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Bears lose.

November 30, 2008

The game is in the 4th quarter and I am already writing the recap.

Kyle Orton had only his second bad game of the year.

The defense stayed on the field longer than it should have.

Charles Tillman is a moron.

After further review, Lovie Smith is still an idiot.

Bears defeat CFL team; Lovie says: “We are a Super Bowl Contender when we want to be.”

November 24, 2008


The Bears win over the Rams proved nothing. They beat a crappy team that lost their quarterback on their first drive and their best running back and offensive lineman missed the game due to injury.

So the Bears did what they had to do and win by a lot. Matt Forte ran the ball well, Kyle Orton did a nice job even though it seemed like his ankle was still not 100%. The offense isn’t really the problem. It is still the defense and lately, it’s been special teams.

I still believe that Jerry Angelo, Lovie Smith and Bob Babich all need to be shown the door. The final blow was what they did with Devin Hester and tell him and everyone else that this guy is going to play wide receiver. They took a guy who was amazing on kickoff and punt returns and put him into a number three wide receiver. If it is not broke, don’t fix it. That didn’t happen though. Even last year, he was still taking back kicks and punts for touchdowns while playing a little bit on offense. I am fine with Hester being on offense a few plays a game but not starting. I am not sure if he is still hurt from that rib injury but it is very concerning.

So thanks to the Bears organization for what has happened to Devin Hester.

Next up: The Bears play the Vikings on Sunday Night Football. This might be the biggest game of the year.

That is the recap for this week. Have a good Thanksgiving everybody. Be safe.

How pathetic.

November 16, 2008

Get off of me. I am not Rex.

It’s simple. The Packers showed up to play. The Bears didn’t. Lovie Smith is a moron. Bob Babich doesn’t know anything about football. Jerry Angelo is the leaders of these idiots who drafts most of these bums and then gives them high-priced contracts especially when they didn’t even earn it (See Tommie Harris). The only player that his earning his money is Lance Briggs.

I cannot sit here and say that Orton should not have been playing. I was praying for him to play. Now that I look back, I wish he didn’t. When the diagnose is a high ankle sprain and it means four weeks out, then I guess you should listen to the doctors. He couldn’t move around and he wasn’t putting much into his passes. That means he is hurt. Maybe Rex needed to be thrown out there for at least one more game just to make sure Orton gets to 100%. I understood last week’s situation. Sometimes, you might have to lose a battle just to have a chance to win the war. With Orton getting the start in this game, the Bears might have lost both the battle and the war.

It is now down to six games for the Bears, Packers and Vikings. Whoever is the best in the next six, then that is the team going to the playoffs. This was the Bears division to win and it still is but it is also theirs to lose.

Going back in time…NHL ’95 for Sega Genesis

November 13, 2008

NHL '95

I have been meaning to write this article for a while but haven’t had much time to but I am glad I finally get a chance now. If you have a Sega Genesis laying around somewhere, make sure you have NHL ’95. By far the best sports game on the Sega Genesis. If you do not have one, then you can download a Sega Genesis emulator and the NHL ’95 ROM on various gaming sites that you can play on your computer.

If you are an expert at this game, you know the easy way to score a goal is the wrap around. On the North end, go to the left side then wrap around to the right and most times, the goalie would only be guarding the left side of the goal leaving open a gap on the other side. If you play with the Blackhawks, Chris Chelios and Jeremy Roenick are the fastest on the team and best players to use for this technique. Also, if you put Tony Amonte in the game for Joe Murphy, you have a very fast team that can score about five to ten goals a game. The hardest team that I have played with the Blackhawks is the New York Rangers with Mark Messier and Eddie Olcyck. This game is indeed awesome.

Recently, I have found myself interested in hockey for the first time since I was a young kid. The Blackhawks are on the rise and the fans are back. One reason why I found myself interested again in hockey was the fact that the Blackhawks are broacasting their home games on tv which is something none of us have experienced. Seeing home hockey on tv makes me want to attend a game sometime which I plan on doing in the next month.

What is wrong with this team?

November 9, 2008


I wasn’t expecting the Bears to win this game let alone have a chance in it. Let’s not put all of the blame on Rex. He is a part of the reason why the Bears lost this game. The main reason for this loss was the defense playing like shit again. Yes, they stopped the run. When the Titans realized that, they stopped running and started to pass. Kerry Collins picked apart this defense once again. It is making me think that firing Ron Rivera was a dumb move. This lies on Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo. These two people are not only ignorant but they are stubborn.

They stopped running the football in the 3rd quarter and the defense let Collins pass all over the place. 30/41 for 289 yards? This was the first game Collins threw over 200 yards. Another week goes by and this pass defense is still brutal and pathetic.

Next up: The Bears play the NASCAR fans to the North at Lambeau Field next Sunday. Maybe the Bears can steal one on the road and put a little distance between themselves and Green Bay/Minnesota.

Bear down.

November 2, 2008

As always, there is a lot to discuss but I will try to keep it at a minimum.

The minute Orton went down, I thought the Bears were finished for the game as many of you guys were probably thinking the same. Reports say that Orton will be out for about a month so I guess things could be worse. We saw “Rex be Rex” in the second half. He had some nice passes as well as some dumb ones. He had a couple passes deflected with one being an interception. This of course happens all the time with him because he is too short. Like it or not, we will have to deal with this for the next month.

The good: Craig Steltz filling in for Mike Brown and getting an interception, the defense allowing no points in the second half, Rex Grossman leading the team after being down at halftime and Matt Forte rushing for 126 yards with 101 of them coming in the 2nd half.

Also, Jason Hanson slipping on the extra point in the 2nd quarter proved to be huge because the game might have went into overtime because the Lions were driving down the field in the final seconds of the game.

The bad: Letting Dan Orlovsky play like Steve Young, the defense giving up 23 points in the second quarter and the Mike Brown annual injury.

First place and a 5-3 record. I think we all would take that.