Battle Of The Bad: Bears 20 Browns 3


The story isn’t what happened on the field. It’s what is going on in management. And we all have every reason to believe the report that no other than Ted Phillips, is on the search for the next head coach. So, they hire Ryan Pace to be the general manager. That’s the person who hires the coach and drafts the players. Instead, a life-long accountant is making decisions for a football team. Makes sense I suppose. The link is below. Your thoughts in the thread.

2 Responses to “Battle Of The Bad: Bears 20 Browns 3”

  1. Tony Cossio Says:

    Could be fake news. I don’t believe shit unless it happens. The only reason sweaty Teddy would be looking at coaches is if they were firing Pace too.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported it. From all accounts, he’s very much accurate on all of his news. He wouldn’t have posted it if he didn’t trust whoever told him (someone on the inside).

    Besides, the Bears are a franchise dumb enough to actually let Phillips do this. We all know it.


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