The only thing that has made me cry in my life is the baseball team that plays on the north side of Chicago.


Only the Chicago Cubs can break my heart. No girl can. No personal tragedy can. NOTHING ELSE OTHER THAN THE CUBS CAN BREAK THIS HEART.

So that brings me to these questions: Why are we Cub fans? Do we choose to be? Were we raised this way? I just have early memories of watching them on tv with my brother. Most of the games earlier in my life, I listened to them on the radio because I didn’t have cable. I only saw a game on tv if it was Nationally televised on Saturday or if I went to a friend’s house who had cable until I was about 16 when I moved to another town.

I do not know if it is a curse or just a shitty team. I have no idea. Only the man upstairs knows. Some people on here might not be fans anymore of this team and I might not be either after the Cubs get eliminated Saturday. What is the point of cheering for a team that is never going to win a World Championship? I know that I am wasting my time.

I called Stacey after the game one loss and told her I might be done being a Cubs fan and a reader or two on here is thinking of doing the same. She was shocked. I have been following this team for the better part of my 22 years. I may just sell my jerseys, my autographed baseballs and other memorabilia. If I do not sell them, then I will just donate them to little kids and have them grow up with the same pain I did. I cannot take this anymore. No I am not sucicidal. I just don’t want to be stressed out anymore over this team.

All of the emotion and time that we invest into this team is like no other. How could we do this? Why do we do this? Is it worth the stress? I do not want to be a fan anymore. I am tired of crying. I am tired of staying in to watch the Cubs when I can do something else that is worth my time. I am sure there is something else on to watch. I am sure I can go out for a drive or play some video games. Whatever. I want to live. This isn’t worth it anymore. I get it now. I want to live without worrying about problems of the Chicago Cubs. They are never going to win.

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  1. Nemo Says:

    I know some of you may not like this, but I don’t think there is much we can do about being Cub fans. As much as we want a championship (unlike the sheeple), we would have left by now out of disgust. But we haven’t. I submit to you that we can’t. It’s our team. As pissed off as they make us, we still want them to win. I mean, can any of you seriously just pick another team after all these years? I can’t. The best I can do is to have no team and not follow baseball. I might be able to do that, but I have converted my wife into a die hard fan and she’s not ready to give up yet. And even if I do bail,if the Cubs make the playoffs-what do you think I am gonna do? Of course,I will come around.

    I haven’t actually watched ANY of the first two games because it was too stressful for me. I followed on the internet from the 7th yesterday and after the debate tonight (oh, I did see the bottom of the 9th tonight).

    I WISH I could just leave the Cubs or better, have them never having been my team in the first place. I have no one to blame for myself being a Cub fan but day baseball in the summer when I was a little kid. My mom had grown up a Sox fan and my dad a Cardinals fan, but they had lost interest by the time I took up baseball as a kid. They are Cub fans now. My sins continue.

    As far as the man upstairs, if he existed, I think we would have won by now. There are no angels in the outfield, and while there may be no such things as curses, it doesn’t matter. they have taken on a life of their own. How long before Bartman is considered its own curse? Haven’t won a game since then-including 5 straight home playoff losses over 3 different years. How is that even possible?

    I certainly don’t have any easy answers for the hearbreak of being a Cub fan. Except for those stupid fucks to fucking win. Pissing in their pants two years in a row? Jesus Fucking Christ!!! Now I am all fucking worked up again. I will stop now.

  2. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro Dog; 1968, Madison, Wisconsin. Pre-cable, Channel 15, the NBC affilliate here in town carries all of the Cubs Sunday games, picking up the feed from WGN, and some Tuesday night road games. This was also pre-Brewers, so it was the only team I cared about. This was when I started watching and loving the Cubs. I don’t have to tell anybody on this site the guys that were on those teams. The sheeple are probably not aware, but fuck them! So I’m sitting on 40 years of putting up with this shit, and I can’t let go. I’ve tried, but it’s like trying to hate that so-called “love of my life” that I let get away 23 years ago (that’s another story!). You can’t. There’s always going to be aspects of the organization I’ll hate (Sam Zell, Douchebag, etc.) but I’ll always be a Cub fan. I’ve never mentioned this on this site because I assumed it would be blasphemy, but I’ve been a Brewer fan all these years as well. When the Brewers moved to the NL it kinda messed things up, but the Cubs are still my favorite. Try as I might, I can’t let go.
    That said, 101 fucking years now and counting. Fuck! Go Blackhawks! My boys from Madison, Adam Burish, Jack Skille, and Jake Dowell are gonna kick some ass, I hope. Keep Khabibulin healthy, and give him some D in front of him and things are looking good!

  3. MadCityMac Says:

    …and Fro Dog, great idea to just take Stacey out to eat or just go for a walk. Vicki has more or less helped keep my remaining sanity intact for the past year plus.

  4. CooCooCaChooch Says:

    I’m done too……….this team sucks moose cock and I am sick of having my heart trampled on time and time again………..I can’t emotionaly or physically take it anymore. I’m going to burn my hat and Soriano jersey tonight.

    At least I’m a Sox fan too, so I’ll go root for them now! Don’t all of you hope the Sox do it again?

  5. ac1961 Says:

    Yeah, I’m a Mets fan (we suck worse than the Cubs), and I’d like to know if it’s cool to root for both the Cubs and Sox here. I know if I rooted for the Yankmees, I’d get my balls lopped off by my Met friends.

    Can CaChooch get away with that here? He wouldn’t in NY.

  6. PiniellaSwallows Says:

    The first thing that popped in my head after all this… im a baseball fan, and the team i choose to support does this every year… baseball is a game of streaks and even if a team won every single regular season they could easily go in a slump and lose in the first round… so i think ill just say fuck baseball all together… when this could just as easily happen to any team i root for… just like footballl… i used to be a huge football fan but since my team(Da Bears) have a pussy for a coach that doesnt have the balls to keep his foot on another teams throat and blows 4th quarter leads im losing intrest in football as well…. seems basketball is my last resort for being a sports fan

  7. chucky Says:

    The way the Cubs have played against the LA, I don’t blame CooCoo at all.

    I managed to put a lot of emotional distance between myself and the Bears. When they dumped Mike Ditka and started hiring coachs that had no heart, no soul, no personality, and no fire, distancing myself from became real easy for me. I said it before, the McCaskey family is no better (maybe worse) than the Tribune Company. It was easy.

    The problem for me, and I speak only for myself here, is that my attachment to the Cubs was much deeper and much longer than my attachment to the Bears. IF I can detach myself from the Cubs it will be much more painful than detaching from the Bears. And I honestly don’t know if I can do it.

    I will be putting some distance between myself and the Cubs. You guys are right. There is way more to life than supporting this bullshit.

    I may try getting more into something else I really do enjoy: AMA motorcycle road racing. These are guys who really do earn their paychecks, give a damn about what they do, and are really fun to watch. I go to Road America every year (first weekend in June) for 4 days of balls to the wall racing. Lots of sun, lots of rain (yes, they race in the rain). And the best part is I don’t really have a favorite racer. It’s very expensive, but to me, it’s once a year, so it’s worth it.

    That’s about it. I am with you guys though. This shit just isn’t worth it anymore.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Good to have you back MadCityMac. We missed you over here! By the way, the Blackhawks waived Khabiulin(sp?) earlier in the week.

    You guys all make great points. This simply isn’t worth it. Trying to get away from this will be tough for me and some of the guys on here. It could be done though.

    It just simply isn’t worth it.

  9. Tony Taylor Says:

    How fitting is it, that they’re going down like this in the 100th straight losing season. Yes, the Cubs are cursed! Theyve been cursed with the two worst owners in the history of baseball, the Wrigley’s and Tribune.

  10. MadCityMac Says:

    Thanks Fro Dog! Who the hell will be in goal for the Blackhawks?

  11. Sandberg23 Says:

    Unlike you’re woman Fro Dog my wife hates pretty much all sports. She dosen’t understand my fanatic involvement with any team I root for especially with the Cubs. She’s told me many times I don’t know why you give a shit so much they are just gonna screw up in the end. Whether it’s a game, the reg season or playoffs. I have pissed her off many times by the antics I have done watching games. Yelling at the TV, slamming my hat down in disgust, talking about how bad the Cubs suck. I have went out to go get fucked up to watch the game and I have upset her by leaving the house. So I piss her off before I leave only to get pissed off witnessing some shitty performance by the Cubs. What the fuck is the point in that?? In then throw the Bears into this shit and I’m starting to realize that she is right. What’s the point?? They are just gonna screw this up somehow one way or another. I could never root for another team but I can distance myself from this. I’ve got a family we can do more things together this way. They won’t have to sit and wait for me to watch a game to go do something. Btw I’m not gonna try to keep my kids from being Cub fans and what torment and dissapointment they are gonna go through if they decide to root for them. Fro Dogs don’t give you’re Cubs stuff to any kids. The last thing you want to do is spread this sickness we have of being Cub fans to them and save them from going through this shit that we do every year.

  12. Nemo Says:

    NO IT’S NOT COOL to go for the Sox too!!! Pick your fucking team! I did not jump on the bandwagon in 2005. Sadly, that is one of my proudest moments as a Cub fan. If I just wanted to root for a team that was gonna win, I could have just picked the Yankees in the late 90’s or Boston last year. I want MY team to be a winner-not join in someone else’s celebration. How fucking lame.

  13. armycubsfan Says:

    I will always be a Cub fan. Through thick and thin, hell or high water. With their Dustys, Piniellas, Rigglemans, McPhails, Zells, billygoats, black cats, and Bartmans. I will always support this team, and I know they have pretty much a 100% chance of winning a World Series at least once in the remaining 70-80 years I have walking this Earth providing they continue to exist. I love my Cubs, whether they stay at Wrigley Field or move on. You call can go ahead and abandon this team if you want. But I’ll be one of the die-hard fans left when they decide to finally win it all. I will not quit, there are other things more important in life to this team, so it won’t break my heart if they get eliminated Saturday. Yeah, I’ll be sad, pissed off, what have you. But come April, I will be rooting the Cubs on once again for a brand new season. That’s just the way it’s gonna be.

  14. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Maybe we would have won with Matt Stairs in the lineup.

    Can we send Fukudome back to Japan?

  15. Fro Dog Says:


    The Blackhawks signed a goalie and they have one in their minor league system named Corey Crawford or something. He is suppose to be ok.


    Good point about selling my stuff. If I can’t sell all of my stuff on eBay, maybe I will just have a huge bonfire with all of my shit in it.

  16. Sandberg23 Says:

    If you have that bonfire let me know. I will be the first to throw my Fukudome jersey in the fire. I knew it was too early to by that fucking thing. Yeah he should be rolled up and sent back as an egg roll to Japan.

  17. Fro Dog Says:

    I am praying not to have a bonfire. I could use this money and maybe put it towards something useful. Like a bill or possibly a car payment. The Cubs organazation does not deserve my money anymore.

  18. CooCooCaChooch Says:

    Nemo – I don’t appreciate your rudeness in these tough times and I don’t see why we can’t have two favorite teams……….we are all from Chicago and we should root for all Chicago teams.

  19. CooCooCaChooch Says:

    Matt Stairs? LOL………he’s like the 5th string pinch hitter in PHilly (a real team) now.

  20. Sandberg23 Says:

    Shit Stairs would fit right in the Cubs lineup. They are all hitting like 5th string pinch hitters right now.

  21. Jason Wedge Says:

    This site is awesome…thanks to the guy that told me to come here from CBS…I have been called every name in the book for saying this is the end of me and the CHUBS…

    I feel like all you other guys…It’s hard to walk away but all the pain and the agony of watching this team will not be worth it for the 1 to 2 minutes of glory after they win a title….if it ever even happens…

    So instead of following this team I will do something greater, like spend time with my wife and my dog and future children…I have greater things to worry about/deal with than this team…

    FroDog…from the score FroDog?

    The whole organization from top to bottom makes me sick…I can’t think of one level of this organization that actually gives me reason to beleive they wont always suck….


  22. Fro Dog Says:

    Yes. Fro Dog from the Score.

    The same Fro Dog that has not missed one single game in the past three seasons. From 2006-2008, not one game missed whether watching it on tv, listening on the radio or being there in person.

    How pathetic the life I live.

  23. Jason Wedge Says:

    coocoo…bro we dont root for both teams…there are 31 other teams i would root for before the white sox…we dont have to root for a team because we live in the city…thats just a cheesey way of thinking…

  24. Jason Wedge Says:

    Fro Dog…I was on my honeymoon this year in saint lucia and caught game one of the season on ESPN , I saw FUKU hit a HR to tie it , but that is all i watched of that game…I am so happy i did not waste another minute watching that game on TV….that means i would have wasted beach and pool time with my wife…

    I will not waste anymore time with this team. Period…Unless some guy on my fantasy baseball team gets traded to the cubs I will not watch anymore..I say traded because I am never picking a cub to ever be on my team again…I am distancing myself…

    I will torch all my cubs gear, I do not want any child/person to wear any such garbage ….

  25. Fro Dog Says:


    I was at Opening Day. I go every year and sit in the bleachers. Never had I saw the place shake like that after the homerun. Unfortunately, that was the high point for that asshole Kos-K.

  26. Jason Wedge Says:

    Fro Dog…dont go next year…I am not buying tickets for any games…that is 100% for sure…

    I have tickets to game 5 of this series…I kept saying I hope I dont have to use them….ya know what…I am still saying that shit but for a different reason.



  27. Jason Wedge Says:

    And what the F was with the priest blessing the god damn dugout…ITS A FUCKING GAME…GOD BETTER BE TAKING CARE OF BIGGER SHIT THAN THE FUCKING CUBS…

    Is there a greek orthodox person in the cubs organization????

    It is stupid stuff like this that makes me say screw this team…it is all about money and making a show out of everything….

  28. Trammell for HOF Says:

    CooCoo, you really are CooCoo.

    That’s very limpwristed of you to “cheer” (Rah-Rah) for anything and everything because their from the same city.

    I’m a Tiger fan, but I can’t even bring myself to root for a team of a different sport in the same city, I hate the Lions so badly.

    Fish or cut bait you Femme Le Baseball yo-yo freak. I’ll bet you have other “issues” that have taken you down this road

  29. Fro Dog Says:

    Where are all these new readers coming from?

    Oh well. Welcome to my site.

  30. erniesarmy Says:

    You know, that sight of the priest blessing the Cub dugout with “holy water” pretty much summed up the attitude of this franchise; they are afraid!
    Can you imagine the Yankees doing that, or the Cardinals, or the Red Sox, or even the White Sox? The Cubs came into this series filled with fear! Name me one team that has ever won anything driven by fear of failure? It can’t be done!

    If Piniella was smart, he would make a joke about the curse of the billy goat. Have some farmer bring a billy goat into the locker room, throw a black cat on the mound, and chase it all over the infield. Invite Steve Bartman to toss out the first pitch in game one. Let this team know that you don’t believe in curses by making fun of it, loosen the guys up, take the pressure off by saying the first guy who gets a hit gets free tickets to Disney World or something.

    This team is so wound up I don’t think they couldn’t beat the Pillsbury Dough Boys.

    Unless Piniella can figure out a way to release the pressure these guys are under, Saturday will be the end of the season.

  31. Jason Wedge Says:

    Cub fans are p.o’d….people are spreading the word that this team is going to start losing its best fans….and what better place to talk about it….

  32. BlondeBronxBomber Says:

    You guys all need to chill out. Why can’t men be more like us gals and root for BOTH teams from a city? Is it just a guy thing? is it more likely that chicks root for both teams?

    I grew up in LA and absolutely LOVED the Angels and Dodgers. Then I spent 12 years in NYC where I couldn’t decide between Derek Jeter and David Wright. So I rooted for both! They’re both SOOOOO hot! The Subway Series was SO awesome…..

    Now I’ve been in Chicago for 6 months and think it absolutely ROCKS that we have both teams in the playoffs. I mean, there’s no difference, right? There’s a dude in my office from Kenosha who agrees with me. He’s been here most of his life and says that most Chicago residents root for both. Is he crazy? I need to know because he’s kind of cute and I’m thinking of asking him out…….should I stay away???

  33. Chris1998 Says:

    This team is just not worth all of the fucking heartache and emotion. I compare the Cubs organization to our members of Congress who just voted for the bailout, even though their constituents (85-90%) did not want them to. Congress doesn’t care about the voters, and the Cubs don’t care about their fans. As I have stated before, who really cares about Opening Day 2009? Oh yeah, I know. There will be the Cubs Cruise, Cubs Caravans, and Cubs Convention during the offseason. Just enough time to bullshit people once again before Opening Day. Fuck this team. It’s not worth getting upset about people. It’s definitely not worth suicidal thoughts. Why spend three hours a day for 162 days for nothing? Let’s find something else more constructive to do with our time. Let’s talk about the Bears or Bulls. The Cubs team and organization are children, not grown men. So the Cubs are going nowhere in the postseason. Is that a surprise? Spend time with your family, go shopping. The Cubs are just not worth getting all worked up over. They are just not fucking worth it.

  34. Sandberg23 Says:

    Blond Bronx stay away. He apparantly dosen’t know anyting about Chicago baseball teams. He sounds like a deusche bag to me. You either root for one or you root for the other not both. Probably 99% of the people on this site hate the Sox. Can you believe this Frodog??

  35. Fro Dog Says:

    I cannot believe this. I am still trying to figure out where all these people came from. Am I famous or something? Probably not nor do I want to be. I made this website because our friend bobbyd never updated the old site and we needed somewhere to go to. We left our old homes to a new place. That is why we are the “refugees”.

  36. Sandberg23 Says:

    This is a good thing you did getting this site up and going. It’s therapy from the bullshit Cubs disaster year in and year out. bobbyd started it but you are carrying the torch. It would have been better if you would have got these people on here because the Cubs we’re playing well not because of another debacle. Oh well I guess that’s why we are all here in the first place right?

  37. CooCooCaChooch Says:

    Watch the mouth, Trammell, you womanly emotional fuck.

  38. Jason Wedge Says:

    sorry everyone if you want me to go away I will but its nice to have a place to vent my true cub anger to people who actually get it…..

    On another note blond bronx bomber…i hope that post was a joke…I mean it sure did sound like it…you root for teams because players are hot first off and you have like 6 favorite teams….

  39. Sandberg23 Says:

    Coo Coo if you want to root for the sox. Go find a fucking sox blog to write on. Nobody wants to talk about the Sox in here. They fucking suck and nobody likes them in here.

  40. BlondeBronxBomber Says:

    No, I wasn’t joking, I just get attached real easily 🙂

    Honestly, I was kidding a little about the Jeter vs. Wright thing, but I was truly happy for both teams when they were both making the playoffs.

    But I realize I’m not like most hardcore fans. I just really get into my city’s teams. And it looks like I’ll be staying up here for awhile if everything works out, so I just want to get into and enjoy the local sports atmosphere.

    That’s why I thought this guy from Kenosha was so cool. But, maybe he’s really a dork. I appreciate the warnings.

  41. CooCooCaChooch Says:

    I don’t agree with these guys, Blondie. Most of the people in Chicago root on both teams. These guys are just being jealous bitter dicks.

  42. Fro Dog Says:

    Hey new people, how did you guys find my site? I am talking to you BlondeBronxBomber and CooCooCaChooch.

  43. Jason Wedge Says:

    I swear on my grandfathers grave that it was not me who told them about this site…I was quite glad that when i showed up here everyone fell right in line with what i was saying….you know actual fans with baseball knowledge and not sheepish fans…

  44. Bonk Says:

    Fro Dog – The name of the site screams “Cubs rant”.

    Has there ever been a more necessary time to rant about the Cubs?

  45. Nemo Says:


    I do not appreciate a FUCKING SOX FAN coming on to a FUCKING CUBS SITE during our extreme duress and telling US how to think. You want to talk about the Sox? then GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! Most fans pick ONE TEAM in Chicago. And NO ONE ELSE HERE roots for the Sox!!! I think you are a FAKE Cubs fan anyway. Your team is about to get knocked out too-so go cry on the Sox forums you insignificant little pipsqueak!!!

    Fro, can you ban that fuckers IP address? Blonde too-I think that she is really CooCooCaChooch as well. Or maybe you could make people register? We don’t need ANY Sox fan here for any reason!! Not now. NOT EVER!!!!

  46. robert Says:

    jason I am the one who invited you over welcome….speak your mind hear we hear you

  47. CooCooCaChooch Says:

    One of your long-time “regulars” brought me over here. He’s since asked me not to reveal who because he is afraid of the wrath it may incure upon him. It is not Fro Dog, I will say that much.

  48. CooCooCaChooch Says:

    Wedge, you seem awfully defensive for a guy who says he is innocent.

  49. CooCooCaChooch Says:


  50. BlondeBronxBomber Says:

    OMG all, I am not trying to stir anything up. EVERYBODY at the office was totally depressed today. A friend of mine wanted to show me how serious you guys take your Cubs up here and she was googling Cubs fan sites. This is one of the ones that we got linked to. You take your baseball MUCH more seriously than Southern California fans. And I think Yankee fans have just gotten so used to winning they’re not as crazy about it.

    I realize how long-suffering you have been. There was even an article in the USA Today about how everybody is fiercely loyal to one team or another:

    If you want this to remain a diehard Cubs fans site, no worries. I won’t tread on your sacred ground. At least I know that dude in the office who likes both is a total tool now. Do you think it’s because he’s from Wisconsin? Aren’t they all Brewers fans up there anyways?

  51. BlondeBronxBomber Says:

    And no that guy in the office’s name is NOT CooCoo….unless that’s his username. Then I REALLY don’t wanna get to know him.

  52. CooCooCaChooch Says:

    Go suck a dick, bitch…………..fuck yourself

  53. CooCooCaChooch Says:

    Now that it appears my cover has been blown, please allow me to tell you all a little story. As ridiculous and tragic as this all sounds, the following events are absoultely 100% true.

    This is a story about a man named Chip Chirimbes from Kenosha, Wisconsin. I knew Mr. Chirimbes, aka “CHOOCH”. The nickmane CHOOCH was applied to this particular individual for his propensity to talk out both sides of his mouth while accepting wagers at horrible prices and then holding up the payouts to this particular group of friends. Old CHOOCH even said he sent a check from Mexico one time (I am not making this up) in an attempt to keep the dogs at bay while he stalled payment of yet another gambling debt.

    We’ve known Mr. Chirimbes for approximately 10 years. For the first 6 or 7 years all we ever heard about or saw was Cubs this, Cubs that, ridiculous mushroom induced fantasies and ensuing tragic bets that he lost without fail. ALWAYS wore the Cubs hat and jersey at our annual trip to the Kentucky Derby.

    Then came the year of our lord, 2005. Mr. Chirimbes ditched his “beloved” Cubs and decided to ride the White Sox bandwagon. He was insulted, berated and embarrassed by the group, called such names as FRONTRUNNING COCK-A-ROACH, etcetera. Mr. Chirimbes asserted that everyone in Chicago roots for both teams. We all knew he was full of shit, but we needed to gather further proof……………..THAT PROOF HAS BEEN ATTAINED. THE LIGHT OF JUSTICE HAS SHINED AND I WANT TO THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

    With all due apologies, you have all been unwitting participant in my ruse. A friend of mine who had been lurking at the other site told me to check out this site for a good laugh after the Cubs lost game 1………….I’ve got to say that being from Philadelphia I really admire the amount of hate you are able to generate for a good old fashion stink out choke job(and I can assure you I have seen my fair share)…………….but I digress. My mission was to out Mr. Chirimbes by taking a poll of REAL fans to affirm my suspicion that rooting for both teams is indeed TABOO in Chicago, as it is in any place that isn’t a 3rd world country. I thank you for your participation, wish you all the best of luck in the future and now will retreat to bask in the WARM LIGHT OF JUSTICE……………CHIP CHIRIMBES YOU ARE A NO GOOD FRONT RUNNING COCKROACH BITCH.

    Mr. Chirimbes currently owes me $300 that he is trying to withhold until I “address him respectfully”. He better not hold his fucking breath. I am here to offer a BOUNTY. Anyone of this Congress who is willing to absorb Mr. Chirimbes’ debt (a BAILOUT, per se) will be provided with his phone number and email address so you can ride his ass. Serious inquiries only, please.


  54. CooCooCaChooch Says:


    Jeff MOTHAPHUCKIN’ Hanson
    Philadelphia, PA

  55. PiniellaSwallows Says:

    holy fucking shit…. that was maybe the funniest thing i have ever read, please dont close this site… thank you…. by the way im new to this site but always read and sometimes commented …. i was the guy that told everyone the link when the cubs were getting robbed and pulling testicles in spring training

  56. genrebuster Says:

    CooCoo, Big shoutout to whoever blew your cover…and we are fascinated by your cleverness. In the meantime, Sam Zell requests your help transferring assets from his Nigerian bank account to his Swiss numbered account. Please post all your personal information here as soon as possible, the Chicago Tribune Thanks YOU. And do give my regards to the fucking walrus.


    Ernie. Your post today (1:47pm) summed up the current situation well.

    Piniella seems lost…he’s either sick, doesn’t give a shit…or forgot how to be a leader.

    If the Cubs don’t win at least one game in this series, ie. put up a fight…then i would be happy to see him gone next year.

    The last 2 games are some of the most PATHETIC baseball I have ever seen in my life…from the Cubs! That is saying something.

    Excuse me, but are we watching spring training…or the playoffs?

    100 years. 100 years. 100 years. 100 years. 100 years. 100 years. 100 years. 100 years. 100 years. 100 years. 100 years. 100 years. 100 years.

    tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…



  57. chucky Says:


    What you have been watching the last 2 games wouldn’t qualify as Little League. This has been a collapse of epic proportions.

  58. mlbtvsucks Says:

    Philadelphia? You guys haven’t won anything in any sport in decades!

    All these “new people” have got to be a joke. Whether the Cubs win or not, I don’t receive anything out of it. Could not care less. Its something to watch on TV besides wrestling and crappy TV shows. I’m a fan, but holy crap, its a game!

    100 years, blah blah. I’ve been alive 25 and don’t remember the previous 75 yrs. I don’t care how long its been! 100 years? Whoop-tee-freakin-do! Who gives a shit “how many years has it been?” Unless you’ve been alive 100 yrs, then you should not be allowed to complain about a franchises drought. Might as well bitch at the 20 yr old Germans and blame them for Hitler. Might as well blame all the white Europeans alive today for the genocide of the Indians. 100 years, who cares.

    I was PISSED when DeRosa botched the DP! After the game was over, I let it go. Its entertainment. You guys admit to buying the Cubs gear…

    After “99 years” you buy the gear expecting them to win a championship? After “99 years” you expect a winner? Since the Cubs probably aren’t going to win this year, you’re now going to burn and sell the merchandise? Are you all just that damn retarded?

    I went to Arlington last year.. paid for 2 tickets and a Cubs hat… the Cubs lost both games I watched… Scott Eyre, Aramis Ramirez, and Mike Fontenot all talked to me.. Eyre letting me have a handshake. I watched the Cubs lose two games, my first Cubs games. I was upset they lost, because I was rooting for them to win, but I was entertained! I was satisfied paying money for entertainment!

    You guys buy your jerseys why? Because you expect a championship? Because if you don’t get to see a championship, you can protest by selling (or burning) merchandise YOU’VE ALREADY BOUGHT? Retarded.
    You bought up those Kos-K jerseys? Newsflash!!! YOU ARE SHEEPLE!

    Be sad, mad, upset, or indifferent. None of us gain anything by the Cubs winning or losing. No matter how much they break your heart you still buy the crap they sell. Keep encouraging them by not missing a game for 3 straight years.. Keep buting the jerseys and selling out the stadium… Keep singing the stupid song… “GO CUBS GO, GO CUBS GO, hey Chicago, what (should) you say? (It doesn’t matter if) the Cubs are gonna win today (because its just a fucking game and we’re still going to admit to buying baseball jerseys even though we pledged a boycott)”

  59. ksmc2000 Says:

    Ernie made a great point as to why the Cubs have played like shit in the first two games. They are afraid to lose so badly that it has taken them right out of their game mentally. As much as they have said that the 100 years is the furthest thing from their minds, they are only kidding themselves. These players are mentally weak. It takes a special breed of ballplayers to win championships. Unfortunately, the Cubs don’t have this type of players. They are playing scared.

  60. chucky Says:

    Earnie and ksmc

    OK. I’ll buy that arguement. But why the hell hasn’t Lou had a closed-door team meeting to tell these guys to FUCKING RELAX? Act like champions or some shit like that? If I were the manager that’s what I would do.

  61. Fro Dog Says:


    I see you live in Texas. Some of us live near Chicago and have our whole lives. It is much different up here as far as the Cubs are concerned. Some of us were watching them every since we can remember. Our parents, grandfathers, siblings and friends all watched the Cubs and it sucked most of us in when we were young.

    I am not saying you are offending us but to some on here, it is not just a game. It is our lives. It is for me as crazy as it sounds. Some of us feel that the Cubs are number one and it will always be that way.

    For some of us, it is not just a game.

  62. MadCityMac Says:

    Okay Blondy, no reason to rip on people from Wisconsin. Born, raised, and back living in Madison, I’ve been a Cub’s fan since I was 9. And yes, I do like the Brewers as well (it was a hell of a lot easier when they were in different leagues!). That’s what happens when you grow up here. I will explain this to you…. I once asked someone from Chicago why Cub fans hate the Sox and vice versa. They asked me, “where did you grow up?” I told them eastside of Madison. They asked if I cheered for the westside in any sports. My answer was”hell no!!!” So there you go. Eastside, Westside. Northside, southside. ‘Nuf said!

  63. MadCityMac Says:

    Chucky, I think if Lou had a closed door meeting with these fucking clowns they’d all shit their pants. More likely than not, these pussies are scared of him. I’m still debating on whether to watch the game tonight, or watch the Badgers piss away another game against THE Ohio State Univ. Thank God for Point Beer!!

  64. genrebuster Says:

    LOS ANGELES (AP) -All the talk of goats, curses and 100 years of World Series futility had the spotlight squarely on the Chicago Cubs in the NL division series. Now, it’s the team from the weakest division in baseball that’s on the verge of closing out the bumbling Cubs.

    “The bumbling Cubs”.

    If I was managing this PATHETIC bunch of scared, gutless losers…I’d tape that article on every players locker before the game.

    BTW, some of us haven’t bought any merchandise or attended a home game since the Dusty era began. For me, it’s been easy as I live about 800 miles from Wrigley…that said my mother lives about 6 blocks away and I do visit. I will admit to wearing my vintage Cubs jacket once before the playoffs began…once again, it’s back in the closet.

    MLB, I hate to burst your bubble…but comparing the Cubs drought to Hitler or genocide of Indians is a pretty big stretch. In fact, it’s BULLSHIT–and if that’s the best you can do, maybe your writings would benefit from some creative writing classes at the local community college…and maybe not. Hitler was NOT entertainment…so, who’s retarded now you smug little brat? I don’t expect a 25 year old kid to have the same perspective as somebody that’s been around for 30-40-50-60 or more years…as many people on this site have been. In fact, I don’t expect any two people to have the same perspective on anything…because we are all different. Maybe when you grow up, you’ll learn to be more tolerant of other people’s feelings…even if you think they are whacked. And if you don’t receive any happiness out the entertainment”, ie. the Cubs winning it all IF/when they do, then I submit you are just another joyless, miserable, pathetic bum. But don’t despair, you are not alone, there are many. at least you are NOT a “sheeple bum” HA HA HA!

    It’s interesting to see FroDog’s polite response to MLB’s last post…if this wasn’t “his site”, I bet his response would have been different.

    There’s nothing to celebrate about 100 years of losing, that is a pathetic legacy…so once more, FOR YOU mlb:

    “100 years. PATHETIC. barf.”

    I know, it’s not “Atlas Shrugged”…but I stand by it.

  65. Fro Dog Says:


    I appreciate what you are saying about me. What I said to him in my previous post was my opinion and I do not think I would have said it any differently. I was offended and some of you guys were also.

    The majority of us here think that the Cubs are a top priority in our lives because of the way we were raised. That is a hard thing to change.

    I always welcome new readers and posters to this site but I also enjoy the small community like we had at the old site.

    By the way, bobbyd still sucks.

  66. genrebuster Says:


    As a regular from the old site that migrated here I certainly appreciate what you have created here. Didn’t mean to imply that your response would have been “out of line” under different circumstances.

    bobbyd. Who knows what happened to him…maybe he is ill (?). I expected him to ramp things up as the season progressed with the Cubs doing well, etc. To let the site go completely WITHOUT AN EXPLANATION makes no sense …unless he is ill.

    Fortunately, some of the many regulars from found this site and I hope that many more will follow…as well as new readers/posters that share an interest in the Cubs and baseball…among other things.

    I’m not ready to compose my final post of the 2008 season…so the very least the Cubs can do is win ONE game…and keep this thing going for another day. A 3 game winning streak starting now is not impossible.

  67. genrebuster Says:

    mac, good to see you back!

  68. mlbtvsucks Says:

    Sorry, but I’m sure your great grandfathers had a few more IMPORTANT things going on in life besides the Cubs! My point was that its a game, and even when the Cubs eventually win, you benefit nothing from it… There is nothing wrong about being disappointed in a loss. But you’re allowing every loss to seemingly tear you apart. I used to really enjoy the Cubs, but since I don’t live in Chicago, I guess I’m not worthy of being a “real fan.” Only the 18 people that regularly posted on FDB and HERE are real fans… the rest are sheeple that could care less about a Cubs championship and only enjoy the games for their entertainment value and the environment. MAYBE those people are on to something?

    You still go to the games and buy the merchandise… you still support the lousy product you hate… you encourage the Cubs ways.

    There isn’t a player on this team that YOU LIKE! Is there any other part of this organization you like? The management? no. The field? No (full of sheeple). You don’t like any of the traditions.. i.e 7th inn stretch singing, losing, etc.

    I don’t know what you expect from the organization other then entertainment. There is no one on this team, BESIDES maybe Soto, that you like. They all fuck up, and they all choke.. I’ll be damned its not entertaining!

    In addition, seeing everyones mood completely brought down because “NEWS FLASH” the Cubs suck, is saddening. There are more important things to do. If you want to change things STOP BUYING THE JERSEYS! STOP WATCHING THE COMMERCIALS AND GAMES! Its a 3 HOUR LONG COMMERCIAL! Meant to sell you Pepsi and OldStyle.

    I have been very satisfied with how this season went! The Cubs fought hard and provided us with some good memories this year (i.e entertainment). They dominated the league from start to finish and for that I am very proud of the organization. They’re still alive and I look forward to the game tonight. Since I’m a Texan, I guess I’m stupid and don’t understand the true meaning of 100 years.. Only the “real fans” feel the sense of urgency to win it all! The Cubs just aren’t that good!

    Every single person was RAVING over Soriano! There are few that said, “Boo hoo, we should have tried to get Carlos Lee.” We should have tried to get Johan. They would have fit right in here too! Choking and getting hurt! This team doesn’t suck as bad as the majority and are a whole lot more fun to watch. I think its funny when Soriano strickes out 3 times in the same game where Zambrano goes 2-3, w/ a HR.

  69. mlbtvsucks Says:

    “Nemo (sorry to pick on you) October 2, 2008
    MEMO TO THE CUBS: The phrase “NEVER AGAIN” means don’t let another genocide happen. It DOES NOT mean “never again win the world series”!”

    My mentioning of genocide was not an attempt at an original metaphor, its already been compared.

    “Genrebuster October 2, 2008
    And if the Cubs lose, it will just be SOS (all over again)…”same old shit”. If the Cubs lose, the world won’t come to an end… there will just be a few less sheeple and a few more embittered fans when the dust clears (the less sheeple part would be a positive).”

    Translation- I hate Cubs. I hate all other people too, well.. except you guys.

    Thanks for explaing SOS to us, you recommended creative writing for me, how about moving from 1980’s catch phrases to something slightly more modern in your enlightening rants.

    “The Cubs players still have a relatively rare opportunity to win a World Series and make so many people happy…it’s a dream and it’s worth fighting for.”

    Yep Genre, right on the nose… thats my dream.. Cubs World Championship! Thats what this life is for. Good job, I’d be happy, but its not a “dream.” Winning the lottery or Cubs championship? If given a choice between these two dreams, fuck the Cubs.

  70. genrebuster Says:

    MLB: Here are two things that I agree with you on (your words):

    1. “If you want to change things STOP BUYING THE JERSEYS! STOP WATCHING THE COMMERCIALS AND GAMES! Its a 3 HOUR LONG COMMERCIAL! Meant to sell you Pepsi and OldStyle.”

    Yes, that does make a difference, it’s all about $$$. I haven’t been to a game since before Baker arrived…and I don’t drink Pepsi or Oldstyle..or purchase Cubs merchandise. That’s MY choice, not trying to change the world here.

    2. “They’re still alive”…

    yes…and we’ll see how that plays out. I’ll respond at greater length when the Cubs’ season is completed.

    Make no mistake: I will be very happy for the Cubs organization if they can pull this thing out and win. Business as usual is old news and still stinks…after all these years.

    As for “real fans”, you don’t have to live in Chicago…or even be from Chicago to join the club…but it is different if you are/were. “Different”…NOT necessarily better…or worse.

    “The Neighborhood of Baseball”, by Barry Gifford is a good read, as I recall.

  71. FLASHBACK #1 …a walk down memory lane! | Fire Matt Nagy - - - Fire Ryan Pace Says:

    […]… […]


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