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Last open thread of the decade.

December 31, 2009

There are a couple things I have been meaning to write about but I will get to it sometime next week.

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy new year.

Open thread.

December 22, 2009

Happy holidays to all of you guys. I want to thank everybody for the continued support you guys give to this site everyday. Your rants about anything are always welcomed here.

The Three Stooges.

December 21, 2009

Enough already. This is embarrasing. The Three Stooges: Jerry, Lovie and Ronnie, all have to go. I still am backing up Angelo’s decision to trade for Cutler. However, he gave up the second round draft pick a couple months back for NFL bust and defensive end Gaines Adams who I have not seen on the field yet.

Since he was hired as head coach, Lovie has been having fun getting rid of coaches just for the fact that they weren’t “his friends” (Ron Rivera for Bob Babich, Rod Marinelli). The same can be said for players (See Adam Archuleta, Orlando Pace).

I don’t know who the Bears should or will hire for coach. Anybody who thinks the Bears should hire a coach with “FIRE AND PASSION” should be punched in the throat. Tony Dungy never showed “FIRE AND PASSION” and he had a successful career coaching. All I want is a coach who actually knows how to coach. A coach who knows how to bench players when they fucking suck. A coach that knows that the season is over then to realize that the backups should get playing time.

Open Thread.

December 18, 2009

Chet Coppock: Residential Turd

December 15, 2009

If you could pick one clown in the Chicago media who would write such asinine articles mostly in favor of who he likes, rather than who really deserves it, it’s Chet Coppock.

Just a little background on this guy they call Chet: Chet Coppock has been in the Chicago media for roughly 20-30 years. His last stint was with Mike North on which was an online radio station and no longer in business. Before that, he was a host on ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago. His latest accomplishments were getting punched in the eye in the parking lot at the AllState arena in 2007 as well as getting suspended by ESPN Radio for allegedly pulling down his pants in front of a female coworker. You want more? He was again suspended in 2008 for making offensive comments towards Jewish people on the air.

This article was brought to my attention the other day and it was worth mentioning on how awful the list was compiled. In that article, he compiled a list of the worst sportscasters of the last 25 years. Then this article lists the best sportscasters of the last 25 years. Now, I am not going to list all of the names that were on there but I will list a few that stick out as either being on there or not being on there.

A few from his list of the worst:

#12 on the worse sportscaster list: Neil Funk.

– Neil Funk? One of the worse? Seriously? He was the voice of the Bulls on the radio for 17 seasons and for the last two on tv. He has called every great Bulls moment on the radio during the championship seasons and has done it with excellence. Due to not having cable, I was only treated some selected Bulls games during the regular season and most playoff games. He doesn’t even rank close to being a bad announcer.

#8: Megan Mawicke

– You picked her when there could be ten other shitty sportscasters in the city now as we speak? She isn’t the greatest but sure not one of the worst.

#7: Dan Bernstein

– Dan Bernstein can be a dick. He looks like a weasel and he is known to piss off a lot of people. But you know what? He is right most of the time. He speaks the facts for the most part. I don’t listen to sports radio as much as I use to but when I do, Boers and Bernstein is the only show I listen to. For Chet Coppock to say that Dan Berstein is “The kind of guy who can make you question why the human race exists”, you can tell that it is personal with him and this guy.

#1: Gail Fischer

– The worst ever? So Chip Carey didn’t come up in your head as the worse? How about Chuck Swirsky? David Kaplan sucks worse than all of them. But oh well. I guess we can now assume that Chet is a sexist.

Now on to his list of the best:

#10: Dan McNeil

– Not even close. Once again, another butt buddy of good ol’ Chet. McNeil was also suspended when he worked at ESPN Radio for calling a woman a bitch on the air. Nice going dick.

#6: Mike North

– The same Mike North who continuously made racial remarks during his days from the Score? The same Mike North who was let go from the Score? The same Mike North who started an online radio station and hired an executive who embezzeld money? Oh maybe the same Mike North who started a morning show on Comcast SportsNet and after a year is getting dropped? Oh yeah. He is one of the best.

So on both of these lists, he had 12 a peice.

Not only is his list more personal than professional, it is a list that is not very well compiled. It seems like the two lists should be flip flopped. Chet did not make any mention of Pat Foley (Voice of Blackhawks TV) as one of the best. He didn’t even rank Wayne Larrivee (Voice of the Bulls on TV and Bears on the radio in the 90’s).

So thanks for putting this list together Chet. I am sure you will get more credibility. There must be a reason why you don’t really have a job anymore other than “blogging” for a site shittier than mine.

Open thread.

December 8, 2009

My take on steroids in wrestling and why there is a need for an offseason.

December 8, 2009

In the world of professional wrestling mainly WWE and TNA, there isn’t an offseason. Wrestlers spend around 300 days away from their homes. This has become a growing concern as many people are blaming the hectic schedule as one of the many reasons why professional wrestlers abuse drugs along with steroids. Athletes including wrestlers are responsible for what goes into their body. Last week, the wrestling world lost another with Umaga (Eki Fatu) adding the long list of professional wrestlers who lost their lives before the age of 50. This has been a growing trend in the business.

In 2006, WWE introduced a steroid policy to the company. While I don’t believe in the way the policy is arranged, I am glad they have it. The first offense is a 30 day suspension, second is a 60 day and the third violation is termination. In the three and a half years that this policy has been in effect, there have been many suspensions with some of the wrestlers being main eventers. The media as usual has questioned whether or not the policy is as effective as WWE says it is.

From the reports that we fans get, the testing is just as strong, if not stronger than the testing of the NFL. Many wrestlers have spoke out to say that they are watched during urine tests. John Cena was on record saying that he was tested at least six times in a span of eight or nine months time in 2006.

The point I am trying to come across is that wrestling needs an offseason of some sort. I am pointing the finger mainly at Vince McMahon and WWE. Vince needs to take another look at this and realize that these wrestlers are people too and not just a character that makes him the billionaire that he is today. He should at least give back to these entertainers. I am not saying the schedule is the only reason why the wrestlers take steroids and other medications to keep them going, but it’s a top factor. It doesn’t have to be an offseason like the NFL in which teams get anywhere from four to six months off but an offseason nothenless.

An offseason can help a great deal. First reason being, the writers and management can have more than a week to think of new story lines to freshen up the product. Second and most important, the wrestlers can finally have a break to rest. The perfect time for this offseason could occur after WrestleMania. Usually, WrestleMania takes place on the last Sunday in March or the first Sunday in April. Since most fans probably believe that the pay-per-view in April “Backlash” is a waste of time and money, this would be the ideal time for a break.

The fans are burnt out from the circus that is WrestleMania and so are the wrestlers and managment. April could be the off month and the storylines could resume in May along with the draft leading up to SummerSlam in August. Anybody else feel the same way?

Bears/Packers game.

December 3, 2009

We still need a couple more people to let me know whether or not they are coming to the Bears/Packers gathering on December 13th. Keith recommended a pretty good location which would be equal distance for the majority of us.

It’s at the Brat Stop in Kenosha. According to the map, it’s real easy to get to Kenosha and that place as it is right off the I-94. The game is at noon.

I believe right now, it is me, JimmyD, Keith and Mac. If anybody wants to bring someone along, feel free. It would be nice to have about 10 people there.

It’s a week from Sunday so if we don’t get more people or if the weather is crappy around that time, we may have to cancel.