Getting the job done: Bears 24 Vikings 10


This game scared me. Some didn’t know how the Bears should approach this game. For me, I felt as it went on, that they should just play the starters to win the game. The game I thought of the most was the one against the Packers at the end of the 2010 season where if the Bears had won, the Packers would have been eliminated. That came back to the bite the Bears in the ass as the Packers were the ones that beat them in the NFC Championship that season. The Bears were still playing for a first-round bye with the second spot, but the Rams had no problem with the 49ers. The Bears controlled what they could have controlled and they stopped the Vikings from clinching a playoff spot.

Cody Parkey – He hits the post on the extra point. Again. This guy is going to kill all of us.

Mitchell Trubisky – Efficient. Some great passes and very few mistakes, if any. He is definitely a main reason why the Bears won.

Anthony Miller – He injured his shoulder again. This is not good news.

Jordan Howard – Some in the media have criticized Jordan Howard for not playing well this season. That’s because he hasn’t been given the ball as much as he should be. Today, I think he shut those critics up. This guy needs the ball and he needs it often. The Bears chewed up a lot of clock due to a strong running game from Howard.

Defense – Outstanding, once again. Big credit to the front line for putting pressure on Cousins. The Vikings didn’t get a touchdown until the second half and that was only because of an awful roughing the passer call that continued the drive. That’s happened before with the defense where a bad call goes against them and the other team ends up scoring. It would be nice if they could stop that from happening. Other than that, they cannot be taken for granted. They were rested today due to the offense having long drives. That is a formulate for success.

Next up are the defending Super Bowl Champion Eagles this Sunday.

2 Responses to “Getting the job done: Bears 24 Vikings 10”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    1) Good that the Bears drove the nail in the coffin of a division rival, especially one that had more playoff experience than Da Bears have. No need to give them a rubber match/payback game.

    2) That being said, this is kind of like Daniel LaRusso trading having to fight Johnny Lawrence for Mike Barnes. (Google “Karate Kid movie franchise”). We’re only getting the defending SB champs, led by the back-up QB who got them their title last year.

    3) Part of the reason that Matt Nagy was hired was to help get the Bears into the end zone on a regular basis, preferably without the use of GPS. Trubisky had 160 years passing and 0 passing TDs today, Dafuck?

    4) Will Trubisky ever be good for 300 yds/3~4 TDs on a regular basis?

    6) The Bears need to play better, smarter, and cleaner than whomever they take the field against; they simply don’t have the talent to overcome 6 penalties a game turnovers, or the other game-killing bullshit that has plagued this franchise for the last decade-plus.

    7) With the Bulls and Black Hawks occupying last place, and college basketball pretty much an afterthought, Chicago needs a Bears Super Bowl run now more than ever.

    8) That being said, in the unlikely event that the bears win the Super Bowl this February, it will arguably be the ugliest SB run in modern NFL history. Forget Carrie Underwood; the pregame music should be played by Korn

    9) Full-retard game managing. Drive-killing, soul-crushing penalties. Gruesome injuries. Broken plays. Special teams insanity, to include stupid placekicking.


    10) Bear down, Chicago Bears. That is all.

    Where’s my Uber eats?

  2. Jimmy D Says:

    Hey All,

    I must say…I’m fucking shocked. Da Bears make the playoffs and there are virtually no posts on this thread from you knuckleheads. WTF? Are you happy, or not?
    And, don’t give me this “anything less than a Super Bowl WIN is considered a failure” bullshit!
    I don’t think there was a one of you that REALLY/TRULY thought the team would be in the playoffs under the tutelage of Mr. Trubisky in his 2nd year in the league. Right?

    Now, I’m not picking on you guys…I’m really not. FroDog can attest to that. I actually wish you guys well in the playoffs. Hell, if we (the Packers) can’t be playing for the championship, then why not have the victor come from the NFC North?

    Go get ’em!

    Jimmy D.


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