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February 21, 2011

Happy Monday folks.

A couple things to mention.

February 18, 2011

1. First of all, it’s about damn time the Bulls are playing well. MVP candidate Derrick Rose drops 42 points on the team with the best record in the NBA Thursday night. Before I get to my next point, I would like to mention to the idiots who have argued with me that free throws aren’t a big deal, well they are. The Spurs missed seven of them. They probably have a chance to win that game if they came through from the charity stripe but lucky for us, they didn’t. If you morons still want to argue that fact, feel free to eat my ass hair.

Back to this recent winning streak, even Keith Bogans Bogus has been playing well since I wrote my ANGRY article last week. He isn’t lighting up the stat sheet (Cue Irish Yeti; By the way, can someone take away his calculator?), but since last week, he has been hitting a few shots in key moments of games. This team still needs a real shooting guard. There is a guy who wears number 15 out in Denver who wants a new home. I also want to give some props to C.J. Watson. A lot of people wanted him out of town after his first couple weeks. He was doing a lot of stupid shit like taking dumb shots and turning over the ball. The last month, he has been picking his spots when to shoot and it has been working. Bozo returns from his injury next week and the Bulls are two losses out of first place in the East. Just keep winning.

2. The Blackhawks are four points out of the last playoff spot with 25 games left. There are five teams in front of them with the same amount of points they are chasing so it’s going to be a pain in the ass for them to get in. I would say they need to go 16-6-3 just to have a chance. Just like the Bulls, I will say the same about the Blackahwks: Just. Keep. Winning.

Open thread.

February 11, 2011

Fire away.

Blackhawks/Bulls rants.

February 8, 2011

Now that football is over, I can finally return to ranting about the shitty play of the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks. On Monday night, I wished I would have used common sense rather than go with my heart. I realized that Monday Night Raw was on but I told myself “I have it on the DVR. I can watch it tomorrow.” I then remembered that Conan was on and I once again was reminded that I had that on the DVR. Great. Time to flip-flop between the two games. Usually when I have a bad day at the office, it usually ends up being a shitty night for my sports teams. Monday night was no different. Once again, I forget to use my common sense on this. Let’s get to this shit.

Blackhawks: After winning the Stanley Cup last year, I thought I could never get mad at this team again. I always thought that since they won it, I would always be happy no matter what. Well this year is harder than I expected it to be. During every game, I seem to forget about their success last year and act like it never happened. With the exception of Toews, Kane and Crawford, this team has been hurt and/or awful. Keith and Seabrook are playing like horseshit on the defensive side. Nick Boynton keeps making us wonder why he is even out there. Hossa has been hurt for the most part and when he is in, he just can’t seem to find his mojo. They have lost two must-win games in a row which were very winnable. The Blackhawks are probably going to miss the playoffs this year and it fucking sucks. Lady Fro and myself are going to Toronto during the first week of March to see the Blackhawks play the Maple Leafs. Too bad it probably it won’t mean anything. At least we get to explore the Great White North for a few days which is something we have been wanting to do since we met each other years ago.

Bulls: Where do I start with these bums? I guess I can say that when they play teams in their division, they win. When they play competitive teams like they did against the Trail Blazers Monday night, they lose and lose ugly. Let’s take a look at some stats (Cue Irish Yeti) shall we? Turnovers: 12. Bad. Keith Bogans Bogus: ZERO points. Hey. Isn’t that our starting shooting guard? Too bad he doesn’t make any shots. What a fuck tard. Let’s shift to the opposition for a second. LaMarcus Aldridge. Ring a bell Bulls fans? Yep. The same guy John tamPaxson traded to get Tyrus Thomas. I tell you that Paxson guy is a genius. Aldridge is doing just fine in Portland as he dropped 42 points on a team which he was on for about ten minutes. That’s like a general manager trading away Chris Paul for C.J. Watson. Only an idiot would do that. Then again, there is John Paxson. I loved the guy as a player and I will always love him for that shot he made in the ’93 Finals but it’s a “What have you done for me lately?” in this situation. Last but not least on this rant: free throws. The Bulls missed seven free throws out of 18 attempts. Luol Deng’s dumbass promptly missed a couple. Omer Asik (Ah fuck you to high waters) missed three. The Trail Blazers on the other hand? How about 37 out of 40. How frustrating.

Just a reminder to the dip shits who argue about free throws and this team’s record: Good teams like the Lakers in the early decade who had an average of 75% from the charity stripe could afford to miss free throws for two reasons: They had two of the best players in the history of the NBA. One was a shooting guard in Kobe Bryant who could score at will  and another who was one of the best low post threats in Shaquille O’Neal. The Bulls only have Derrick Rose. See the difference people? If the Bulls can’t make free throws, they will lose and lose a lot. The Lakers of those years could afford it because they had other ways of winning.

So next time, I will learn my lesson. Next time, I’ll watch fake wrestling or another show. Even though the storylines aren’t great now, I know they will be in the next year or so. In addition to that, I always know it will never let me down. No matter how bad the wrestlers or storylines are, I enjoy attending their events because it’s entertainment at it’s best in terms of excitement and price. When the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls or Illini lose, the rest of my day is sour especially if I attended their games. If my favorite wrestler doesn’t win, big deal. It’s scripted and fun to watch.

Til next time.


February 7, 2011

I want to give a congratulations to the Packer fans on this site for their victory. At least your organization knows how to run a football team. I said this before but I wish the Bears were half ran like the Packers.

Another thing that pisses me off is this labor agreement with the NFL. The deal ends March 3rd so if a deal doesn’t get done by then, a lockout is more than likely of happening. I won’t sit here and write a a whole lot about what’s wrong but I will say that Roger Goodell is an idiot when he says that fans want an 18 game season. I think that statement is no where near the truth.

So we should find out in the next month whether or not the owners will lock out the players. A deal still could get done after that but some reports have said that the season may be shortened because of it.

Open thread.

February 2, 2011

Unfortunately, this wonderful blizzard that is dropping two feet of snow on us is keeping the idiots closely monitored to the internet. Let’s see if we can keep them away.