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I can’t figure this team out: Bears 15 Rams 6

December 9, 2018

I won’t call this an ugly win, but I found myself chewing my nails the entire game. I generally am a nail-biter and most of the time, I don’t even realize it. But I did during these few hours. Damn, this felt like the biggest game in years. If you told me the Bears would only allow six points to the best team in the NFL, I would have told you that they would have lost 6-3. That’s because this is the Bears we are talking about and they generally find a way to lose. This team loses to the Giants and beats the Rams? You guys explain this.

Cody Parkey – Okay, I am getting this out of the way before anything else. That missed field goal in the last quarter could have came back to bite this team. The Rams could have driven down and make this a one-possession game. He made the two field goals early on, however. Those misses need to stop.

Mitchell Trubisky – Three interceptions is bad. All of them interceptions were on him. But, on the bright side, offensive lineman Bradley Sowell caught a touchdown pass. Trubisky nearly overthrew that as well. Phew.

Defense – Four interceptions is good, especially after Trubisky throws some that set the other team up to score. The biggest one came right after one of those interceptions by Kyle Fuller. Goff was sacked in the end zone for a safety.

Matt Nagy – Finally, this guy makes the right calls. What took so long? Jordan Howard had over 100 yards rushing. It helped chew the clock up in the second half. Cohen had some carries as well. This is what prevents the other team from scoring points.

Next week, the Packers come to town. We all know Aaron Rodgers always finds a way to make us all miserable. So, let’s just pray for the Vikings to lose tomorrow night so ground can be gained.


Really? This shit again?: Giants 27 Bears 24

December 2, 2018

Everyone is to blame. Nagy for calling a timeout before halftime. The defense for completely falling apart in the second half. The offense fumbling the ball all over the place. Despite the comeback antics of this team, this is exactly what this team is.

Chase Daniel – This guy was bad. Fumbles, unawareness, a pick six on the second play of the game, whatever else. I love the guy, but he had a really terrible game. The last drive in overtime showed it.

Offensive line – Bad. Bad. Bad. These guys really miss Kyle Long.

Matt Nagy – Out of the four losses they’ve had, three were winnable. The Bears had this just like they had the games against the Packers and Dolphins. This goes on the coach. Bad play-calling. Bad time-management. Bad coach. Now, if he shocks us all and is holding up the Lombardi Trophy while confetti falls this February, then I’ll be glad to eat all of my words. But I don’t see that happening.

And here we are as fans, praying for teams like the Packers, Vikings and Panthers to all lose just so the Bears don’t lose ground in the standings. The Bears should be taking care of their own business. This has become repetitive over the years. This loss was really bad. This team just can’t seem to play well in crappy weather. It was really hot in Miami and they promptly pissed it away. Then, this game in the rain. No excuses, however. The other team is playing in the same conditions. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season.

Here come the Rams next Sunday night.