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Too Easy: Buccaneers 21 Bears 0 in the first.

October 24, 2021

Seriously. Four drives? Two punts and two turnovers? Why am I wasting my time?

I’ll probably chime in later. I’m going to do something more productive with my afternoon.


I’m trying to figure out why the Bears can’t find players who can tackle or cover receivers.

October 18, 2021

I turned off the game after Rodgers took the Packers down the field to make it 17-7 yesterday. Why? Because I knew it was over. I checked the score later on and noticed the Bears made it interested at 17-14. But, four minutes or so later, poof. That small chance is gone and Rodgers is telling the entire Bears’ organization and fans that “I fucking own you.”

I can’t say he’s wrong. The “11th ranked defense” can’t tackle or cover anyone. It’s been like this for many years.

How can this happen? How can one professional football franchise pick so many shitty players in such a long period? I mean, I can understand a bad pick every once in a while. Even the best teams has a bust every so often. But the Bears? Every year, someone is drafted on defense and they can’t tackle or cover anyone. Out of the 250 players or so drafted along with the hundreds of others that get signed undrafted, how can this continue to happen?


Bears vs. Packers thread

October 17, 2021

I am currently not home and will not have a recap today. I will chime in later in the comment section. Feel free to add your thoughts.

Also, last night, I spotted The Yeti. Irish Yeti. Genre will be happy when he sees this picture.

Cut Mario Edwards Jr. NOW: Bears 20 Raiders 9

October 10, 2021

This is going to be short as I have things to do. I’ll chime in with comments later on tonight or tomorrow when I calm down.

It didn’t have to be this difficult. All the Bears had to do was score another touchdown at some point during the third quarter. But as it goes with them, a full 60 minutes never happens. And when it looks like they are about to pull away, a dipshit like Mario Edwards Jr. decides to make it interesting. Fuck this asshole. Thankfully, the offense did just enough getting two field goals late in the game to put it away.

Offense: Hey, Damien Williams and Khalil Herbert provided a nice one-two punch. The Bears actually ran the ball with consistency again. What a crazy concept. Run the ball and eat up the clock to keep the defense rested. Genius, I tell you! Fields made a couple of passes that nearly made me shit myself. But, he did just enough.

Defense: After that one drive seeing the Raiders march down only to get a field goal, I thought that was going to be the peak for them today. But they held down the fort. And here’s a shocker: they didn’t allow late points before halftime or the end of the game. Progress? Don’t bet on it.

Special Teams: Cairo Santos. What else can you say? He’s one of the few guys on this team that is actually doing their job. He hit two BIG field goals of 46 and 45 late in the game to seal it.

Next up are the Packers at home. Unfortunately, they tried giving the game away to the Bengals and they replied with “no, thanks.” This game next week is for first place in the division.

Wrap your head around that. Also, fuck Mario Edwards Jr.

Dear Coach Nagy, your future is right in front of you in this commercial.

October 6, 2021

Just tell us which McDonald’s you’re working at so we can avoid that one. I don’t want barbecue sauce packets with my Chicken McNuggets when I clearly asked for ranch.

“The Battle of The Basement Dwellers” came with a cost: Bears 24 Lions 14

October 3, 2021

What a horrendous fucking game. How much worse could this have been if the Bears played a better team? The Lions shot themselves in the foot several times and the Bears barely escaped this. The defense was fucking awful the entire game.

And even worse, David Montgomery is probably out for the season with a torn ACL. The Bears were FINALLY running the ball consistently and this happens. Just awful. He’s one of the few likeable players on the team.

Offense: Okay, fuck Matt Nagy. 2nd and short before halftime and a pass play that gets tipped for an interception happens. What was wrong with running the ball to get the first down? As far as Justin Fields is concerned, it’s a very bad sign when he’s already fumbled the ball several times this year for turnovers or huge losses. I have zero faith in any of these coaches to teach him to hold the ball close when on the running. And even when he’s in the pocket, any type of hit and the ball is out of his fans. This is a huge red flag.

I can’t complain about Darnell Mooney. He made some big catches today. Allen Robinson did the same.

Defense: Did I mention they were awful the entire game? They let the Lions get in the red zone three straight possessions to start the game. And thankfully, a botched snap, a turnover on downs and a fumble all happened and the Bears dodged that. If another team is doing that, those are all scoring plays. Thankfully, Lions’ head coach Dan Campbell is just as stupid as Matt Nagy.

Cover your receivers. Such an easy concept and yet, so difficult to comprehend. We saw it all day with the Bears. Blown coverages and just wandering around clueless is what this defense does. I don’t care how many times Jared Goff was sacked. The secondary for this team isn’t even qualified to work at a Taco Bell. COVER YOUR FUCKING RECEIVERS YOU WORTHLESS FUCKS.

Special Teams: Cairo Santos did his job.

Next up are the Raiders in Las Vegas. Your thoughts in the thread.