Playoff football is back in Chicago.


For how long is yet to be determined. Certainly, none of us are optimistic. The Bears take on the Saints this Sunday. As we all have witnessed, the Bears haven’t really done well against them over the years. Sure, there was the playoff game in 2007 when the Bears beat them to get to the Super Bowl. Since? I think the Bears have only won one game and that was a regular season matchup the very next season. As you can see, no one is expecting the Bears to win this game.

Well, anything is possible. It’s football. “Any given Sunday.” Is that correct? The Bears could shock the entire football world and beat the Saints. Or, the status quo of being humiliated for everyone to see is also a possibility. I want the Bears to win. We all should. Four wins from being Super Bowl Champions. Easier said than done. I’ve waited about 30 years for this. I’m getting tired of waiting.

What do the Bears need to do? We all know what they can do to have a chance. But the bald-headed dipshit has refused to do it. That’s running the ball on 4th-and-1 instead of passing it. He didn’t do it this past Sunday and it cost the Bears a chance to win the game. And Chuck Pagano? He’s just as much of a fraud as the bald-headed dipshit. Has anyone in the media asked Pagano why he doesn’t tell the secondary to cover their receivers instead of wandering around? If they have asked that, I definitely didn’t hear about it. I’d ask him everyday if the cornerbacks and safeties can cover wide receivers instead of letting them run down the field with nobody else in sight.

Basically what I’m saying is, the Bears win more games if they stop putting the players in positions to fail. The bald-headed dipshit needs to actually run the ball more and stop doing pass plays on 4th-and-inches. Chuck Pagano needs to actually tell these cornerbacks and safeties to cover their receivers. If they are simply failing to do so, then bench those idiots for someone else who will. That’s why having backups are important. And if they don’t have any backups, sign some.

It’s just frustrating. We’ve seen these issues every year without any kind of resolution. It would be really nice if, for once, this team was actually great start-to-finish. Stop blowing leads. Stop giving up 95 yard drives late in games that end up being losses after leading by double digits. Stop letting linebackers chase after speedy wide receivers down the field (that end up being touchdowns). Why is this so difficult? It’s not often we see the Bears in the playoffs. Can they actually take advantage of this opportunity?

For once in my lifetime, please do all of this while winning the Super Bowl.

5 Responses to “Playoff football is back in Chicago.”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    “Four wins from being Super Bowl Champions. Easier said than done.” Road wins at N’Awlins, Green Bay, Seattle/Rams and most likely the Chiefs? With this squad?

    Can Chuck Pagano get both Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith to establish an actual pash rush that gets to Drew Brees? Can Pagano execute a game plan that makes his corners and safeties shut down the Saints’ WRs without setting an NFL single-game record for most pass interference penalty yards?

    Can Nagy and Bill Lazor put the offensive line in a position where they can consistently run-block, so David Montgomery can grind out a hundred or so years and maybe a TD or two? Can somebody at least try to put Trubisky in a West Coast defense that can get hm mobile and throw some good passes downfield? And preferably a few more TDs instead of end zone INTs?

    Can everybody pretend that they’re still not safe and auditioning for their NFL careers next season?

  2. chucky Says:

    dvx…….no, no, no, no, and no.

  3. chucky Says:

    Hey Fro, did you check out the Score’s staff predictions for the Bears game? Mike FUCKING Mulligan, the insufferable, arrogant, overrated blowhole, is actually saying the Bears are gonna win this game! 26-23 is his prediction. How in the FUCK does this goddamn imbecile even have a job sweeping the floor? Everybody who has watched even just one game of football is saying their going to lose, some saying they’ll lose big. Mulligan is a fucking hack. Fuck this guy!

  4. Fro Dog Says:


    I may have heard the predictions, but don’t remember. And hey, if Mulligan is right about the Bears winning, more power to him. I don’t hate the guy. I will say David Haugh (Huh?) is the worst. To this day, it still pisses me off that The Score got rid of Brian Hanley in favor of Mr. Huh?.

    The Score has actually sucked big time with hosts the last several years. After Terry Boers left, Dan Bernstein became this cuck who’s all “PC.” It’s fucking ridiculous.

    The Score peaked about ten years ago. Now, it’s a shitshow. People like David Huh? and many who are with Parkins in the afternoon are just terrible.

  5. chucky Says:

    I know what you mean about the Score Fro. I can’t tell how much I miss Boers. Something happened after he left. The direction they took was stupid and insane. I have no fucking idea why they brought back Dan McNeil. The man is, and always has been, a complete pig. And they bended to his desire for the afternoon slot. Quite honestly, I hope that fat fuck starves to death. You’re right about Bernstein, he’s a shell of his former self. Haugh absolutely blows, he’s never been worth a flying fuck. Mulligan is an obnoxious, overbearing, opinionated hack who is at least as dumb as Haugh. Parkins, fuck Parkins, never liked him. Heard him a couple of times, thought he sucked ass. You already know how much I hate Arkush. The one guy who has actual talent, Steve Rosenbloom, is relegated to Saturday mornings and holidays. Mitch Rosen is the radio industries answer to Ryan Pace, meaning he’s a man who has no eye for actual talent.


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