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I am not fooled: Bears 33 Bengals 7

December 10, 2017

You shouldn’t either. This coaching staff should all be fired now.

Great game by both the offense and defense. They won in spite of the coaching.

Your thoughts in the thread.


When the Giants and Browns are making changes in management, the Bears are accepting mediocrity.

December 7, 2017

We shouldn’t be surprised at this. But, it just furthers the argument that ownership and management of the Bears have no idea what to do. I do not doubt that George McCaskey wants to win. He even is willing to shell out the cash. The problem is that Ryan Pace has no idea what he’s doing. How stupid do you have to be to hire a coach that has been fired two different times before? How stupid do you have to be to trade away two extra draft picks just to move up ONE spot?

And don’t get me wrong, he’s drafted some pretty good players too. However, the entire body of work isn’t very good.

Four games are left in the season. I wasn’t surprised, but was still pissed off that John Fox was doing his usual press conferences this week. He should have been fired and shouldn’t ever be seen near Halas Hall again. This franchise has made themselves into the laughingstock of the NFL. Even the 49ers, Giants and Browns have more of a chance to contend before the Bears do.


Go figure: 49ers 15 Bears 14

December 3, 2017

Steve Rosenbloom called it right here.

John Fox must be fired by tomorrow. It is a must.

And Nemo, as DVX said, your lady friend was damn near spot-on.

Have at it, Bears’ fans. Your thoughts in the thread.