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Just a side note

October 31, 2008

I was listening to the Score 670 Friday and at 12:45, Murph took a call from someone named Bobby D from Rockford.

Is this the same Bobby D that pretty much abandoned us at the old site so we all had to come here?

Oh well.

I’ll have a Bears and/or Bulls recap Sunday night or Monday. Have a good Halloween weekend everybody. Be safe.

Season preview: Chicago Bulls basketball

October 26, 2008

Some people may not know this about me but I am a huge Bulls fan. When the Bulls had Jordan and were spoiling the city with titles, I was watching. When Tim Floyd was coaching and the likes of Randy Brown and Dickey Simpkins were in the starting lineup, I was watching. I am not sure how many of you guys here follow the NBA closely but I will be here to talk about the Bulls all season long.

Right now, the Bulls have about sixteen guards, two forwards and one center. That is suppose to be a joke but it could be true in this case. They do have a lot of guards and a couple that need to find new homes. Larry Hughes and Kirk Hinrich are two players that were rumored to be traded in the summer but no one wanted either of them. Hughes is a guy that can play average defense but every time someone passes him the ball, there is a 100% chance he will take a shot and on top of that, his salary is pretty high. In fact, Larry Hughes is so bad that when he was in Cleveland, a fan made this site: Website

Hinrich on the other hand can also play defense but he likes to dribble the ball until the shot clock reaches 3 in which he will either shoot or pass with no time for another player to shoot. I would want Derrick Rose and Thabo Sefelosha to start at the guards with Ben Gordon coming off of the bench as a sixth man.

Hometown hero Derrick Rose is by far the best player on this team. Most people are realizing by now that Rose is going to have to be the leader on this team. He will make shitty players average. He will make average players a little bit better. He is the real deal. This will be a process for John Paxson (Unless he gets fired this season) to unload some of the shitty players on this team to get some draft picks in return and try to make this team a serious contender once again in the next couple years.

With the Eastern Conference still being weak, my season win-loss prediction for our Chicago Bulls is 42-40, the 7th or 8th seed in the playoffs but end of getting their ass whooped by Boston or Orlando in the first round.


October 19, 2008

"First place fuckers."

I have always been a fan of Kyle Orton since his days at Purdue. In his senior year, he could of easily won the Heismann Trophy and being selected in the first round of the NFL Draft but ended up having a horrible knee injury that hurt his draft status. Thankfully, Jerry Angelo did not take his stupid pills that day and decided to take Orton in the fourth round anyways.

When Grossman was injured in the 2005 preseason for the 57th time, Orton was put in charge. The problem was that Ron Turner and Lovie Smith didn’t allow him to throw the ball more than five yards. This year, Orton has carried this team. In the losses with Carolina and Tampa Bay, he did overthrow a couple passes that could of easily been touchdowns and ones that would of put the game away. Combine that with the defense that has really sucked and blowing 4th quarter leads like the Chicago Bulls have done the last four years. He led this team to a sure win in Atlanta only to have the defense piss it away again. Disgusting.

Regardless, this team should be 7-0 right now. Yeah, I know. Would of. Could of. Should of. They are 4-3 and tied for first place with the NASCAR fans to the North. Luckily, a bye week is here so the Bears can rest their injured defense.

"Yeah buddy."

Will the real Chicago Bears please stand up?

October 12, 2008

3-3. Which team are we going to get?

So what now?

October 5, 2008

I am not going to sit here and talk about what happened this previous week. That was taken care of in the last few threads. All of my memorabilia and jerseys are in a box and ready to be put on eBay (If I can even get any cash out of this worthless shit). The only thing I am holding on to are a few autographed baseballs for financial purposes. I am actually kind of amazed that my apartment looks empty that all of my stuff is in a box. Obviously, most of it was Cubs merchandise.

Getting away from this team is going to be hard, but it can be done. I am telling myself now that I am finished with this team for good. I am not going to watch the games or go to them. I am not ever going back. I can’t take this anymore. I am done.

As far as this site is concerned, I will continue to hold on to it. I will try to have new threads about once or twice a week. I will be spending more time with video games, watching some shows or even a movie since I haven’t had a chance much lately. As it approaches Spring, I may hand the site to someone else to take care of the Cubs writing. You guys at the old site are awesome. I think over the last few years, we became pretty good friends on here without meeting up in person. It is really cool. We all think alike. When we disagreed, we gave each other our points in respect.

You guys are always welcome to talk about Cubs and anything else baseball-wise on this site. I do not mind. Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls along with college football and basketball can be discussed as well. This is your guys’ site also.

So once again, I really appreciate all of you guys coming over here from the old site and new visitors as well. Thank you very much for the support.

Cubs vs. Dodgers 10/04

October 4, 2008

Saturday – 9:00 p.m. Tbs – Dick Harden vs. Hiroki Kuroda

The only thing that has made me cry in my life is the baseball team that plays on the north side of Chicago.

October 3, 2008

Only the Chicago Cubs can break my heart. No girl can. No personal tragedy can. NOTHING ELSE OTHER THAN THE CUBS CAN BREAK THIS HEART.

So that brings me to these questions: Why are we Cub fans? Do we choose to be? Were we raised this way? I just have early memories of watching them on tv with my brother. Most of the games earlier in my life, I listened to them on the radio because I didn’t have cable. I only saw a game on tv if it was Nationally televised on Saturday or if I went to a friend’s house who had cable until I was about 16 when I moved to another town.

I do not know if it is a curse or just a shitty team. I have no idea. Only the man upstairs knows. Some people on here might not be fans anymore of this team and I might not be either after the Cubs get eliminated Saturday. What is the point of cheering for a team that is never going to win a World Championship? I know that I am wasting my time.

I called Stacey after the game one loss and told her I might be done being a Cubs fan and a reader or two on here is thinking of doing the same. She was shocked. I have been following this team for the better part of my 22 years. I may just sell my jerseys, my autographed baseballs and other memorabilia. If I do not sell them, then I will just donate them to little kids and have them grow up with the same pain I did. I cannot take this anymore. No I am not sucicidal. I just don’t want to be stressed out anymore over this team.

All of the emotion and time that we invest into this team is like no other. How could we do this? Why do we do this? Is it worth the stress? I do not want to be a fan anymore. I am tired of crying. I am tired of staying in to watch the Cubs when I can do something else that is worth my time. I am sure there is something else on to watch. I am sure I can go out for a drive or play some video games. Whatever. I want to live. This isn’t worth it anymore. I get it now. I want to live without worrying about problems of the Chicago Cubs. They are never going to win.

Cubs vs. Dodgers 10/02

October 2, 2008

Thursday – 8:30 p.m. Tbs – Carlos Zambrano vs. Chad Billingsly

Cubs vs. Dodgers – Game 1 – 10/01

October 1, 2008

Wednesday – 5:30 p.m. Tbs – Ryan Dempster vs. Derek Lowe