FLASHBACK #1 …a walk down memory lane!


…Contreras just grounded into a DP to end the bottom of the 10th, missing a bases loaded opportunity to win the game.

So, here is an opportunity to revisit a most entertaining thread from 2008, when Fro was still a Cubs fan (!!). Big fun, ENJOY!!


2 Responses to “FLASHBACK #1 …a walk down memory lane!”

  1. Fro Dog Says:


    I noticed this as I logged on to check the site (as well as my business site since it’s tied to this one).

    Damn man. This did hit me a bit. I wrote that shit almost 13 years ago. I’ve changed a lot going from someone who was right out of college to where I am today. Life has blessed me.

    It made fairly nostalgic seeing all of the people who use to post here at that time. This site was on fire (no pun intended). We must have had 30-40 different people chiming in at some point.

    It makes me more blessed to see the ones who are still around and the few new faces. That was something.

  2. genrebuster Says:


    Well, I just crafted a lengthy response…and then hit the wrong fucking mouse button. Poof (gone)!

    …will reconstruct later, I have lots to say.


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