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Seriously, Hub Arkush?

January 29, 2021

Hub Arkush of football journalism fame in Chicago the last 30 years or so decided to write an article this week about the possibility of the Bears trading for DeShaun Watson.

He put this in the article: “But the Jay Cutler trade already proved it’s not always as simple as it often appears” and that “pulling off a trade for a star quarterback doesn’t guarantee success.”

First off, Hub, this is apples to oranges in comparison. In no way whatsoever should Jay Cutler be mentioned in the same breath as DeShaun Watson. Granted, I was ecstatic when the Bears pulled off that trade back in 2009. Many were. And I’m not going to dive into that cesspool again. I’ll just say it was the best the Bears could do at that time. However, Cutler was all “potential.” DeShaun Watson is a once-in-a-lifetime quarterback. Really, he is. Cutler wasn’t a star. Watson is. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Yes, Hub basically wrote that the Bears should look into trading for him. But he didn’t seem like he wanted the Bears to get him. And if that’s the case, he’s dumber than I thought. And I may have been one of the few that respected and enjoyed his thoughts on the Bears many years ago. I just feel he is very wrong these days on a lot of things. Our good friend of this site, Chucky, has expressed his ANGER for Hub.

Absolutely, the Bears should do everything they can to try to get Watson. Pace knows his job is on the line and getting Watson would buy him a few more years. Make no mistake about it, this team is still in shambles. Having a legit, franchise quarterback would help suppress those flaws.

Pace fucked up royally four years ago. And it’s going to cost a fortune to correct it. Might as well start with this trade.

Are the Cubs selling out?

January 24, 2021

If they trade Bryant AND Hendricks, I’ll have to think thrice about Jed Hoyer, and the Cubs ownership. Are they trying to compete with the Bears?

Trading Hendricks makes no sense…he’s not a velocity pitcher, his ‘age’ should not be a factor. And they’ve traded Darvish already. What’s next?

Respect. Rest in paradise, Hammerin’ Hank.

January 22, 2021

The greatest baseball player of all time. And still, the REAL home run leader.

Let’s go to Halas Hall for an update.

January 18, 2021

It would be nice if the Bears gave us something to be excited about. Maybe a trade for DeShaun Watson? With the Blackhawks and Bulls being irrelevant these days, it’s going to be a long several months.

Anyone listen to the Bears press conference today? George is totally satisfied with lying (and losing)!

January 13, 2021

George McCaskey: “Ted Phillips doesn’t meddle in football decisions.”

Five minutes later.

“As far as contract extensions are concerned, I leave that to Ted.”

Also, George McCaskey talks to other owners on advice he can get on making decisions.

That’s like me in my field of work going to my competitor for advice on how to run a better business. Like, the other competitors are going to help him? Fuck no. I was texting loyal reader, Genrebuster, about this. He said the same thing I was thinking: “You’re doing great. Don’t change.” is essentially what he knows other owners are saying.

Fuck all of this!

God is giving the middle finger to us: Saints 21 Bears 3

January 10, 2021

I’m getting a head start on this recap with the game still going on. What a fucking horseshit of a day. The defense somehow made it competitive for the first half. But as usual, it never holds up for four full quarters. Fuck Javon Wims (I’ve said that before). Fuck Cole Kmet. Fuck Anthony Miller. Just really, fuck everyone. Fuck them all from top to bottom.

Seriously, this entire franchise needs to be cleaned out. Give this entire team a laxative and shit it all out. Start fresh. Bring in people who know how to scout and develop talent. Bring in players on defense who can actually cover receivers and dare I say, tackle. Bring in players who are well-disciplined and won’t get kicked out of games in the playoffs. Bring in players who won’t take stupid penalties that hurts the team. Bring in a coach who isn’t a fucking idiot.

That starts with George McCaskey selling the team. The new owner will take over and completely clean house. From management all the way down to ushers that take the tickets from the fans. Get rid of the janitors as well because they aren’t really doing their job of getting rid of the stench that is at Halas Hall.

I don’t see any of this happening. I really don’t. But it’s the only way things change. I’m sick and tired of this shit.

GameDay Thread: Bears vs. Saints

January 10, 2021

It’s the kind of day we don’t see often in our lives: The Bears having a playoff game.

Playoff football is back in Chicago.

January 6, 2021

For how long is yet to be determined. Certainly, none of us are optimistic. The Bears take on the Saints this Sunday. As we all have witnessed, the Bears haven’t really done well against them over the years. Sure, there was the playoff game in 2007 when the Bears beat them to get to the Super Bowl. Since? I think the Bears have only won one game and that was a regular season matchup the very next season. As you can see, no one is expecting the Bears to win this game.

Well, anything is possible. It’s football. “Any given Sunday.” Is that correct? The Bears could shock the entire football world and beat the Saints. Or, the status quo of being humiliated for everyone to see is also a possibility. I want the Bears to win. We all should. Four wins from being Super Bowl Champions. Easier said than done. I’ve waited about 30 years for this. I’m getting tired of waiting.

What do the Bears need to do? We all know what they can do to have a chance. But the bald-headed dipshit has refused to do it. That’s running the ball on 4th-and-1 instead of passing it. He didn’t do it this past Sunday and it cost the Bears a chance to win the game. And Chuck Pagano? He’s just as much of a fraud as the bald-headed dipshit. Has anyone in the media asked Pagano why he doesn’t tell the secondary to cover their receivers instead of wandering around? If they have asked that, I definitely didn’t hear about it. I’d ask him everyday if the cornerbacks and safeties can cover wide receivers instead of letting them run down the field with nobody else in sight.

Basically what I’m saying is, the Bears win more games if they stop putting the players in positions to fail. The bald-headed dipshit needs to actually run the ball more and stop doing pass plays on 4th-and-inches. Chuck Pagano needs to actually tell these cornerbacks and safeties to cover their receivers. If they are simply failing to do so, then bench those idiots for someone else who will. That’s why having backups are important. And if they don’t have any backups, sign some.

It’s just frustrating. We’ve seen these issues every year without any kind of resolution. It would be really nice if, for once, this team was actually great start-to-finish. Stop blowing leads. Stop giving up 95 yard drives late in games that end up being losses after leading by double digits. Stop letting linebackers chase after speedy wide receivers down the field (that end up being touchdowns). Why is this so difficult? It’s not often we see the Bears in the playoffs. Can they actually take advantage of this opportunity?

For once in my lifetime, please do all of this while winning the Super Bowl.

Sink or swim: Packers 35 Bears 16

January 3, 2021

What a bunch of fucking hacks the Bears are. While I’m glad they’re in the playoffs, it doesn’t discredit this PATHETIC performance today. The defense was horseshit. And if it wasn’t for a dropped touchdown pass by Marques Valdez-Scantling to begin the third, the Bears probably lose by 30 instead of 19. This defense has just been garbage all season.

With the Bears up 7-0, Duke Shelley thought it would be okay to hold a receiver (Davonte Adams?). It was fourth down and the pass by Rodgers was ten yards over the head to begin with. THE BALL WAS TEN YARDS OVER THE RECEIVER’S HEAD TO BEGIN WITH. Fuck. Why isn’t Chuck Pagano being held accountable for this tire fire? FUCK EVERYONE ON DEFENSE. All of them are responsible for being worthless against actual teams.

And this offense? Well, it was going okay, at best. That was until the glorious 4th-and-1 play in the fourth. The smart idea would be to give the ball to David Montgomery up the middle to extend the drive. Instead? Bill Lazor or even the bald-headed dipshit calls a pass play? And the Packers were all over it. Turnover on downs and the Packers promptly drive down the field with ease for a touchdown. And to add salt to the wound, Trubisky fulfilled his obligation of throwing one interception a game. The Packers again, drove down the field with ease for a touchdown.

Thanks to the Rams, the Bears are in the playoffs. This clown show goes on the road to play the Saints. Did I mention Chuck Pagano is a fucking idiot?

GameDay Thread: Bears vs. Packers

January 3, 2021

We all know what needs to be done today. Let’s see if the Bears (or Rams) can do it.