A whole lot of stupid: Bears 14 49ers 9


The Bears had no business winning this game. I am not going to blame the defense for this as it was all offense that was the problem. I swear to God, this game had the makings of a very bad loss. A lot of undisciplined actions. But thanks to a couple of bad calls by the referees and stupidity from the 49ers themselves, the Bears were gift-wrapped this.

Cody Parkey – Missed field goal. Really? He did okay the last couple of weeks. It’s going to be a bumpy road. Get use to it.

Matt Nagy – This fucking guy. First drive, third-and-two. Run the ball next? Nope. Pass play. Incomplete. Punt. What’s more? These short yardage downs and the supposed “great coach” keeps calling idiotic trick plays and passes. Enough. Common sense says go get the yard to move the sticks. I know I am in the minority here, but I have little faith in him. He had a history of fucking up things BEFORE he came here.

Mitchell Trubisky – If you look at the stats (cue Yeti), you would think he had a very good game. 25/29 for 246 yards a touchdown. Okay. But what about the awful, broken play where instead of throwing it away, it’s a lateral to Tarik Cohen for a fumble? THROW THE BALL AWAY. On the touchdown drive in the second quarter, he made an errant pass in the endzone for an interception. Thankfully, it was null-and-void by a holding call away from the ball. Absolutely ridiculous. He’s better than this. Maybe that head coach should tell him to not do that.

Allen Robinson – This is the guy that pissed me off the most today. The first play of the two-minute warning, Nagy wants to be cute and put the game away. When the play is executed promptly (shocking) for a first down, Robinson decides to keep running? What happens next? Strip for a fumble and recovery by the 49ers. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GO TO THE GROUND AFTERWARDS YOU FUCKING IDIOT. Nick Mullens took the 49ers to around midfield before trying to air it out on fourth down when he clearly could have rushed for the first down. But that weren’t the case, this would have been the worst loss of the year.

Alright, here is what’s at stake for next week: The Bears can get a first-round bye if they win and the Rams lose to the 49ers. We’ll see what happens.


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