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Getting the job done: Bears 24 Vikings 10

December 30, 2018

This game scared me. Some didn’t know how the Bears should approach this game. For me, I felt as it went on, that they should just play the starters to win the game. The game I thought of the most was the one against the Packers at the end of the 2010 season where if the Bears had won, the Packers would have been eliminated. That came back to the bite the Bears in the ass as the Packers were the ones that beat them in the NFC Championship that season. The Bears were still playing for a first-round bye with the second spot, but the Rams had no problem with the 49ers. The Bears controlled what they could have controlled and they stopped the Vikings from clinching a playoff spot.

Cody Parkey – He hits the post on the extra point. Again. This guy is going to kill all of us.

Mitchell Trubisky – Efficient. Some great passes and very few mistakes, if any. He is definitely a main reason why the Bears won.

Anthony Miller – He injured his shoulder again. This is not good news.

Jordan Howard – Some in the media have criticized Jordan Howard for not playing well this season. That’s because he hasn’t been given the ball as much as he should be. Today, I think he shut those critics up. This guy needs the ball and he needs it often. The Bears chewed up a lot of clock due to a strong running game from Howard.

Defense – Outstanding, once again. Big credit to the front line for putting pressure on Cousins. The Vikings didn’t get a touchdown until the second half and that was only because of an awful roughing the passer call that continued the drive. That’s happened before with the defense where a bad call goes against them and the other team ends up scoring. It would be nice if they could stop that from happening. Other than that, they cannot be taken for granted. They were rested today due to the offense having long drives. That is a formulate for success.

Next up are the defending Super Bowl Champion Eagles this Sunday.

A whole lot of stupid: Bears 14 49ers 9

December 23, 2018

The Bears had no business winning this game. I am not going to blame the defense for this as it was all offense that was the problem. I swear to God, this game had the makings of a very bad loss. A lot of undisciplined actions. But thanks to a couple of bad calls by the referees and stupidity from the 49ers themselves, the Bears were gift-wrapped this.

Cody Parkey – Missed field goal. Really? He did okay the last couple of weeks. It’s going to be a bumpy road. Get use to it.

Matt Nagy – This fucking guy. First drive, third-and-two. Run the ball next? Nope. Pass play. Incomplete. Punt. What’s more? These short yardage downs and the supposed “great coach” keeps calling idiotic trick plays and passes. Enough. Common sense says go get the yard to move the sticks. I know I am in the minority here, but I have little faith in him. He had a history of fucking up things BEFORE he came here.

Mitchell Trubisky – If you look at the stats (cue Yeti), you would think he had a very good game. 25/29 for 246 yards a touchdown. Okay. But what about the awful, broken play where instead of throwing it away, it’s a lateral to Tarik Cohen for a fumble? THROW THE BALL AWAY. On the touchdown drive in the second quarter, he made an errant pass in the endzone for an interception. Thankfully, it was null-and-void by a holding call away from the ball. Absolutely ridiculous. He’s better than this. Maybe that head coach should tell him to not do that.

Allen Robinson – This is the guy that pissed me off the most today. The first play of the two-minute warning, Nagy wants to be cute and put the game away. When the play is executed promptly (shocking) for a first down, Robinson decides to keep running? What happens next? Strip for a fumble and recovery by the 49ers. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GO TO THE GROUND AFTERWARDS YOU FUCKING IDIOT. Nick Mullens took the 49ers to around midfield before trying to air it out on fourth down when he clearly could have rushed for the first down. But that weren’t the case, this would have been the worst loss of the year.

Alright, here is what’s at stake for next week: The Bears can get a first-round bye if they win and the Rams lose to the 49ers. We’ll see what happens.

Revenge: Bears 24 Packers 17

December 16, 2018

I wish it wasn’t this close, but wow. The Bears actually beat the Packers outright. No awful calls by referees like in past years. No seriously injured playmakers. The Bears finally beat this team lead by Aaron Rodgers. It appeared that the Packers were going to make yet, another comeback. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Matt Nagy pulled his idiotic tricks and it nearly cost this team the game. With the Vikings and Redskins both winning, the Bears would have not clinched a playoff spot this week had they lost. That would not have been fun going into the final two weeks of the season. This shit needs to get cleaned up.

Eddie Jackson rolled his ankle on Rodgers first interception ever. Fuck. Let’s just pray it’s a rolled ankle. This gives him three weeks to rest it.

This game gave me flashbacks of five years ago when Rodgers threw the game-winning touchdown to a wide-open Randall Cobb in the last minute to win the division against the Bears during the final game of the regular season. That stung me and it will still continue to. But, this one felt great.

We’ve been waiting eight years for a return to the playoffs. We’ve been waiting 12 years for the Bears to get back to the Super Bowl. And some of us have been waiting our entire lives to see the Bears win the Super Bowl. The first mission is done. The other two have yet to be accomplished this year. We’ll see what happens.

For now, the Bears head to San Francisco to try to stay in the third spot of the NFC standings.

I can’t figure this team out: Bears 15 Rams 6

December 9, 2018

I won’t call this an ugly win, but I found myself chewing my nails the entire game. I generally am a nail-biter and most of the time, I don’t even realize it. But I did during these few hours. Damn, this felt like the biggest game in years. If you told me the Bears would only allow six points to the best team in the NFL, I would have told you that they would have lost 6-3. That’s because this is the Bears we are talking about and they generally find a way to lose. This team loses to the Giants and beats the Rams? You guys explain this.

Cody Parkey – Okay, I am getting this out of the way before anything else. That missed field goal in the last quarter could have came back to bite this team. The Rams could have driven down and make this a one-possession game. He made the two field goals early on, however. Those misses need to stop.

Mitchell Trubisky – Three interceptions is bad. All of them interceptions were on him. But, on the bright side, offensive lineman Bradley Sowell caught a touchdown pass. Trubisky nearly overthrew that as well. Phew.

Defense – Four interceptions is good, especially after Trubisky throws some that set the other team up to score. The biggest one came right after one of those interceptions by Kyle Fuller. Goff was sacked in the end zone for a safety.

Matt Nagy – Finally, this guy makes the right calls. What took so long? Jordan Howard had over 100 yards rushing. It helped chew the clock up in the second half. Cohen had some carries as well. This is what prevents the other team from scoring points.

Next week, the Packers come to town. We all know Aaron Rodgers always finds a way to make us all miserable. So, let’s just pray for the Vikings to lose tomorrow night so ground can be gained.

Really? This shit again?: Giants 27 Bears 24

December 2, 2018

Everyone is to blame. Nagy for calling a timeout before halftime. The defense for completely falling apart in the second half. The offense fumbling the ball all over the place. Despite the comeback antics of this team, this is exactly what this team is.

Chase Daniel – This guy was bad. Fumbles, unawareness, a pick six on the second play of the game, whatever else. I love the guy, but he had a really terrible game. The last drive in overtime showed it.

Offensive line – Bad. Bad. Bad. These guys really miss Kyle Long.

Matt Nagy – Out of the four losses they’ve had, three were winnable. The Bears had this just like they had the games against the Packers and Dolphins. This goes on the coach. Bad play-calling. Bad time-management. Bad coach. Now, if he shocks us all and is holding up the Lombardi Trophy while confetti falls this February, then I’ll be glad to eat all of my words. But I don’t see that happening.

And here we are as fans, praying for teams like the Packers, Vikings and Panthers to all lose just so the Bears don’t lose ground in the standings. The Bears should be taking care of their own business. This has become repetitive over the years. This loss was really bad. This team just can’t seem to play well in crappy weather. It was really hot in Miami and they promptly pissed it away. Then, this game in the rain. No excuses, however. The other team is playing in the same conditions. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season.

Here come the Rams next Sunday night.