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The injuries are piling up.

September 29, 2022
  • CB Jaylon Johnson (quad)
  • RB David Montgomery (ankle)
  • LB Matt Adams (hamstring)
  • S Dane Cruikshank (hamstring)

The Bears seem to have this issue more than other teams every year. Can something be done? Better trainers or telling the players to be in better shape? I am not too sure.

We all have a reason (or several) to not be optimistic when it comes to this team. I am not going to defend the coaching staff necessarily. But I would think they are a bit more honest than the last several regimes. It’s only three games in, however.

In addition to the names above, limited in practice were Roquan Smith, Velus Jones and tight end Ryan Griffin.

The Bears can beat the Giants this Sunday. But the reason would be similar to the previous game against the Texans in terms of who will fuck it up last.

Good Lord | Bears 23 Texans 20

September 25, 2022

Was it supposed to be this difficult? I don’t believe so. But there the Bears were; shooting themselves in the foot.

In a battle of the two worst teams in the league, the Bears proved they are neck-and-neck with the Texans. It all came down to who would fuck it up last. Roquan Smith made sure the Texans would be the ones to do that.

Matt Eberflus | This fucking idiot. The Bears had a first down with 40 seconds to go in the second quarter with all three timeouts. The team is down a point and they are kicking the ball off to to start the second half. And NOTHING. Just waste the clock out. Why? Certainly, no logical reason would be given behind that. It was just unbelievable. The Bears have a history of coaches who like to wave the white flag when a chance to succeed is presented.

Justin Fields | This guy is just bad. Two interceptions at very crucial times (isn’t ever time crucial?). His only strength is being able to scramble outside of the pocket for a first down. He can’t throw. He can’t stay in the pocket. He has zero awareness and he can’t hold onto the ball. But unfortunately, we are stuck with him until next year when the Bears will draft their next quarterback bust.

Khalil Herbert | I’ve finally been getting my wish of a team that would run the ball much more. With David Montgomery being hurt and probably gone for a while, Herbert was absolutely amazing. 20 rushes for 157 yards. More of this, please.

Defense | Don’t get fooled by the fourth quarter “success.” They were really bad in the first half and basically let the Texans run the ball with ease. And of course, passes for big gains on several occasions. First drive in the second half? The Texans once again drive down at will and since they suck just as much as the Bears, only a field goal came out of it.

Cairo Santos | He had a rough first game of the season. But as we can see, the weather was a factor. Today, he’s the reason why they won this game. Three field goals including the game-winner.

The Bears head to New Jersey next week to take on the Giants.

Your thoughts on this game and anything else going forward are welcome.

Are you fucking serious? Your Nathan Peterman jersey is in stock!

September 21, 2022

Despite my anger for this sad excuse for an NFL team, I really wanted to get a new jersey since it’s been forever. The only one I own Urlacher’s and not only was that over ten years when I bought it, it was way too big for me and unable to return it.

On the NFL Shop website, I spent time trying to figure out which one I wanted. Since none of the current players are worth a damn, I had three to choose from: Gale Sayers, Watler Payton and the wonderful custom one where you can put any name on it. I was contemplating putting my own name and number on it like I did with a Bulls’ jersey right after I got out of college.

Ultimately, I went to with a vintage Mitchell & Ness Gale Sayers.

But during that search, I noticed something insane: A Nathan Peterman jersey. Yep. The third string quarterback (who is currently on the practice squad) has his own jersey for sale.

We know the Bears aren’t cheap. They definitely spend money. They just don’t spend it wisely. And with this, they literally released a Nathan Peterman jersey. I know these are pre-made because there are still Khalil Mack and Nick Foles’ jerseys for very cheap. And good ol’ Peterman is sold for much more.

What a waste of money. How is the statistically worst quarterback of the last decade even on an NFL team and even more puzzling, how he is getting his own jersey?

Only the Bears.

Rotten | Packers 27 Sad Excuse For An NFL Team 10

September 19, 2022

4th and goal at the half-yard line. Seriously. Just a half yard. It shouldn’t matter if it’s first down or fourth down.

QUARTERBACK SNEAK. Really. Just do it. Some of you have seen all the recaps over the years of games. The Bears never do it and it’s another reason why they lose games. Instead, we see a shotgun snap?

This is the Chicago Bears. Logic doesn’t apply to them. They do it their way and it shows.

Fuck Luke Betsy. Fuck Matt EberLOSE for doubling down in the press conference on that call. And fuck the entire defense for still not knowing how to cover receivers. It’s only been going on for about 30 years.

I felt a *bit* optimistic before the game started. A *bit*. However, it was another three and a half hour drive back home in the dark. I don’t know if you can blame me for this next part. But every game I have been to since 2018 both home and on the road, the Bears have lost in humiliating fashion. Last night, I was praying that a blind squirrel would find a nut. Nope.

Who wants to bet money that Lovie Smith of all people, comes to Chicago with the Texans to beat the Bears this coming Sunday?

Since I forgot to say this last week, Trevor Semen sucks. And to make up for it, I’ll say it again: Trevor Semen sucks.

And Ryan Poles sucks for signing him. Fuck that guy.

Open thread

September 16, 2022

Can the Bears pull off another shocker this Sunday night when they go to Green Bay? Or will it be back to the same old shit?

Sloppy | Bears 19 49ers 10

September 11, 2022

Raise your hand if you thought the Bears were going to win today. Maybe all but who are currently raising your hands are lying.

Let’s be honest: The Bears should have been down 21-0 at halftime. The 49ers were a victim of the weather and had some turnovers that prevented this game from being over early. BUT, the Bears found a way to make the 49ers pay for their bad decisions. I actually felt they were playing like the Bears were all these years by constantly shooting themselves in the foot. They had numerous chances to put the game away early and didn’t.

The first drive of the game, the Bears go three and out. It set the tone for the entire half. They couldn’t get anything going on offense. Then again, the second half arrives and they finally get going. Some defensive breakdowns by the 49ers along with their bad penalties got the team going.

Message to Eddie Jackson: So nice of you to show up after a two-year vacation.

Cairo Santos missed two extra points in the fourth quarter. I was surprised as anyone. At the same time, the field conditions were garbage from all the rain. So I guess he gets a pass for today. In addition, did anyone else know that it’s illegal to dry a spot in the field with a towel? I didn’t think Santos would have made that field goal anyway. But damn.

That’s it for today. I am pretty exhausted after a long weekend. The Packers are up next on Sunday Night Football in Lambeau Field.

Final thoughts heading into the season opener.

September 7, 2022

As we get ready for Sunday, we all should prepare for the absolute worst with our beloved Bears.

On the bright side, there is new grass in the stadium that’s supposed to more durable for the players. I think I’ve heard that before.

On the dark side, the Bears are trying to distract everyone from an impending horrible season by having plans to build a stadium in an area where logistics are awful for one. Seriously. Arlington Heights is hell for traffic on a random Tuesday afternoon. What makes them think that they can just build an NFL stadium there? Just another glorious idea from the man in charge. One tiny expressway leads to Arlington Heights. Not several like Lake Shore Drive.

Now, back to why I called:

The offensive line seems to still be in shambles. I don’t think this new offensive coordinator knows that running the ball is good. With defense, it’s nothing but question marks. Is the secondary going to be any better? Are the front four going to get pressure on the quarterback? My guess to all of these questions is “no.”

Can the Bears win this opener? Possibly. They could catch the 49ers on a rough day seeing as they seem to have their own problems lately. Any team with high expectations could be caught off-guard during a season opener as history has shown us.

There will be a recap after the game. Feel free to have your thoughts in this thread.

Why wait until the season is over? Go home now, you worthless turd.

September 2, 2022

In the picture above, George is plugging his nose. Maybe Ted farted and he thought it was funny. Or maybe, he smells shit and just can’t figure out where it’s coming from.

At the end of this season, the smell will still be there. But it won’t be as bad. That’s because we all got a surprise announcement this holiday weekend that Ted Phillips will mercifully be retiring.

Of course, I don’t understand why he start now. But regardless, the man who has ruined this team for the last quarter century will finally be taking a hike.

Good riddance.