Blackhawks/Bulls rants.


Now that football is over, I can finally return to ranting about the shitty play of the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks. On Monday night, I wished I would have used common sense rather than go with my heart. I realized that Monday Night Raw was on but I told myself “I have it on the DVR. I can watch it tomorrow.” I then remembered that Conan was on and I once again was reminded that I had that on the DVR. Great. Time to flip-flop between the two games. Usually when I have a bad day at the office, it usually ends up being a shitty night for my sports teams. Monday night was no different. Once again, I forget to use my common sense on this. Let’s get to this shit.

Blackhawks: After winning the Stanley Cup last year, I thought I could never get mad at this team again. I always thought that since they won it, I would always be happy no matter what. Well this year is harder than I expected it to be. During every game, I seem to forget about their success last year and act like it never happened. With the exception of Toews, Kane and Crawford, this team has been hurt and/or awful. Keith and Seabrook are playing like horseshit on the defensive side. Nick Boynton keeps making us wonder why he is even out there. Hossa has been hurt for the most part and when he is in, he just can’t seem to find his mojo. They have lost two must-win games in a row which were very winnable. The Blackhawks are probably going to miss the playoffs this year and it fucking sucks. Lady Fro and myself are going to Toronto during the first week of March to see the Blackhawks play the Maple Leafs. Too bad it probably it won’t mean anything. At least we get to explore the Great White North for a few days which is something we have been wanting to do since we met each other years ago.

Bulls: Where do I start with these bums? I guess I can say that when they play teams in their division, they win. When they play competitive teams like they did against the Trail Blazers Monday night, they lose and lose ugly. Let’s take a look at some stats (Cue Irish Yeti) shall we? Turnovers: 12. Bad. Keith Bogans Bogus: ZERO points. Hey. Isn’t that our starting shooting guard? Too bad he doesn’t make any shots. What a fuck tard. Let’s shift to the opposition for a second. LaMarcus Aldridge. Ring a bell Bulls fans? Yep. The same guy John tamPaxson traded to get Tyrus Thomas. I tell you that Paxson guy is a genius. Aldridge is doing just fine in Portland as he dropped 42 points on a team which he was on for about ten minutes. That’s like a general manager trading away Chris Paul for C.J. Watson. Only an idiot would do that. Then again, there is John Paxson. I loved the guy as a player and I will always love him for that shot he made in the ’93 Finals but it’s a “What have you done for me lately?” in this situation. Last but not least on this rant: free throws. The Bulls missed seven free throws out of 18 attempts. Luol Deng’s dumbass promptly missed a couple. Omer Asik (Ah fuck you to high waters) missed three. The Trail Blazers on the other hand? How about 37 out of 40. How frustrating.

Just a reminder to the dip shits who argue about free throws and this team’s record: Good teams like the Lakers in the early decade who had an average of 75% from the charity stripe could afford to miss free throws for two reasons: They had two of the best players in the history of the NBA. One was a shooting guard in Kobe Bryant who could score at will  and another who was one of the best low post threats in Shaquille O’Neal. The Bulls only have Derrick Rose. See the difference people? If the Bulls can’t make free throws, they will lose and lose a lot. The Lakers of those years could afford it because they had other ways of winning.

So next time, I will learn my lesson. Next time, I’ll watch fake wrestling or another show. Even though the storylines aren’t great now, I know they will be in the next year or so. In addition to that, I always know it will never let me down. No matter how bad the wrestlers or storylines are, I enjoy attending their events because it’s entertainment at it’s best in terms of excitement and price. When the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls or Illini lose, the rest of my day is sour especially if I attended their games. If my favorite wrestler doesn’t win, big deal. It’s scripted and fun to watch.

Til next time.

23 Responses to “Blackhawks/Bulls rants.”

  1. Yeti Says:

    Oh Fro. You called me. How was I not supposed to respond?

    So, let’s get started. First off, the association you’re making about your shitty (days) at the “office” and a bad night for your sports teams is unrelated. Chances are you just remembered having a shitty day yesterday and the Bulls lost so it must confirm your crappy theory.

    After winning the Stanley Cup last year, I thought I could never get mad at this team again. I always thought that since they won it, I would always be happy no matter what.

    You thought you wouldn’t get mad at this team? Really? Do you not know yourself? You wear your emotions on your sleeve and probably get pissed off at the drop of a dime.

    With the exception of Toews, Kane and Crawford, this team has been hurt and/or awful.

    Might want to include 40 goal pace Patrick Sharp in that one, sir.

    Let’s take a look at some stats (Cue Irish Yeti) shall we? Turnovers: 12. Bad.

    This was good. Really good. 12 turnovers by itself looks bad. Looks real bad. I mean it is 12 above 0 and that’s how many turnovers a team should have, right? (Portland had 11 by the way. HUGE difference) Let’s take a look at some more stats, Fro:
    This link shows the average turnovers per game for each team in the league. The Bulls average 14.2, which happens to by tied for 20th in the league (ahead of the Celtics). That’s not good. I’ll give you that. However, you didn’t even mention that. However, you did say that 12 turnovers in a game is bad. I, however, would take that every game from the Bulls this year. By looking at that link, you’ll see why. The leader with the fewest TOs per game is Detroit with 12.4. Two things here. One, Detroit is horrible at 19-32, so there isn’t a direct correlation between a team’s success and TOs.. Not a 100% correlation at least. Two, you say that 12 TOs in a game is bad but NO team in the NBA averages that. Every team is above that. Once again, you failed miserably in using stats. I shouldn’t be surprised though.

    Keith Bogans Bogus: ZERO points. Hey. Isn’t that our starting shooting guard? Too bad he doesn’t make any shots. What a fuck tard.

    Bogans played fewer minutes yesterday than Korver and Brewer. Now, Bogans isn’t great, true. He did have a nice month last month, but the fact that he’s starting is arbitrary. It’s almost like the starting WR in a game. It more matters on who plays more. Sure, Bogans sucked last night, but you should pick other targets since he had less court time than 7 other Bulls players last night. Bogans only took 2 shots last night. How dare him miss those 2. Also, out of the Bulls starters last night, only Luol Deng had a better +/-.. Since you’re probably unaware of this stat, it’s something the NBA endorses since it’s on their official box scores. An explanation exists right here:

    Let’s shift to the opposition for a second. LaMarcus Aldridge. Ring a bell Bulls fans? Yep. The same guy John tamPaxson traded to get Tyrus Thomas.

    I’m still pissed the Cubs traded Lou Brock.

    If the Bulls can’t make free throws, they will lose and lose a lot.

    Well they’re only shooting 72% from the line and yet they’re 34-16. I suspect they’re overcoming this problem. Yes, it would be nice to have that be better, but just relax dude.

    When the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls or Illini lose, the rest of my day is sour especially if I attended their games.

    Alright, I’ll kind of give you the Bears. It’s a shorter season, but the only time I was pissed off for more than an hour was after the NFC Championship game. It’s just a fucking game. It’s not your entire life. Before you think to yourself that it makes you “more of a fan than me”, just remind yourself what you’re getting pissed off about: a sporting even that no matter what you do you have no impact on the final outcome. Now, getting pissed about the Bulls and Blackhawks losing? Sure, it’s frustrating and we’d all love our favorite teams to win, but in an 82 game season, it’s bound to happen. The Bulls have yet to lose more than 2 games in a row, so it’s not all that bad. But seriously, why do you take this sports stuff so seriously that it effects your mood? Isn’t that why you left the Cubs? I’m starting to suspect you won’t be watching any sports soon enough because you’ll be in a constant state of anger because your favorite team doesn’t go 1000-0 every year.

    Later, dude. Have a good evening. Try not to suck at writing so much.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Holy crap. Did that take you all day to write? If so, you may need to find something better to do in your life. It took me all but 15 minutes to write that post and yet you write a novel in your rebuttal. At least you’re making progress. Unfortunately, I have to reply back in length because your crap is all over the wall. Let’s see how long this takes.

    First of all, I have to ask, do you have a job? If so, you should consider actually working there rather then paying attention to everything I write. I am sure you and your minions keep a close watch. Good for me though. I call it job security (Or is it blog security?).

    1. I forgot Patrick Sharp. My bad. If you see the post time, it was just after 12:30 at night. No excuses though. Go ahead and rip me on that. That is what you do.

    2. Apparently, a few radio hosts even admit that when their teams lose, it sticks around for at least that remaining part of the day. So why don’t you call up the Score or ESPN 1000 and tell them how you feel? They will probably call you a jackass just like I would.

    3. The turnovers: The point I am trying to get across (Unfortunately, you still cannot comprehend what you read) is that the Bulls are a team that if they commit even the slightest of turnovers (according to your stats that are irrelevant) or missed free throws, that they will lose a lot of those games. Every team has flaws but the great ones find ways to overcome them.

    4. Bogans: First, Bogans is a shooting guard. Let me explain this to you. Shooting guard is his position if you don’t know that. Usually, the shooting guard is suppose to shoot. Oh fuck it. You’re too damn stupid to understand that part. I’ll move on to my next point.

    5. Tyrus Thomas for LaMarcus Aldridge: I am still bitter about this because Aldridge had one of his best games of his career. The fact that John Paxson is still in the Bulls organization is beyond me. I will always love him as a player but we all know if it wasn’t for a certain lottery ball falling into his hands, the Bulls are probably in the basement as far as a franchise.

    34-16. But no worries my good friend. I have a stat which you may enjoy. They are 11-0 in their own division. With the exception of the Bulls, every team is below .500 and by a lot. The fun part is they play those teams much more than teams outside of the division. Here is a another stat: They did beat the Magic, Celtics and Heat (Minus LeBron and Bosh was hurt late in the game). However, they lost to bums like the Nets, Sixers, Clippers, Warriors and Bobcats twice. The sad thing is, they missed a considerable amount of free throws in all of those games. Argue that stat. Cock breath.

    It’s one thing to lose because the other team is better. But it’s another thing for a team to beat themselves. The Bears did it quite a bit this year and likewise for the Bulls. I won’t list certain games but overall, both teams have and everyone on this site will tell you the same. Only a delusional clown like yourself would disagree.

    I don’t why I am answering this last question because I gave the answer out a long time ago but here it is. I realized that my favorite team at the time wasn’t ever going to win so I shut the lights off. I look back now and I am pretty happy with it. As far as sports in general is concerned, I am not assuming I am a bigger fan than you. I’ll say I grew up playing a lot of sports whether it was organized or with the neighborhood kids. All there was to do in the small town I grew up in were sports, going to the swimming pool in the summer or video games. So that may have had an effect on how I look at sports today.

    Since you probably grew up in an area that lacked electricity, maybe you read a lot. The difference between you and I though is that I am not telling you that it’s not just a book or magazine and that you shouldn’t take your hobby so seriously. Everyone has their hobby.

    Later, dude. Have a good day. Try to keep your lips off your stat friend’s dick.

  3. chucky Says:

    But remember this Fro: Kevin Gregg is a servicable pitcher.

  4. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    What are you talking about Chucky? Kevin Gregg was a very serviceable pitcher. 5-6, 4.72 ERA, 10 blown saves. By serviceable, you meant great.

    Irish Yeti is a moron.

  5. chucky Says:

    Yeah, lets put him in the Hall of Fame this year.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    First, I’m not convinced that Yeti is Irish Yeti…. “Later, dude. Have a good evening. Try not to suck at writing so much.:…isn’t that a bit out-of-character? Yeti’s latest post is more of a personal attack than usual. Perhaps Yeti is exploring new avenues of self-expression(?).

    That said, I am not an FBI profiler…so, what do I know?

    Cue “broken record”: FIRE JIM HENDRY.

    103 years…

    tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…
    tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Also, Thank You for mentioning Kevin Gregg….I just threw up in my mouth.

  8. MadCityMac Says:

    Just woke up to the news that the Blackhawks traded Jack Skille to the Florida Panthers-dammit! One less Badger….don’t even know who they got in return.

  9. Fro Dog Says:


    They received Michael FROlik in return. I maybe the one most excited because he has my nickname in his last name, but he is a center/forward who can generate some goals. Skille while doing well in Rockford the last couple years, was snake bit up here. He was close multiple times to scoring goals and just couldn’t pull through.

    They also a received a good goalie prospect named Alexander Salak. Depending on what happens to Crawford in the offseason, there is a chance he will be ready in the next couple years from what I have read. So as always, we’ll see. The Blackhawks are currently three points out of the eighth seed for the playoffs with 28 games left. Time is ticking.

  10. Mike D. Says:

    I like Fro playing the role of someone who lights himself on fire and never corrupting the internet with his blatant and willfull ignorance ever again.

  11. MadCityMac Says:

    Mike D’s statement doesn’t even deserve a response. Fro, I hope the move works for Skille; I know the kid has some talent, and I hope Frolik can do something. I think Crawford is going to turn into quite a good goaltender with the work he’s been getting; has Turco been sitting a lot? (I really need to get cable!) I know nothing about Salak, but I guess tome will tell!
    As for the Cubs, I couldn’t agree more with Scott-tic toc tic toc!

  12. MadCityMac Says:

    TIME will tell; geez, I should lay off the beer ’til I’ve had dinner!

  13. Fro Dog Says:

    I thought I banned Mike D. from here a while back? I don’t know if my site options are screwed up but I don’t know how the hell he keeps posting. Oh well. Fuck him.

    Mike, I gave Keith a list of some sites where you can watch all the sports games for free. I am not sure if I sent the list to you but if you want it, let me know. Turco is going Friday night I believe against the Stars then Crawford is back in net on Saturday. Turco has a little bit more lately but Crawford is the number one goalie and I think he’s the better option anyway. Turco isn’t as bad as Huet but it seems like the guys are more comfortable playing in front of Crawford.

  14. chucky Says:

    Fro…Do you know of any sites that stream wrestling PPVs? I heard Vince was working really hard at shutting them down.

  15. Fro Dog Says:


    Keith and I used one site that was YouTube format and it had any sporting event including the Pay-Per-Views. Homeland Security shut down about ten of those sites.

    Since I heard about these sites a couple years back, the only pay-per-views the guys and I order are the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. Anyway, if you want some links, I can get them to you. They are only temporary until I find a really good site without any issues.

  16. chucky Says:

    Sounds good to me fro. You have my e-mail, right?

  17. Urine Soaked Diapers Says:

    Great to hear from you, Mike D!

  18. Fro Dog Says:


    I do. I’ll get that sent out to you tonight.

  19. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, I’d appreciate that, thanks! And what the fuck is Homeland Security sticking their noses into something as innocuous as free sports sites? Glad to hear provisions of the so-called Patriot Act were voted down.

  20. chucky Says:

    Mac….Homeland Security HAS to monitor these sites. Big Brother needs to know what we are watching. Only Big Brother has the wisdom to know what we should watch. It must be clean, wholesome entertainment. We must be protected from the wrestling, pro sporting events, and cheap porn that is out there, waiting to corrupt us.

    Only Homeland Security may look at the Sirian gay porn channel. Big Brother is looking out for you.

    And don’t forget Mac, when you are relaxing, watching a game, the telescreen can look back at you! Be careful you don’t do something to piss off Big Brother!

    George Orwell is turning over in his fucking grave.

    Thanks Fro…I got it. I’ll check them out tonight. For some reason, I can’t send e-mail replies. I keep getting some goofy error message from Yahoo.

  21. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I have a few questions for our stat geek Irish Yeti…

    I am not sure how old you are but if you had a consciousness in the years of 1999 and 2000, answer me this question…Do you believe Rick Aguilera was a serviceable closer for our North Siders in those seasons? I’ll give you a hint, if your answer is yes, then you deserve to have your computer taken away.

    Another one…If you went to prom in high school, did you bring up stats to your date? Did you tell her that 73% of people who go to prom will get laid that night and that 37% of those will lose their virginity? When you told her that, did she buy into it? Or did you say “I thought I had a chance with you because the X amount usually did get laid? Were you successful or are you to this day, still a virgin?

  22. chucky Says:

    He’s not a virgin Matt. Just ask his blow-up doll named George.

  23. Urine Soaked Diapers Says:

    MSF. What is the probability that Mike D. will wet me again before the sun sets in the western sky?


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