Fro Dog starts writing article about the Blackhawks, Bulls and Illini; ground starts to shake.


It’s a sign. An earthquake starts two miles away from Fire Jerry Angelo headquarters in Dekalb. The man upstairs does not want me to write any more articles. The outsiders were right. This site is not only the worse site on the internet but it also has the worst writer EVER. Or maybe our friends the Mayans or even Nostradumbass predicted this earthquake and The History Fictional Channel will produce another documentary on how this is a sign of bad things to come.


For about the fifth time this year, the Blackhawks, Bulls and Illini all played on the same day and nearly at the same time. As usual on these days, I find myself flipping between all three games. It’s not too bad because if one team is getting their ass kicked, I always have a second or third game to watch.

1. Good game by the Blackhawks to pull it out and finally beat the Stars this season. But the defense has been a bit shitty lately and it lead to two of the three goals given up by Antti Niemi. Although I am not in favor of the Olympic break, this could give some of these players a bit of a rest. For those obsessed with stats (Cue Irish Yeti), Antti Niemi is leading the NHL in goals against average.

2. This Chicago Bulls team is hard to figure out. They can play so well against some of the best teams in the NBA then take a crap against the bad teams like the Pacers. Last night was another one of those nights. If it wasn’t for Indiana basically missing every shot in the 4th quarter, the Bulls don’t win that game. The fact that they only won by eight points shows that they should stop playing to their opponents level of competition. If they can do that, they are capable of beating any team on any given night.

3. My beloved Fighting Illini pulled yet another win out of their asses against the Badgers. They barely beat Michigan State despite the Spartans not having their best player in the game so I didn’t get too excited. Now all of a sudden, they are tied for first place in the Big Ten. I always thought Bruce Weber was a good coach and he gets the most of the players he has. This job he is doing is shocking to many including myself. Next year when the new class comes in is rated the #7 recruiting class in the nation according to ESPN. Things are finally looking up for Illinois.


8 Responses to “Fro Dog starts writing article about the Blackhawks, Bulls and Illini; ground starts to shake.”

  1. MadCityMac Says:

    Gotta admit Fro, it hurt to see the Badgers lose to the Illini, especially since MSU lost to Purdue and it would have left the Badgers tied for first. So now the Illini is tied for first, and the Badgers are in 4th, but only a game back. MSU having Kalin Lucas out for the past couple games hurt Izzo’s boys, Illinois is looking good, you never know which Purdue team is going to show up, and the Badgers are still waiting for Leuer to get healthy. It’s going to be a fun finish!

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    It should be exciting to see what happens. Last week, Illinois was on the bubble for the tournament but now, they can get a large seed if they can win out. Shocking how the Badgers can take care of Purdue and Michigan State and lose at home to Illinois.

    By the way, Stacey and I are trying to get tickets to the Blackhawks game this Saturday against the Thrashers. It’s been hard buying tickets because all of the yuppie-fuck bandwagon fans are taking all the tickets away. It’s bullshit.

  3. Sandberg23 Says:

    Hey Fro,

  4. Sandberg23 Says:

    Shit. Hit enter.. damn it. Don’t get too pissed at the bandwagon fans. All the other teams in Chicago suck big fat ones, so everybody is trying to move over to a team that is winning. I’m not a big hockey fan but I’ve been noticing that I’ve been checking Blackhawks scores more and more all the time. It’s good to see them doing well. They are the only hope in Chicago of championship being attained in the immediate future. So for all of you diehard Hawks fans I hope you get too see them win the Cup this year.

  5. robert Says:

    this idiot still doesnt get it does he

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Hendry will Never get it. So Game Boy was “probably the best player in spring training”. Anybody with half a brain knows that pre-season doesn’t mean shit!

    Hendry will NEVER get it. He did his homework? I guess he overlooked the part about how well–cough cough–Bradley gets along with others…and how well he deals with authority and the media.

    Hendry will NEVER get it. “Offensively he was the right guy”. WTF?

    In every way, Milton Bradley was the WRONG guy. Hendry may have done “his homework” assignment…but he FAILED MISERABLY.

    Hendry’s report card should read “F-A” for Fucking Asshole.

    There has got to be a better General Manager –for the Cubs–out there. I believe Ricketts made a big mistake keeping Hendry…but what’s one more year of futility?

  7. robert Says:

    genre I agree what is 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 years of futility the first 101 were fun

  8. genrebuster Says:

    I’m not even sure I give a crap anymore.

    I give them one year: if they don’t win it all–which won’t happen, unless hell freezes over–and Hendry is still GM, then I am DONE.


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