This year just won’t end.

September 24, 2020 by

It was a really bad day in sports and in Chicago. I woke up and went to my usual wrestling site to get news and find out about Road Warrior Animal leaving this world too early. He wrestled in Chicago quite a bit along with his tag team partner, Hawk. After that, as it goes most mornings when getting ready for work, I put The Score on. They’re talking about Gayle Sayers and I immediately assumed the worst. Then, a few moments later, they announce again that Gayle has also left this place.

I never saw Gayle Sayers play. But seeing those highlights all these years, holy crap. If it weren’t for injuries, who knows what happens. My earliest memories hearing about him was the Halloween Night game when I was eight years old. Him and Butkus were having their jerseys retired that night as the Bears were absolutely humiliated by the Packers. And as we all know, those years were VERY BAD when it came to playing them. I looked it up and remembered the Bears lost 33-6. Ouch.

With all the stories about Sayers, nobody said a bad thing about him. I believe there were stories that his health wasn’t great the last few years. But it’s so unfortunate. I remember being a teenager when Walter Payton was gone. Everyone was just sick to their stomachs.

With Road Warrior Animal, I can’t say how many times I watched the 1998 Royal Rumble on VHS 20 years ago to see him and Hawk take on The New Age Outlaws. It’s too bad I wasn’t old enough to see these guys in their prime. This is the first time I’m showing anyone this. But I met Animal at C2E2 at McCormick Place on the last day of February this year. This was about two weeks before everything was shutting down in our world. He was one of the coolest dudes and let me wear his shoulder pads while taking a picture with him. I just can’t believe it.

2020 fucking sucks. And we need to get to 2021. Quickly.

I fucking hate this team: Bears 17 Giants 13

September 20, 2020 by

What more can you say? A 17-point lead and it’s damn near gone one week after these guys came back down 17. Fuck. A deflection for an interception changed this entire game in the second half and left me nearly throwing my TV out the door. This is the worst 2-0 team I’ve ever seen and trust me, the 2013 Bears went 3-0. And we all know how fooled I was back then. At least they gave me a prayer. I already know how shitty this year’s team is.

Offense: Fucking spectacular in the first half. They were running the ball and timely throws. I was wondering who took away Matt Nagy’s stupid pills. But no worries. He found them at halftime because the offense just completely shit itself thanks to Nagy’s shitty play-calling. Instead of running the ball in the third, Nagy has Trubisky throwing all over the place. That interception I mentioned above with the Bears up 17-0 changed the game. The Giants get a field goal and start feeling pretty damn good.

Then, another interception on an another unnecessary throw. My mind is so shot at this point, I don’t remember much else other than one fucking play in the fourth quarter that pissed me off. 3rd and 1? What happens? Pass? Matt Nagy, you are a fucking idiot. Then, the last offensive drive, they fail to run more. Trubisky did a great thing by staying inbounds on the scramble. But a missed field goal by Cairo Santos gave the Giants a shot.

I do have to give credit to the only three players on offense who were worth a damn today. That would be David Montgomery, Darnell Mooney (great catch) and Allen Robinson.

Last thing on the offense: If Cordarelle Patterson is called for a run play one more time, I’m going to go to Chicago and kick that bald bastard Nagy right in the nuts. Fuck.

Defense: Great in the first half. Spectacular in fact. But wow, the second half was awful. What “great” defense gives up a 95-yard touchdown drive in less than five minutes? Is it fatigue? Is it the stench of past teams where it just follows along as new players come in? This shit has been going on since Lovie Smith was here. It’s a fucking culture that needs to change. I’m tired of this shit. PUT ONE FULL GAME TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR LIVES YOU FUCKING FUCKS.

Special teams: Cordarelle Patterson needs to stop running the ball five yards out of the end zone. He isn’t Devin Hester. And Cairo Santos? Fuck. I don’t even know what to say about this guy. That missed field goal was awful. Not sure if the wind had a say. But Eddy Pinero needs to get back as soon as possible and that’s saying something.

Next up are the Falcons. I’m off to call the cardiologist.

And now, a Cubs no-hitter.

September 13, 2020 by

Alec Mills pitched a no-hitter today. And, Baez stole home. And, the Bears came from behind to beat the Lions. Glorious!

2nd one at Miller Park…Zambrano pitched one in 2008 against the Astros.

That’s all, my frendts…I’m going for a walk in the woods. Carry on!

Here’s your fucking recap: The Bears are down 20-6 in the 3rd.

September 13, 2020 by

Offense: Matt Nagy is an idiot.

Defense: These fucking assholes can’t stop a team when it matters the most. Give up a touchdown right before halftime. And at the start of the 3rd? The Lions march right down for another one. The defense has yet to sack Stafford. In fact, the entire defense doesn’t have any sacks if you catch my drift.

I’m just fucking done. I’m already exhausted from this team. They aren’t coming back to win this game.

The Bears begin Sunday and I’ve barely paid any attention.

September 10, 2020 by

Well, it may take me a bit to figure things out. I haven’t looked at the roster much. But I am certain I am ready for another year of shitty play-calling, blown leads, missed field goals, injuries and coaches lying about injuries. It’s just unfortunate no one will be in the stands to boo the piss out of this franchise. But like the last 35 years, I don’t think that’s worked. So hey, you never know?

The Bears are on the road against the Lions. I already hear there are injuries to “key” players. But again, does this really matter? It’s routine for the Bears to have this issue. Lack of depth is also an issue since the supposed general manager of this team doesn’t know how to draft players.

I said in May that the Bears will go 5-11. I don’t see myself shifting that prediction as I feel that’s a very accurate guess. They’ll win a game that no one expects them to. They’ll lose a few games (at least) that they could have easily won. Unfortunately, a shitty head coach is the reason why this will be the case (as it’s been the last 35 years).

Your thoughts are welcome. As always, there will be a recap after Sunday’s game.

Another ex-Cub is gone.

September 6, 2020 by

Lou Brock has left the building.

Worst trade in MLB history? You be the judge.

Countdown to Opening Day: 24 Days – The trade of Lou Brock

Kimbrel strikes – err, I mean WALKS – again!

August 30, 2020 by

Your comments welcomed…IF anybody even cares.

Does it feel like football season?

August 22, 2020 by

If anything, the NFL should just cancel the Bears. I don’t even want to waste my energy writing about that fucking team at this fucking moment.

If anything, you can just read any article I’ve written about the Bears (along with the comments in them) since the inception of this website 12 years ago. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

The Blackhawks are down 3-0. Kenny Albert is calling Game 4 to make sure the series ends.

August 16, 2020 by

I really had faith the Blackhawks could shock the hockey world and win the Stanley Cup this year. I really did. Damn, this has sucked.

I was ecstatic that they upset the Oilers. I truly felt they were on to bigger and better things.

Then came the Vegas Golden Knights. I have hated this team since they started. I won’t say they replaced the Red Wings at the top of teams I can’t stand. But they are certainly giving them a run for their money. The Blackhawks just can’t catch a break. They are hitting goal posts. Corey Crawford is letting in soft goals at times and when he doesn’t, his teammates in front of him are having defensive breakdowns.

Games 2 and 3 were close. Real close. But they haven’t been able to get it done.

No other excuses this time around. The Kiss of Death To Chicago Sports, Kenny Albert, calls Game 2 of the qualifying series and that’s the only game the Blackhawks lost there. But in this series, he didn’t call the first three games. Now, he’s in a position to call the last game of the season for the Blackhawks. Down 3-0, a miracle needs to happen. They need to win a game with that dweeb calling it.

Can the Blackhawks shock us once again by doing this and then, pull off a comeback for the ages?

For the love of God, please let it happen.

Cubs are playing like it really matters…but will it?

August 12, 2020 by

So, the Cubs are 12-3, and off to their best start since 1970.

They look great. It seems like David Ross is really connecting with the players, and taking care of business.

Normally I’d be checking the ball scores regularly, but I’m finding it hard to engage…and expecting the season to “end” before it’s completed.

Thoughts, anybody?