Thank you. Come again.


Antti Niemi making saves when it mattered the most and closing the door in the shootout. And nice job by the man from Wisconsin, Jake Dowell on playing a good game. I am sure our friend Mad City Mac is enjoying that one.


8 Responses to “Thank you. Come again.”

  1. MadCityMac Says:

    Yup, I am Fro! I saw that Jake scored that night. Didn’t realize he was back from Rockford. Good run going into the Olympic break; time for Kane and my Badgers and the rest to take down Canada and get the gold. (I can dream, right?). Ryan Suter, Brian Rafalski, and Joe Pavelski from Wisconsin; maybe Ryan can come close to matching his dad (and my former high school classmate) Bob Suter from the ’80 team and get that gold. Although, can any team EVER match what the Miracle on Ice team did? Nope!

    Looks like Niemi is playing quite well right now. And Huet the Sieve will be where he should be – on the end of the bench wearing a baseball cap, or driving to Rockford for an extended stay.

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I can see why you love women’s hockey so much. I watched a bit of the women’s hockey during the Olympics. I can’t decide what sport is hotter. That or volleyball (Both beach and regular).

  3. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, I’ll tell you one thing, women’s hockey is actually quite good even though I know that’s not what you were talking about. I may have mentioned the story before about the girl who played for the Badgers a couple years back. Beautiful, 6 ft. tall, blonde freshman takes a penalty for slashing I think. My girls and I are sitting next to the penalty box at the Kohl Center and this blonde goes to the box, takes off her helmet and starts dropping a stream of F-bombs. Gorgeous, and swears like a longshoreman. I looked at my girls and said “I’m in love!”

    I know that some of the Badgers that are on the team are quite adorable. Kerry Weiland graduated about 4 years back and is one of the USA defensemen. Always had a thing for her too, and Jessie Vetter, the goaltender is phenominal! And cute!

  4. MadCityMac Says:

    …..and some of the girls who aren’t Badgers – Jenny Potter, Natalie Darwitz, Julie Chu!

  5. ksmc2000 Says:

    I think Quenneville was testing Niemi by starting him for four games prior to the Olympic break. It wasn’t pretty, but he got the job done. After the break will be time to figure out the best line combinations and who will be the most consistant in goal. It was Huey’s job to lose, and he did it.

  6. MadCityMac Says:

    Keith, some of the highlights I’ve seen show Huet giving up some really bad goals. I wish NBC would show some Hawks games on Sunday, I’d have a better chance of seeing them!

  7. Fro Dog Says:


    I sent Keith a link for this website where you can watch any sporting event including pay-per-views for free. You don’t have to download anything. Just click the game you want and play it. If you want to watch Blackhawks games when you can, let me know and I will email the link to you.

  8. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, please do, thanks!


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