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Open thread.

February 22, 2010

Illini slipping…

Bulls charging…

And I am not sure about anyone else, but I am really enjoying watching the Olympics mainly curling and hockey. What a game Sunday night between USA and Canada. Our good friend Nemo is probably liking this outcome.

Spring Training 2010 begins…

February 18, 2010

The Cubs are preparing for a new season of hopes and dreams. The off-season was rather quiet as Hendry spent most of it trying to undo all of his mistakes from the season before. What he got in return is nothing to get excited about.

The key to any success for this team lies with the overpaid underachievers playing to their potential or better. I leave Derrick Lee off this list. He was the only position player that earned his keep last year.

The way that Hendry has configured this team rests on the core players staying healthy and producing in order to compete for the division. The starting rotation and bullpen remain an issue going into the new season.

Thank you. Come again.

February 15, 2010

Antti Niemi making saves when it mattered the most and closing the door in the shootout. And nice job by the man from Wisconsin, Jake Dowell on playing a good game. I am sure our friend Mad City Mac is enjoying that one.

Fro Dog starts writing article about the Blackhawks, Bulls and Illini; ground starts to shake.

February 10, 2010

It’s a sign. An earthquake starts two miles away from Fire Jerry Angelo headquarters in Dekalb. The man upstairs does not want me to write any more articles. The outsiders were right. This site is not only the worse site on the internet but it also has the worst writer EVER. Or maybe our friends the Mayans or even Nostradumbass predicted this earthquake and The History Fictional Channel will produce another documentary on how this is a sign of bad things to come.


For about the fifth time this year, the Blackhawks, Bulls and Illini all played on the same day and nearly at the same time. As usual on these days, I find myself flipping between all three games. It’s not too bad because if one team is getting their ass kicked, I always have a second or third game to watch.

1. Good game by the Blackhawks to pull it out and finally beat the Stars this season. But the defense has been a bit shitty lately and it lead to two of the three goals given up by Antti Niemi. Although I am not in favor of the Olympic break, this could give some of these players a bit of a rest. For those obsessed with stats (Cue Irish Yeti), Antti Niemi is leading the NHL in goals against average.

2. This Chicago Bulls team is hard to figure out. They can play so well against some of the best teams in the NBA then take a crap against the bad teams like the Pacers. Last night was another one of those nights. If it wasn’t for Indiana basically missing every shot in the 4th quarter, the Bulls don’t win that game. The fact that they only won by eight points shows that they should stop playing to their opponents level of competition. If they can do that, they are capable of beating any team on any given night.

3. My beloved Fighting Illini pulled yet another win out of their asses against the Badgers. They barely beat Michigan State despite the Spartans not having their best player in the game so I didn’t get too excited. Now all of a sudden, they are tied for first place in the Big Ten. I always thought Bruce Weber was a good coach and he gets the most of the players he has. This job he is doing is shocking to many including myself. Next year when the new class comes in is rated the #7 recruiting class in the nation according to ESPN. Things are finally looking up for Illinois.

Open Thread: The ANGRY edition.

February 5, 2010


Bears hire the combination of John Shoop, Terry Shea and Ron Turner to be the new offensive coordinator.

February 1, 2010

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Bears have hired Mike Martz to be their offensive coordinator.

Just another guy who sucks at play calling and that is friends with Lovie.