Why wait until the season is over? Go home now, you worthless turd.


In the picture above, George is plugging his nose. Maybe Ted farted and he thought it was funny. Or maybe, he smells shit and just can’t figure out where it’s coming from.

At the end of this season, the smell will still be there. But it won’t be as bad. That’s because we all got a surprise announcement this holiday weekend that Ted Phillips will mercifully be retiring.

Of course, I don’t understand why he start now. But regardless, the man who has ruined this team for the last quarter century will finally be taking a hike.

Good riddance.

9 Responses to “Why wait until the season is over? Go home now, you worthless turd.”

  1. Skip Says:

    I’ll believe it when it happens and even if it does George will still be there to F things up !!

  2. chucky Says:

    All I can say is…….A.M.F.


  3. Mark Johnson Says:

    He is just sore because you took his name off of this site. Ryan Poles is still an amateur fuck-up and Ted has put in many quality fuck-up years.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    I would fight every demon in hell to hire Peyton Manning as the Bears’ next team president/CEO. Man knows everything about football, and would get him back working in the NFL and off those stupid ass commercials.

  5. Mark Johnson Says:

    Well…all of my goals from last year are finally accomplished. New coaching staff, new General Manager, Soup Campbell canned, Ted Philips counting down to a short wave goodbye and Hub Arkush gone although more God then WSCR or the Bears deciding his time is done.


    Big Homer Simpson WOOOWHHOOO!!!

  6. chucky Says:

    Oh, gee, Mark. That’s just a shame about Hub. It’s a shame that if and when he comes back, he’ll probably be a bigger asshole and a bigger blowhole than before. Fuck him.

  7. Skip Says:

    Hub is gone , happy dance , now if they would just stop having Beth Mowins do any announcing on any sporting events !!!

  8. Mark Johnson Says:

    dvxprime–Peyton is too smart for this.

    chucky– I know, I’m up at night worrying about Hub’s comeback. I assume we will see and hear him a lot less often. They also mentioned a looonnngg comeback.

    Skip–This is an equal opportunity country. Most of the men announcing suck and she seems to be right there with that. I don’t pay for Marquee so I am assuming a lousy team with lousy announcing.

  9. chucky Says:

    Mark, however long that comeback may end up being, it won’t be long enough.


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