Final thoughts heading into the season opener.


As we get ready for Sunday, we all should prepare for the absolute worst with our beloved Bears.

On the bright side, there is new grass in the stadium that’s supposed to more durable for the players. I think I’ve heard that before.

On the dark side, the Bears are trying to distract everyone from an impending horrible season by having plans to build a stadium in an area where logistics are awful for one. Seriously. Arlington Heights is hell for traffic on a random Tuesday afternoon. What makes them think that they can just build an NFL stadium there? Just another glorious idea from the man in charge. One tiny expressway leads to Arlington Heights. Not several like Lake Shore Drive.

Now, back to why I called:

The offensive line seems to still be in shambles. I don’t think this new offensive coordinator knows that running the ball is good. With defense, it’s nothing but question marks. Is the secondary going to be any better? Are the front four going to get pressure on the quarterback? My guess to all of these questions is “no.”

Can the Bears win this opener? Possibly. They could catch the 49ers on a rough day seeing as they seem to have their own problems lately. Any team with high expectations could be caught off-guard during a season opener as history has shown us.

There will be a recap after the game. Feel free to have your thoughts in this thread.


9 Responses to “Final thoughts heading into the season opener.”

  1. John Says:

    From what I hear, Soldier Field’s logistics are an absolute hell in of itself. There’s no parking and it’s far from all of the metro stops. That, coupled with the innate problems of Soldier Field being the smallest NFL stadium in the country and the fact that the Bears don’t own it or the areas surrounding it, means they’re moving.

    I guess we’ll see how good Matt Eberflus is and how much Justin Fields might have developed in the off-season. In 2018, in Nagy’s first year and Trubisky’s second year they did reasonably well. Too bad we haven’t seen anything of such since then.

    Go Bears!

    Just because they can’t win 59-0 or something does not mean they’re a bad team.

  2. chucky Says:

    This stadium deal is complete bullshit. I don’t know if it’s distraction from a bad upcoming season, or just misplaced priorities, but in either case, this whole thing just fucking sucks goat shaft.

    It’s supposed to rain Sunday, which means that the field will be a disaster by halftime. I don’t give a goddamn what the grounds crew say. You said it yourself Fro, we’ve heard this song and dance before…….

    I think the Bears will using the storyline of “they’re rebuilding” to mask shitty players, shitty coaching, and shitty front office management. And how fucking many times had we heard this shit before?

    The Bears are 7-point dogs, last time I heard. They will not win this game. It’s that simple. It’ll take an act of god for that to happen, and since I’m an atheist, I won’t be holding my breathe.

    The only hope for any entertainment we can hope for will rest in the post-game show, where we can expect OB to completely lose his shit on air. I do worry about his health. I don’t want him to stroke out on air, but it might just happen this year.

    John, I must respectfully say you might be too optimistic. The Bears are a lousy organization, and it starts at the very top. The McCaskey Crime Family has done everything in their power to undermine any chance for success. This bullshit won’t end until this team is sold to owners who know what the fuck they’re done. I’m not trying to be a dick, but I have followed this team since the early 80’s. I think I have a good faith basis for say this. This team has been the drizzling shits since they fired Ditka. Even in 2006, when they made it to Super Bowl 41. No, I’m not saying Ditka is the answer. What I am saying is that every head they hired since his firing has been a never-ending parade of shitshow managers. I don’t see it ending anytime soon.

  3. Mark Johnson Says:

    Bears 31 49ers 10. I think this month’s fruit of the month club shipment was injected with heroin. Earlier today I dreamt that the queen was dead.

  4. John Says:

    Yeah, I am a bit too optimistic. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

  5. chucky Says:

    You’ve got those scores reversed Mark. Bears lose 28-10. This team sucks. And the queen did die. Must not have been heroin after all.

  6. Mark Johnson Says:

    Chucky, I’m giving them one optimistic week. Show me…sell me that all the change was worth it. Then back to fruit from the cartels in Mexico.
    …She is…FUUUCCCKKKK!!! She owes me money!

  7. dvxprime Says:

    Hello, gents…it’s been awhile.

    I knew this team was DOOMED when not only was Teddy-bear Phillips retained, but along with him being part of the new GM/new HC search, the NFL stuck the Bears…with a diversity coordinator. Yet another person (black woman) who knows jack-shit about NFL Football.

    Rookie GM, and rookie HC. Joy.

    No Bears on TV, and no I’m not going to pay the cable company for NFL Sunday ticket. No real incentive to head down to Buffalo Wild Wings or any other sports bar to waste money on food and drink just to watch this shitshow.

    And I apologize to Fro Dog, who gave me tips on how to livestream NFL games for free…I have gotten to lazy.

    No live Bears…but that’s what I have y’all for.

    Can’t wait for OB and Dan to put this team on blast after the game.

  8. chucky Says:

    DVX……did you catch the pre-game with OB and Hampton? I think they were smoking something illegal because they were waaaaaay too optimistic about this game. They actually thought the Bears have a chance to win and seemed fairly confident about it. The only thing that’s kept them within reach in the first half has been the weather, which is also the most exciting thing about this game so far. Speaking of which, did you guys see the new turf being laid down earlier this week. They claim that this turf would hold up better than the old shit. I don’t know, but it looked like it was still getting torn up from the players cleats, and the drainage looks like it’s non-existent. Water is splashing up with every step the players are taking. I’m not convinced that this turf is any better than the last shit that was on the field.

  9. chucky Says:

    Well, this isn’t the first time it’s happened, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but I was wrong. This is not the game I expected to see. The first half was the Bears that we’ve seen for years, a team that sucks ass. Then something happened that hasn’t happened in a loooooong ass time. HALFTIME ADJUSTMENTS!!!! They actually looked competent. I don’t even know what to say about this. I have been so accustomed to Matt Nagy and his stubborn fucking bullshit that I couldn’t wrap my head around was happening. All I can say is how refreshing it was to see.

    There are things to be concerned about, however. Namely, Cairo Santos. What the fuck happened to him? He missed two out three extra points. This guy is supposed to be automatic. I hope this isn’t a trend.


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