskins tried to give the game away numerous times and the Bears said “No thanks”.

I am not going to write a recap because it’s not worth my time. Fuck Cutler and his stupid decisions. Fuck Lovie and Martz on their stupid play calling. Fuck Matt Forte for his stupid fumbles.

This season is over. They aren’t winning the division. They aren’t going to the playoffs. Anybody want to argue? Come on idiots. Where are you dumb fucks at?

That’s what I thought.


Open thread.

October 21, 2010

Fire away.

Bears once again prove they are not worth a shit.

October 17, 2010

Before I get to the recap, a shout out goes to Carl from Fire Mike Martz for letting me use his parking pass to Sunday’s game. For the rest of you, check out his site. It’s much better written than anything on here.

Seattle sucks. Plain and simple.  But yet, they came out and depantsed the Bears on both sides of the football. The offensive line sucked. The running game couldn’t get going. Instead of the Bears sitting Cutler another game to make sure he was healthy, they threw him out there and he once again looked lost on a lot of plays. Oh and on defense, the Bears once again became the infamous “I-Pass Defense.” Luckily, the Packers lost too so the Bears maintain their one game lead in the division.  Let’s break it down:

Mike Martz: This guy is really showing why other teams didn’t want him. He doesn’t allow Cutler to call audibles nor does he make any adjustments during the game. Instead of shortening the back-drops for Cutler, he continues to make him do seven step back-drops which results in him getting killed. In the Dallas game, they had Cutler do immediate throws which resulted in big plays and touchdowns for the Bears. In the last few games, no changes. Cutler was sacked six times and one of them was for a safety. That needs to change. The offensive line fucking sucks and it’s not going to get better. So it’s time to adjust to the shitty line. It can be done.

And for all those fucking idiots who want to bring up stats, here’s one for you clowns: The Bears were 0-12 on 3rd downs.  That’s PATHETIC.

Defense: Well it took six games but the defense returned to it’s old self. As mentioned in the beginning, the “I-Pass defense” made an appearance and didn’t leave. The supposed “bend it but not break” defense as they call it broke and any logical fan saw it coming.

Charles Tillman fucking sucks. You want proof of that? Mike Williams who has been an NFL bust had the game of his life with (Cue the idiots) 10 catches for 123 yards. And who was he being defended by nearly the whole game? Tillman. Oh and Tillman also did a nice job trying to cover Deon Butler (Who?) on a 22 yard touchdown play. What a piece of shit. Angelo needs to find a cornerback in next year’s draft who can actually play defense on a wide receiver instead of one who’s only capable of causing fumbles once in a great while.

The front four of the defense wasn’t very good either. They did cause some pressure on Hasselbeck but for the most part, he had all day to throw. The defense as a whole played like shit. Even if Briggs was able to play, it probably wouldn’t have mattered. They gave up over 100 yards rushing and nearly 250 yards passing. It doesn’t sound like much but it was enough to beat this team.

Stupid penalties: Once again, the Bears prove they are the center of the universe when it comes to this. On a kickoff return in the second half, Danieal Manning takes back a touchdown yet to have it called back on a holding penalty by the returning Rod Wilson. There was a reason why this guy wasn’t picked up by another team. Apparently, the Bears also love picking up other team’s trash and thinking they will do better on their team. Oh and can someone explain to me why a holding or illegal block in the back always seemed to be called? How fucking hard is it to just block somebody and not push them from behind or grab them and throw them to the ground? Oh that’s right. These are the Bears we are talking about.

Next week, the Bears face another average team in the Redskins. Go ahead and print it now. The Bears will lose. I don’t think they have beaten them since the early 90’s. I don’t think that’s a joke either. They seriously haven’t beaten them in the last 10 or 15 years. I don’t see it changing next Sunday either. 4-3 here we come.

Open thread.

October 15, 2010

Let it all out.

Bears win despite not having a quarterback until late 3rd quarter.

October 10, 2010

Eh. This is going to be a short recap. Bears win 23-6 thanks to Matt Forte, defense and special teams. Matt Forte was all tits rushing for 100+ yards in the first quarter alone. He only had about 65 yards the rest of the way but that had a large part in interceptions and incomplete passes by an idiot impersonating as a quarterback by the name of Jonathon Quinn Todd Collins. This guy fucking sucks. He could have put the game away in the 1st quarter but instead throws an interception at the goal line in heavy traffic. Too bad Lovie took until late in the 3rd to put Hanie in. Lovie is an idiot too. I don’t ever want to see that pathetic excuse for a quarterback Moses Moreno Todd Collins play another down for the Bears.

The defense was outstanding. Julius Peppers is one bad ass on the field. A lot three and outs and the core shut down the Panthers running game. Despite Jimmy Clausen being a bad quarterback, this defense is still strong. They showed it against the Cowboys, then the Packers and even last week against the Giants for the most part.

On special teams, Danieal Manning had a good return to start off the game which led to the first touchdown. Then on the first punt for Carolina, Devin Hester nearly took it back for a touchdown. And Robbie Gould nailed three field goals so nice to see he is taking care of business.

The Bears get the Seahawks next week at home. Yours truly will be there in section 208. We will see how that pans out.

Open thread.

October 9, 2010

Here we go.

October 7, 2010

Tonight at 9 p.m., the defense begins.

What the fuck was that?

October 3, 2010

Well the Bears had to lose at some point. It might as well have been Sunday night against the Giants. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong in this one. Just absolutely PATHETIC all around. It’s once again a bit late for yours truly so I’ll try to make this quick. Feel free to add anything I may have missed.

Offense: We all saw this coming. Jay Cutler gets killed. You figure after the first 300 times he was hit this season, that there would be a time where he would have been knocked out with a concussion. He was sacked about 35 times in the first half and hit about another 15 times. Of course, I am exaggerating that a bit but he got hit just about everytime he dropped back. Some weren’t his fault and some were because he took a lot of time trying to look down field. However, knowing that the offensive line sucks big time, he should have known better. Now there is a good chance he is going to be out at least a couple of weeks. And even with that, where was the Martz adjustment in this game? We saw a big adjustment in the game against the Cowboys but it seemed that nothing changed in this one.

Todd Collins: This guy fucking sucks. How stupid can the Bears be to sign this guy? There was a reason why nobody else wanted him. When he got knocked the fuck out late in the game, I yelled “Thank God”. I don’t ever want to see this ass clown in the game for the Bears again.

Caleb Hanie: Now I have been on the Caleb Hanie bandwagon since he got here but he was not much better. He threw one good pass to Knox that left us fans one last shot to think they could make a game of this. Then on 4th on 18, he throws a five yard pass to the flat. What. The. Fuck. Nice going. Good luck next week. And the week after. And the week after that…

Defense: The defense actually played pretty well in this game with the exception of the two touchdown drives. Julius Peppers had a great game forcing pressure on Manning and blocking some passes. The defense also caused three turnovers which should have been enough had the offense actually scored points.

So here are the Bears still in first place at 3-1. This is the same record they had last year at this time. So if history tells you anything, there is a good chance they could tank which is quite possible. The Panthers are next. They haven’t won a game yet but I am sure the fans down there are really excited to see the Bears come to town next week.