Open thread.


Illini slipping…

Bulls charging…

And I am not sure about anyone else, but I am really enjoying watching the Olympics mainly curling and hockey. What a game Sunday night between USA and Canada. Our good friend Nemo is probably liking this outcome.


16 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. Nemo Says:

    Hell, yeah, I am liking the Olympic Hockey so far. Sweden has just defeated Finland, giving the US a bye and the #1 seed. Will play Belarus/Swiss winner Wednesday. Great goaltending tonight, but obviously can’t keep getting outshot two to one and expect to win.

    Women’s Hockey vs Sweden at 2:00pm Central Monday-revenge rematch of the 2006 Semifinal won by Sweden-Go get ’em ladies!

  2. ksmc2000 Says:

    Great job by Team USA. These guys are playing far better than I expected. Team Canada is more talented, but USA has played their roles better. And what a job by Ryan Miller in goal. Canada was attacking furiously in the final four minutes, but Miller was up to the task with 42 saves. I was a little nervous until Kesler scored that great hustling empty netter around Perry. And that friendly exchange between Kane and Toews after the game was priceless.

  3. fallscountanywhere Says:

    I haven’t been able to see any of the games, but the US Women’s hockey team is dominating!

  4. Nemo Says:

    Unfortunately, Canada’s Women’s team has been every bit as dominating. They play for the Gold Medal Wednesday @ 5:30pm Central time.

    US hasn’t won since 1998 and Canada won in 2002 and 2006. Time to beat those iceholes!

  5. Nemo Says:

    CORRECTION: US ladies play for Gold Medal THURSDAY @5:30 Central vs Canada. Sorry about that.

    USA men defeat Swiss in a hard fought game today. Semifinal vs Czech/Finland winner Friday, time TBD.

  6. robert Says:

    I saw Ryan Millers first Junior game he was dominant even as a 16 year old…met the kid after a game told him how great he was humble and said thank you….gave me a broken stick signed it…It got tossed after I moved out of my moms

  7. Nemo Says:

    USA 6 Finland 0 4:00 remaining in the FIRST period!Finnish goaltender Kiprusoff pulled HIMSELF out of the game! 2 goals for Kane! DON’T LET UP, GUYS-We need to win the gold Sunday!!!!

  8. Nemo Says:

    Ryan Miller is a stud-so dominant in this tourney. US pulled him with 10:00 minutes to go just to give him a rest for Sunday. Let’s beat Canada again for gold! Revenge for SLC, revenge for the ladies. Humiliate the iceholes!!

  9. robert Says:

    not trying to change the subject went to barnes and noble over lunch grabbed a magazine about the 2010 cubs was getting ready to buy it….read the forward and guess who the editor was you guessed it al yellon

  10. Nemo Says:

    seems not too many people care about Olympic hockey anyway.

  11. ksmc2000 Says:

    I was hoping that Miller would be pulled after the 1st period. The game seemed well in hand at that point. At least he got a bit of a break. Should be a great game on Sunday. I hope USA plays a little better defense than the 1st game (45 shots on goal).

  12. Fro Dog Says:


    I am paying attention to Olympic hockey. Our fellow poster MadCityMac is a big hockey fan as he is up in Madison and has followed the Badgers quite a bit. For myself. I actually have been watching most of the Olympic events especially while I am working. The curling as weird as it sounds is actually pretty intense to watch. And yes, the hockey is fun to watch and to see other players who we don’t see in the NHL.

    I will be watching the gold medal game on Sunday and it should be a fun one to watch. Since it is the Olympics, I don’t really have a preference who wins. As much as I like the Olympics, I just want it to get over with so the Blackhawks can get back to playing games.

    I am not sure what your opinion is on the NHL shutting down the season for two weeks but I am not in favor of doing that. I think they should go back to the old way of having college or minor league players playing in these games. The NHL had their players in the Olympics until I believe the 90’s. The commissioner (Gary Bettman), is a dumbass like David Stern in the NBA and Roger Goodell in the NFL. All they fucking care about is money, TV contracts, etc.

    I may be going on some rant here but I have a reason to. It pisses me off. When I was growing up in the 90’s, I fell in love with hockey and the Blackhawks by playing NHL ’95 for Sega Genesis and watching the NHL on FOX and hearing Pat Foley and Dale Tallon call some of the Blackhawks games on Saturdays. These days, there is only one NHL game on broadcast TV (NBC) and the other two games a week are on Versus. I am lucky to get Versus on basic cable but my parents and anybody else with Dish Network are out of luck.

    It’s basic greed by the NHL. Why won’t they put a few games a week on the weekends on NBC? Why do most of the playoff games have to be on cable? Even the first two or three games of the Stanley Cup Finals are on cable. How PATHETIC. One guy who can change some of this and maybe get a better TV deal is Bettman. Instead, he sits on his hands. And if I am correct, another bargaining agreement is suppose to happen in a year or two. And if it doesn’t get corrected, the NHL could be heading for yet another lockout.

  13. Nemo Says:

    I want the best hockey players playing in the Olympics.

    The US is playing in its second gold medal game in the last 3 Olympics. Before the NHL let players participate in 1998, the US was playing for gold once every 20 years or more. Certainly with the NHL participating, there can never be another “Miracle on Ice”, but so what? That team is legendary and should always remain that way. But, let’s win some more gold on the even playing field that exists now.

    There is no higher honor in sports than to win an Olympic gold representing your country-it transcends petty politics (or at least it should). Millionaire players on all these teams are playing not for money, but for pride and duty (and sure, the occasional ego). The NHL season is very long, and it could use the break anyway. Certainly I am concerned what effect the shutdown will have on the Hawks, but not so concerned that I am willing to give up our best shot at gold by playing the college kids again.

    The 1980 Olympics were the first I had ever watched. I picked the US to win gold before the tournament (a rather uninformed pick from a dumb little kid who didn’t know any better). I was disappointed we were losing 2-1 late against a good Swedish team in the opening game. But, I think they were somewhat dumb kids who didn’t know any better either-sometimes that is not such a bad thing because then you don’t know what you aren’t supposed to do. They salvaged a tie and won every game the rest of the way. As happy and proud as I was when we won the gold medal, I don’t think I could properly appreciate the accomplishment seeing as it was my first Olympics.

    It has now been 30 years and we have been bad so many times (1998 NHL’ers in Nagano being one of the lows) and only been close to winning again once-2002 in SLC. It has been 3/4 of my life since we won. Only been waiting longer for the Cubs and the Hawks. For me, it would mean so much more for me than the Miracle on Ice (although the miracle and the legends grow so much larger after every subsequent US failure). It has been far too long. American kids need a new generation of heroes to look up to. Just as many American kids play hockey as Canadian kids-there is NO reason for us to go 50 years between Olympic victories against Canada. A victory in a preliminary game should not be celebrated like we just beat the Soviet Red Army Dynamos. Our team is much less experienced and smaller, with fewer big names. However, we are younger and faster. We have great chemistry and we are all NHL’ers too. This may be our core team for years to come. We can put an emphatic stamp on the start of this new era with a gold medal.

    Our time is now.

    We need to win this game.

    GO TEAM USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, a great game Sunday. I actually followed Miller more in college at Michigan State (won the Hobey Baker Award, hockey equivalent of the Heisman), but he impressed me in more ways than one. Hockey players have always impressed me as the most down-to-earth of all pro athletes, if maybe sometimes the most immature. But Miller is class all the way.

    I felt bad about the loss for a bit, but the US wasn’t even supposed to be in the gold medal game. That game goes later into OT, and the US probably wins with fresher younger legs than Canada. I DO think it’s a good idea to keep the NHL players in the Olympics as it gives the league much needed exposure to non-hockey fans. Now if the NHL can just get rid of Gary Bettman. What a pud. Heard him with Mulley and Hanley on the Score Tue. morning. The guy is clueless.

  15. MadCityMac Says:

    Nemo, loved hearing you bring up Soviet Red Dynamo! For years, the U. of Wisconsin hockey team would play a Soviet League team on New Years Eve. It was either ’77 or ’78 I got to see one of the elite Soviet teams play, with Mark Johnson and Bob Suter playing for the Badgers. Some of the best hockey I’ve ever seen!

  16. Fro Dog Says:


    It was a fun game to watch. I was watching the game with a friend of mine at the shop and as soon as the tying goal went in, I literally jumped out of my seat.

    By the way, I will get that link with the major sports games for free gathered up and emailed to you in the next day or two. I’ve been pretty busy with some stuff.


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