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March 29, 2012

Leave it to the Chicago Bulls to piss all over my Monday night.

March 26, 2012

Nice to see the Chicago to display their true selves by getting their ass kicked by the Denver Nuggets Monday night. I am typing this in the fourth quarter but it really doesn’t  matter. Let’s rewind to Saturday night when they played the Toronto Bums. Luol Deng saved the team by tipping the ball in right as time expired in overtime. The fact that people seem to miss is that they missed nine free throws and turned the ball over at crucial times. It’s like a broken record with this team.

I’ve been critical of this team since last year and with good reason. I said on this site last year that the Bulls won’t go anywhere because despite what their record says, they are not as good of a team as people think. For the second year in a row, they are a bad free throw shooting team and they make a lot of turnovers. As I am writing this, they have 14 in this game. THE BULLS MUST MAKE EVERY FREE THROW AND HAVE ZERO TURNOVERS OR THEY ARE THE WORSE TEAM…EVER!!!

No. They don’t have to make every free throw and never turnover the ball. I get that. The problem is, they won’t win many games when they miss nine free throws or turn the ball over 14 times a game. If they miss one or two for every 25, that’s fine. But honestly, it’s the easiest thing to do in sports. They are a much different team than, say, the Thunder who actually are a good free throw shooting team and turn the ball over less than most teams. I just cannot understand why they cannot improve these two problems after all this time. It’s PATHETIC to say the least.

This game against the Nuggets is a prime example of stupidity some of the players on the Bulls have. Omer Asik is still fucking horrible. He tried going up for a dunk with three Nuggets around him and had the ball taken right out of his hands that are made of horse shit. Also in the third quarter, Taj Gibson gets an easy rebound and as soon he passes the ball right to Watson, it goes right off his face and out of bounds. That play convinced me that this game was over.

Before anybody wants to give excuses, save yourself some time because there aren’t any excuses for this kind of play. Yes. Derrick Rose and Richard Hamilton are injured. Let it be known that the Bulls would probably still lose these games against the Blazers or the Nuggets. These are all winnable games. I fear though for these next few days. They play the Hawks on Wednesday in Atlanta where they always have problems. The Pistons come to town on Friday which probably won’t be easy seeing how they are playing now. Then, Sunday arrives. You can pretty much mark that as a loss as they face the Thunder in Oklahoma City. By the way, why can’t Luol Deng just be smart? He could have had the wrist surgery months ago and return right before the playoffs. Instead, he’s playing with a broken bone and he can’t shoot at all. Instead of resting, he continues to play 40 minutes or so a game. If the Bulls actually had a chance, they would think long term and sit him out until the playoffs. Having him play now is stupidity at it’s finest.

I am a Bulls fan but I am also realistic. For the second year in a row, I will say that the Bulls will not win the championship this year. They have too many flaws. They are not as good as people think. They may get to the conference finals. They may beat a team like the Sixers or Heat to get to the Finals. But let’s be honest. They have no chance in hell against the Thunder, Spurs or Lakers.

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March 19, 2012

My bracket: 22-10 in round one. 12-4 in round two. How’s all of your brackets looking?

The Bears actually have a general manager who knows what he is doing!

March 15, 2012

I have to say, I am impressed at what new Bears general manager Phil Emery is doing so far. I talked to the guys at Fire Ron Turner and mentioned that the difference between Emery and Angelo is quite obvious so far. Emery is making moves to win. Angelo made moves not to lose. That right there should convince actual, knowledgeable fans that Emery is a hundred times better than Jerry Angelo ever was at his job.

First, Emery traded two third-round picks for Brandon Marshall. Sure. Marshall has been a turd off the field. If he can just hold it together by staying out of trouble, this is a bold move. In fact, it still is the right move. I am not a fan of Jason Campbell being the backup but I realized he can scramble and is better than Caleb Hanie. I actually think MadCityMac is better than Caleb Hanie. Mike, is that arm still working? Josh McCown was resigned to be the third stringer. Fine by me.

Wide receiver Eric Weems was also signed from the Falcons and it seems like the Bears are trying to get offensive line help by signing Anthony Herrera from the Vikings. In addition, they are trying to sign running back Michael Bush from the Raiders. I have to say that those few moves would be pretty good although Herrera only has a few years let in him. The Bears get two wide receivers, a damn good running back and an offensive lineman all by trade/free agency. The best part is that they still have plenty of cash to get more players if they can.

So let’s look ahead to the draft even though they probably aren’t done signing/trading for more players. They still need another offensive lineman (or two) and a wide receiver on offense. With defense, they need a defensive end, possibly another tackle and a linebacker. In the secondary, a cornerback and two safeties. Make it happen, Phil.

Feel free to add your thoughts.

March Madness, Bulls beat the Heat.

March 15, 2012

It’s been a busy week for sports in Chicago as well as the sporting world in general. March Madness is under way and the Bears have been busy as free agency is underway. I had Syracuse winning it all in my bracket but made another bracket with UNC winning when their best player, Fab Melo was ruled ineligible. I’ve been busy myself and I am typing this late so I’ll try to keep it short.

The Bulls pulled one out their asses by beating the Heat Wednesday night. I was shocked to say the least. They had a 17 point lead and seemed to have had the game on their side the entire night. That was until the last quarter. I had thoughts of the last game last year when the Bulls had a 12 point lead with just over 4:00 to go when they decided to be, well, the Bulls by pissing all over it and losing in incredible fashion. Once again, the Bulls had a double digit lead (I think it was 10) with just over 4:00 to go. Dwyane Wade didn’t seem to miss a shot at all. Even then, John Lucas was shooting out of his mind and that was nice to see. Still, the Heat I believe hit three three’s in the final 1:30 to get a chance to either tie or take the lead. There is no excuse for blowing that big of a lead. I understand it’s the NBA and all, but if they are a good team like some people think they are, then a double digit lead late in the game should never be lost.

Can anybody guess what made the Bulls seal the deal? Even though the defense left the Heat make just about every basket in sight at the end, the Bulls made ALL of their free throws down the stretch. The only person to miss free throws (two) was C.J. Watson. He sucks anyway. The Heat missed three total (two from Anthony and one from Wade) and it just goes to show, that once again, free throws are important. THE BULLS MUST WIN EVERY GAME AND MAKE EVERY FREE THROW AND NOT ALLOW ANY POINTS TO THE OTHER TEAM AT ALL OR THEY ARE THE WORST TEAM…EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Cocksuckers.

I love John Lucas.

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March 8, 2012

Magic 99 Bulls 94

March 8, 2012

19/26 on free throws

5/22 on three point field goals

Kyle Korver fucking sucks.

I should have known. They barely beat a shitty Bucks team the night before. I can’t wait to see Saturday’s disaster against the Jazz.



March 5, 2012

The Bulls might have won Monday night’s game against the Pacers, but that doesn’t mean I was pissed off the entire game. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to see the Bulls outscore the Pacers by 20 in the 3rd. However, they completely crapped themselves in the other quarters and nearly blew a 22 point lead late in the game before Luol Deng and Joakim Noah came in to make sure that didn’t happen.

Here is what pissed me off the game:

1. Omer Asik – Can someone please tell me how this asshole is in the NBA? He has, by far, the worst hands ever. This turd has never been productive. Monday night, I had enough. First, he had two easy layups that could been made while being fouled. The ball seems to just fly out of his hands as he goes to the basket without even being touched. Two, he sucks at free throws (more on these later) as he went 3-6. Then late in the game, he grabs a rebound and instead of holding onto the damn ball close to him, George Hill steals it out of nowhere for a turnover. So Asik overall, is a turnover machine. He is also terrible at handling the ball and he can’t even make a damn shot unless he is completely by himself. I have no idea how this guy was even drafted. If people think this guy is any good, maybe I should go to Turkey and play basketball just like he did. I can be damn sure I’ll suck at basketball just as bad Omer Asik. Yawn.

2. Turnovers/free throws – For crying out loud, I feel like I am repeating myself. The Bulls can get away with 16 turnovers and 10 missed free throws against the Pacers and bum teams like the Bucks or Cavaliers. However, when the Heat come to town, this is a recipe for hell and why I am saying for the second year in a row, the Bulls won’t go anywhere when they do stupid shit on the court. In Monday night’s game, Kyle Korver threw at least two stupid passes in traffic and both were stolen. It helps if this team learns how to pass to people that are actually open. Then there are the free throws. Bulls win this game against bums but not against the Heat, Lakers or Thunder when they miss 10 free throws. Asik, Gibson, Noah and Rose all missed at least two in the game against the Pacers. I really wish somebody from the media would ask these players if they work on this shit in practice. It’s going to cost them. Yawn.

3. Richard Hamilton – I have to say, I was really excited that the Bulls picked up Hamilton before the season started. It seemed like he was finally healthy and not even two minutes into the game, he is out with an apparent shoulder injury. It’s one thing after another and now, the Bulls need help. Stephen Jackson from the Bucks may be available for a cheap price. Rumors of the Celtics dismantling could mean that Ray Allen gets traded. I don’t give a damn if he’s old. He can still give a team 20 points a game and he is healthy unlike Hamilton or Jackson. Other options could be Antwan Jamison and to bring out the meatball in me, Ben Gordon or John Salmons. Regardless, the Bulls need help and they need it fast.

I’m tired.