Good riddance, 2017.


2017 really sucked in terms of sports for me. The Bulls are re-building (although it doesn’t seem like it the last three weeks). The Blackhawks have not been the Blackhawks (more on this when I have more time). And then there’s the Bears. For the fourth straight season, it’s ten or more losses. The theme seems to be: One step forward, three steps back. Not good.

I will assume there will be a posting on New Year’s Day or the following day with news on the Bears. I am confident that John Fox will get fired Monday morning. But I wouldn’t put it past the Bears to let him keep his job. They’re that dumb.

As always, your thoughts in the thread.

7 Responses to “Good riddance, 2017.”

  1. Cbears523 Says:

    Looks like pace is going to get to choose his next coach. I say give him the shot. I’m interested who he will choose

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    I am all for him getting to choose the next head coach. But why a contract extension? Unless his current one is expiring (I think he still has another year or two left), there isn’t a need for it. Give this guy the last year or two of his deal to prove himself before doing an extension. This franchise still does their business ass-backwards.

  3. Cbears523 Says:

    I agree they deff do. If it’s just a one year extension then I don’t mind. Pace hasn’t been that bad. He’s made some bad choices in free agency but good ones in the draft. We just need to get some offensive coaches that know how to use the pieces we have. Our defense I would keep the same. I’d love for them to bring fangio back. Who do you want the bears to get in the draft? I’ve already been checking out prospects

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    I haven’t had an opportunity to look at exact players for the draft yet. But, I can tell you the positions I want to be selected. This is assuming Pace doesn’t go into “stupid” mode like last draft and trade a bunch of picks away. Let’s say that the Bears have six picks. Here are the needs.

    1. Offensive lineman
    2. Cornerback
    3. Wide Receiver
    4. Another wide receiver
    5. Linebacker
    6. Defensive end

    I am fine if they take another offensive lineman instead of a defensive end. But as you can see, there are a lot of needs and these picks would make a nice balance. I do hate the garbage theory of “draft the best athlete” that most make. Go with “draft the player that best suits your needs at the time”.

  5. dvxprime Says:

    Bulls: Believe it or not, I am encouraged by the Bulls’ play over the last month. Right now it’s all about player development. Two thirds of the Bulls current roster has two years or fewer NBA experience. Going through their draft night evals would take too much time and be a basketball fan’s nightmare fuel, so I will just say that it’s time to find out if this team has a core of players to build around (for those one or two stars that GarPax hopes to land in the draft/free agency), and also time to see if Holberg can REALLY coach.

    Black Hawks: Please, Lord let this team turn it around to make the playoffs. Even if they do end up being the 8th seed, they will still have enough to wreck a lot of teams’ shit during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

    Bears: John Fox may as well take a six-pack of beer out there today, for all the good he’s done to this point.

    Cubs: Need. Better. Bullpen. Nuff said.

    White Sox: The rebuild continues.

    Fire and Passion/Red Stars: Congrats on making the playoffs, ladies (Stars) and gents (F n’ P). Continue to march.

  6. Cbears523 Says:

    I agree with your list. We need a new o line so bad. Leno we should consider moving to rt. He just gets beat all the time with speed rushers. Sitton gets beat in pass protection so much. And whitehair they need to find his position and keep him there. Long needs to get healthy. I think we should get ward from Ohio state. We need a pure shutdown corner. In my time being alive we have never had that guy. Also another edge rusher would be nice. At the receiver position we are going to have to open our wallets and get someone in free agency if they are available. And some young talent in the draft but there’s no stud wr worth the 1st pick. I wonder who the bears are going to look at for Fox’s replacement. Things are going to get interesting I have a feeling

  7. dvxprime Says:


    Fox fired as of 0755 CST this morning.


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