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November 27, 2011

Everytime I try to be somewhat optimistic, the worse possible thing happens. I am not going to blame this loss solely on Hanie but he had a lot to do with it. Mike Martz made some really stupid decisions and this “good” defense that everyone talks about still gave up huge plays throughout the game and it bit them back in the ass at the end. The Bears are in trouble.

Offense: Caleb Hanie was terrible throughout the game. He threw two interceptions early and it set the tone for the game. I believe it was the second drive, Hanie ran about 12 yards for a first down. Then, Tyler fucking Clutts gets called for an unsportsmanlike penalty that pushes the Bears back. Why are some of these players so fucking stupid? Then when it looked like he was getting in a groove, Mike Martz fucks everything up when the Bears had a 2nd and 1 in the red zone by having Hanie run a play that Cutler has tried to run to no success. I don’t even know what the play is called but it involves the quarterback running to one side of the field and then trying to throw it across to the other side. STOP RUNNING THAT PLAY. IT NEVER WORKS YOU STUPID FUCK. That play in my opinion decided this game. But just to make matters worse, instead of just spiking the ball, Hanie thinks he can just wait a few seconds and then throw the ball into the ground. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! It also didn’t help that the running game couldn’t really get going. Also, Johnny Knox and Matt Forte each dropped a couple passes. HANG ON TO THE FUCKING BALL.

Defense: I do not care if the Bears’ defense forced the Raiders to kick six field goals. The fact that they gave up huge plays all day that lead to those field goals are unacceptable. Then on the drive that the Raiders scored a touchdown on, Tim Jennings was beat terribly on a 47 yard reception by Lewis fucking Murphy that eventually lead to that score.

Special Teams: Robbie Gould hit two field goals. That was about it. Also, why in every fucking game is there at least one holding or illegal block in the back penalty by the Bears’ special teams?  Chris fucking Steltz was called for one today. STOP DOING THAT. You have to give credit to Raiders’ punted Shane Lechler and kicker Sebastian Janikowski. The Bears had shitty field position all day and Hester couldn’t do shit.

Here are the Bears sitting at 7-4 with the Chiefs coming up next week at home. Not counting the eventual loss against the Packers on Christmas Day, the Bears must win three out of the four games they have to make the playoffs. I no longer will be counting on that but rather, rooting for the teams that are competing for a Wild Card spot to lose. However we put it, Caleb Hanie is the only option for the Bears. Now, I don’t feel so good.

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November 23, 2011

I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families. I will have a Bears’ recap Sunday night.

Cutler out for the season.

November 20, 2011

I was going to have a recap on the game against the Chargers. I was at the game and the Bears, albeit some stupid decisions such as a fake punt or shitty cornerback coverage on Vincent Jackson, won the game. It was a costly win as numerous reports have Jay Cutler being out for the rest of the season (Unless they make the playoffs) with a broken thumb. It just goes to show how this guy plays. He throws an interception and yet, runs his ass off to stop the other player from scoring and breaks his thumb in the process. We could be meatballs and blame Johnny Knox for slipping and thus, leading to the interception.  FUCK. SHIT. WE SUCK AGAIN!

Caleb Hanie will be the man in charge to try to get the Bears to the playoffs. I must say, it’s a better option than Todd Collins. All stupid jokes aside, Hanie is in a tough position. We all love Hanie. Right now, the Bears are in firm control for the sixth playoff spot. On Thursday, we are going to have to root for the Packers to take care of the Lions so the Bears can then have the fifth spot in terms of tiebreakers. With six games to go, the Bears realistically have to go 3-3 to clinch a playoff spot.

The Raiders barely beat a shitty Vikings team. The Chiefs aren’t all that impressive and the Broncos despite the Tebow sploogefest have had to have late miraculous comebacks the last few weeks just to win games. Those are the Bears’ next three opponents. After that are the Seahawks, Packers and Vikings. Even before the Cutler injury, the Bears were going to lose the game against the Packers anyway so the Bears have five chances to win three games. It can be done.

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November 17, 2011


November 13, 2011

I do not know where to start about this game. The Bears went into this game needing to win to be in control of securing a wild card spot for the playoffs. There is still a long way to go, but the Bears did what they had to do and much more. The defense and special teams scored more points than the offense and that may sound sad knowing the Bears’ offense, but if they do that more often, they will win. They are now tied with the Lions for a playoff spot and have a chance to win a tie-breaker if things go their way in the next few weeks.

Offense: I am going to try to take it easy on the offense in the recap. I thought some of the plays were at best, questionable by Mike Martz. It was only 20-6 at halftime so the Lions still had a chance in the game. I thought the Bears should have scored more. Cutler only threw 19 passes and it wasn’t a factor but he did fumble the ball twice with one being a turnover. Matt Forte did just fine getting 64 yards on 18 rushes. Earl Bennett has proven to be the best receiver on this team as he has made some great catches that have continued drives for the offense. One scary part in the game was when Cutler was driven into the ground by classless turd, Nick Fairley. The Bears could have been fucked for the season if Cutler was injured. Seeing that replay made me cringe.

Defense: The defense kicked serious ass in this game. The play was flawless throughout the game. Stafford was picked off four times and twice, my two favorite players, Major Wright Wrong and Charles Tillman (Worthless) returned those picks for touchdowns. It’s amazing what happens when the cornerbacks and safeties actually cover the receivers. For the second game in a row, this has been the strong point of the defense. WHERE WAS THIS SHIT ALL THESE YEARS? Son of a bitch. The numbers for Calvin Johnson and Nate Burleson looked good but it was mostly in the last quarter. Julius Peppers is a man possessed. He forced a fumble on Johnson that lead to the first touchdown of the game. I thought the defensive line and linebackers played very well also. The Lions couldn’t get any consistency with the running or passing.

Special Teams: Devin Hester. I fucking love this guy. Before his touchdown return, he nearly took back the first attempt. I think he was just taken out of the game because of the score and not because of his injury but I am still praying his ankle isn’t bothering him. Robbie Gould nailed three field goals out of four attempts which is good enough this game.

Next week, the Bears play the Chargers at home. The Chargers have an offense that is pretty damn good but if the Bears can play defense like they have the last two games, they have a chance to win. The offense needs to get back in sync though to not to put so much pressure on the defense. This will be once again, a must-win game.

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November 10, 2011

I would like to congratulate the idiots of Penn State University. Those kids are now up there with the city of Vancouver in the stupid department. This time, a coach gets fired and a university riots? I am not even going to get into why the reason why Joe Paterno was fired. I thought the “Occupy Wall Street” crap was something people took to an extent but a coach getting fired? Give me a fucking break. There are more important things in this world. Talk about stupidity. Take a look at these pictures. Have a good weekend everybody.

Finding a way to win.

November 8, 2011

I don’t know where to start. All I can say is that the Bears showed for one night that they can win a game despite not playing their best. They say good teams find a way to win but I am not going to go far as saying the Bears are a good team. I need to see more. I am not trying to be the party pooper here but there are flaws on this team and they are noticeable. But it’s up to this team to play better in other parts of the game to make up for them. For the first time in a long time, Lovie Smith of all people out-coached someone else. Unbelievable.

Offense: The offensive line was the main reason why the Bears won this game. ZERO SACKS. Everyone on the line made excellent blocks for Forte to run through. The guy that stuck out the most as playing very well was Lance Louis. I know he is probably going to be benched when Carimi comes back but I am sure he will fill in when needed somewhere else. He did do a very nice job by pushing an Eagles lineman into Cutler on a drive that resulted in a roughing the passer penalty. The Bears received some very favorable calls by the refs. I said this before and I’ll say it again: It’s amazing what our quarterback can do when he has more than two seconds to throw the ball. Cutler made some mistakes by overthrowing/underthrowing a few receivers. But once again, he made the plays when they mattered the most. He scrambled around the pocket a few times and some turned into big plays. Matt Forte once again, rushed for over 100 yards. It’s now time for a coincidence that really pissed me off (Cue Irish Yeti). Jon Gruden who was a good coach but now, a terrible announcer, talked about how great Forte was and how he never fumbles the ball. What happens? He fumbles twice in one game and both times, they are turned into points for the Eagles. Fuck it though. He is still the best player on the team. PAY THE MAN!

If this game against the Eagles didn’t convince you that with the exception of the returning Early Bennett that the wide receivers are terrible, I don’t know what will. Dane Sanzenbacher is horrible. He was thrown to only once but it went right through his hands. Also, Roy Williams and Devin Hester also dropped easy passes throughout the game. I love Devin Hester but he has no business being on offense. He was also hurt on a play towards the end of the game and I pray, that he is fine. The Bears won’t go anywhere without him being out there on kickoffs and punt returns. Getting back to Bennett, he is the best option for a receiver and it showed Monday night. I really wish the Bears had another decent option. I do have to mention one thing I noticed that has been pissing me off for a while now: Wildcat. Memo to the Bears: STOP RUNNING THE FUCKING WILDCAT. THAT PLAY NEVER FUCKING WORKS. Mike Martz should be kicked in the nuts for every time he calls that play.

Defense: I am going to try to limit the criticizing of the defense since I thought they made some really great plays but they also made some bad plays. For the most part, they shut down the running game of the Eagles. There were a few plays throughout the game where DeSean Jackson was wide open for some catches. That shit really needs to stop. That kind of shit won’t and never work against teams like the Packers or Patriots. Major Wright Wrong intercepted a Vick pass that was deflected by Lance Briggs in the red zone. Phew. I thought both Briggs and Urlacher played their best game of the season. I said before the game that if they don’t get pressure, it would be a long night. They did just enough to give the offense a chance to win this game and they succeeded. The line did indeed, played well with the likes of Israel Idonije, Julius Peppers and Henry Melton.

Special Teams: Robbie Gould nailed three field goals and it proved to be huge because the offense still had some trouble trying to put the game away late. One thing that pissed me off was when the Eagles had the fake punt going and Corey Graham along with someone else didn’t cover the receivers. The Bears are very lucky that the punter couldn’t throw worth a damn on that play or the result of this game could have been different.

Next week, the Bears play the Lions to see who has a chance to get the first wild card spot. The Bears right now, are in the driver’s seat for the last spot but I still say that this is a must-win despite having tie-breakers over several teams below them. Get it done, boys.

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November 3, 2011

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