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Open thread.

April 28, 2011

Fire away.

Thanks a lot, Chris Campoli!

April 27, 2011

He was getting some love from some of us when the Blackhawks claimed him off waivers from the Senators. He was playing very well for a while. Then one damn fucking play at the worse time pissed away Corey Crawford’s best game so far in his career and whatever chance the Blackhawks had of making history. Nice going dick.

I said I would not be as pissed off because the Blackhawks won the Cup last year so I am not. Loyal reader Erniesarmy said in a previous thread that no one can ever take away what happened last year and that is very true. Being at that championship parade was one of the coolest things I have ever been to. When the season starts up again in the fall, it’s back to business and being pissed off.

At least the Bulls won their series Tuesday night being the Pacers convincingly for the first time in the series. And hey, Keith Bogans Bogus actually made some shots. Let’s see if that keeps up.

Open thread.

April 20, 2011

Well that sucked.

April 17, 2011

After the 2nd period Friday night in game 2 against the Vancouver Canucks, lady Fro said the series was over for the Chicago Blackhawks. I told her let’s see how the 3rd period goes before I make my decision. This is why is I should listen to her more. The Blackhawks ended up losing. Even though I declared the series over after game 2, a little part of me said there still could be a chance. Oops.

The Canucks are a better team. I am aware of that. In the NHL however, the best team doesn’t always win. That’s why I thought the Blackhawks had a chance. I guess not. By the way, Rafi Torres is a piece of shit. He is just as much of a douche as Todd Bertuzzi. I thought back in 2004 when Bertuzzi decided to smash another player’s head into the ice, that he should have been banned from the NHL forever. Rafi Torres should be suspended for a very long time for his elbow on Brent Seabrook Sunday night.

I am pissed about this but not as much as I would be had the Blackhawks not won the Cup last year. I still thank God for that awesome two months that we had as fans. Every logical fan should have seen this coming though for this season. Dealing with massive salary-cap issues, they had to have an average team just to get under the limit. This team, as bad as it is, is still loaded with talent. The supporting cast however is what’s awful. Players like Viktor Stalberg and Fernando Pisani aren’t as good as Kris Versteeg and John Madden. In fact, Stalberg and Pisani suck really bad and John Scott has no business seeing a hockey rink. Next season, Stan Bowman will have more options to field a better team with certain contracts ending and the salary-cap possibly being higher.

All of the luck and breaks that were going the Blackhawks’ way last year obviously aren’t happening this year. They have dealt with major injuries all throughout the year. When it came to the start of the playoffs, they lost Kopecky and Bickell to injuries and Dave Bolland still hasn’t played since his concussion last month. Kopecky isn’t my favorite but he’s better than Scott. They were lucky in the playoffs last year to have their whole team play healthy and well. For that, I am thankful.

For this season, there is one game remaining. If the Blackhawks have any balls whatsoever, they will attempt to do what only two NHL teams have done in history: Win a series after being down 3-0. If the Blackhawks want to be in another one of those “History Will Be Made” commercials, they will have to make history.

6-6 Cubs, off to Colorado…

April 14, 2011

What was one of the few bright spots going into the season was their starting rotation. But the loss of Wells and Cashner for a significant amount of time will prove costly. Casey Coleman did alright for five innings on Sunday to keep his team in the game, but the bullpen gave up the go ahead runs in a tough loss. Tuesday’s pitcher by committie was a joke. Russell and Samardjiza should never see a ML pitchers mound ever again. I’ll swear, on one of Samardjiza’s pitches, he was trying to hit former president George Bush in the face.

In another of Hendry’s great off-season moves, Carlos Pena is showing us all how he hit .196 last year. And Matt Garza was pissed after his last start because Soto was calling too many curveballs. He said curves are not part of his game. Excuse the fuck out of me, but Garza fastballs usually wind up over the wall for home runs.

It’s gonna be a long year!!!

Let’s do this again.

April 12, 2011

Call it luck if you want but the Chicago Blackhawks are in the playoffs. They will take on the Vancouver Canucks Wednesday night. We all know this isn’t the same Blackhawks team that took on the Canucks last year but as we have seen in the last few years, all an NHL team has to do is get into the playoffs and anything can happen.

So apparently, Marty Turco sucks at betting too.

April 6, 2011

From Yahoo! Sports site Puck Daddy.

Here are the Blackhawks hanging on for life in the playoffs and shitty goalie/wagerer Marty Turco is betting with a Habs fan that his team is going to win. Nice going turd. The Blackhawks have a two point lead over the Stars and Flames with just three games to go against the Blues and Red Wings (twice). They must get at least three points in these next two games to clinch a playoff spot. Hang on.