Going back in time…NHL ’95 for Sega Genesis


NHL '95

I have been meaning to write this article for a while but haven’t had much time to but I am glad I finally get a chance now. If you have a Sega Genesis laying around somewhere, make sure you have NHL ’95. By far the best sports game on the Sega Genesis. If you do not have one, then you can download a Sega Genesis emulator and the NHL ’95 ROM on various gaming sites that you can play on your computer.

If you are an expert at this game, you know the easy way to score a goal is the wrap around. On the North end, go to the left side then wrap around to the right and most times, the goalie would only be guarding the left side of the goal leaving open a gap on the other side. If you play with the Blackhawks, Chris Chelios and Jeremy Roenick are the fastest on the team and best players to use for this technique. Also, if you put Tony Amonte in the game for Joe Murphy, you have a very fast team that can score about five to ten goals a game. The hardest team that I have played with the Blackhawks is the New York Rangers with Mark Messier and Eddie Olcyck. This game is indeed awesome.

Recently, I have found myself interested in hockey for the first time since I was a young kid. The Blackhawks are on the rise and the fans are back. One reason why I found myself interested again in hockey was the fact that the Blackhawks are broacasting their home games on tv which is something none of us have experienced. Seeing home hockey on tv makes me want to attend a game sometime which I plan on doing in the next month.

21 Responses to “Going back in time…NHL ’95 for Sega Genesis”

  1. MadCityMac Says:

    Frodog, I’ve only been to 2 NHL games in my life- both at the old Chicago Stadium against the Minnesota North Stars. I’ll tell you, when the Blackhawks scored and that big old ship’s horn went off and the organ (I believe Nancy Faust playing) would play- one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had in sports. I would hope it would be the same kind of atmosphere at the United Center. The Kohl Center in Madison where the UW Badger’s hockey team plays is quite honestly not too far behind. We’ve led the nation in college hockey attendence for the past 30-some years, and it’s a blast! Think of that- 15,000 people coming out to watch COLLEGE hockey! Minnesota or North Dakota come to town and it’s electric!

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I can only imagine what those days were like. I saw videos of the old Chicago Stadium during the run of the Hawks in the early 90’s.

    I live in the Dekalb area and I am about 20 miles south of Rockford where the Blackhawks minor league team (The Icehogs) play. A lot of people go and watch the games there. I am an hour west of Chicago but I do plan on going sometime soon.

    The tickets are kind of high though all of a sudden for the Hawks. I think the lowest was about $55 for a horseshit seat and $395 for seats on the glass. The Icehogs however have affordable prices for families so I might check them out sometime. I think Adam Burrish and Jack Skille played for them the last couple years.

  3. robert Says:

    this day fucking sucks there are many who wear the uniform but very few who are…ernie banks ron santo billy williams…ryne sandberg….kerry wood… I got one thing to say fuck you hendry

  4. MadCityMac Says:

    Robert, I must have missed something-what did that shitbag Moe Hendry pull THIS time?

    Frodog, NHL tickets in general are ridiculously expensive, but in my mind worth it if you can afford it. Seeing the games on WGN are a great option now that “Dollar” Bill Wirtz is gone; his kid has the foresight to put the games on free TV. Since I’d heard that Rockford had the Blackhawk’s farm club a couple years ago, I’ve wanted to head to the Metro Center for a game, and I do believe that Jack Skille (I ran track against his dad in high school!) was sent down just recently. Adam Burish, I believe, is still up with the Blackhawks and I actually heard him referred to as “Blackhawk’s enforcer Adam Burish” last year on The Score. I believe another former Badger, Jake Dowell, is at Rockford as well. I think Rockford is actually closer to Madison than Milwaukee, and it’s a pain in the ass getting to the Bradley Center anyway.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Congratulations to Kerry Wood….he won’t be employed anymore by the PATHETIC sleazebag Cubs organization. Happy 101!

    Once Hendry is gone and new ownership is in place, there will be reason to be more positive about the Cubs.

    I know Wood wasn’t the dominant closer we would all like to see…but I am happy that he performed as well as he did in 2008…given what he experienced under Dusty Baker and Larry Rothschild’s mis-direction, he had a very good year, IMOP…exceeded my expectations.

    At times, many of us poked fun at Wood, myself included (“Balsa Wood”). That said, he always worked hard and conducted himself professionally.

    Thank you Kerry Wood… and all the best to you/yours.

    Oh, and please punch Selig in the the throat for us next time you see him….HA HA HA

    …………………just kidding.

  6. robert Says:

    mad city the cubs traded Jose Ceda to the florida marlins to aquire randy gregg and basically told Kerry Wood to hit the road….When douchebag said that kid was a marlins fan and wood got beat the next night he was the one who stood up and said I choked… Trust me Kerry you did not choke…..You had a bad manager…unlike pansy prior who never wanted to be a cub…You are a cub….and you always will be a cub

  7. MadCityMac Says:

    Robert, Genre, thanks. Just when I didn’t think I could hate Moe Hendry more, he goes and pulls this shit. I’m on board as well wishing Kerry Wood all the best of luck. He may have been hurt a lot, but at least he has some stones, as opposed to Pussy Prior. Fuck you Hendry, fuck you Sam Zell, and go fuck yourself Kennesaw “Molehill” Selig!

    Oh, and go Badger hockey! Weekend series at Minn.- Duluth!

  8. The Ghost of Leo Durocher Says:

    …too bad I’m not around to kick that fat asshole’s butt…and the old miser…and the bum commissioner.


    I would have been proud to have Wood on my team.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    sorry, I lied…wasn’t kidding.

  10. Fro Dog Says:


    My friend up in Madison tells me the women’s hockey team is pretty popular too. Are you they good looking? Women playing hockey as long as they are hot would be awesome to watch.

  11. robert Says:

    kerry wood said if the cubs had offered him a one year contract again he would have taken it…he has a home in chicago now that you got rid of him hendry why dont you go ahead and take that statue of Ernie banks down make ron santo quit broadcasting and go ahead and fire ryne sandberg from the orginazation as well…as I stated earlier many have worn the uniform very few have been cubs…kerry you are a cub

  12. genrebuster Says:

    Wood would have taken a 1 year contract?

    Not only is Hendry an asshole…he’s a STUPID asshole!

    Not that I’m surprised.

  13. robert Says:


  14. DaBears Says:

    I read tonight on mlb.com that the cubs are now in the front running for Jake Peavy and are still working on Ryan Dempster.. so I think with a rotation that could include Peavy,Zambrano,Dempster,Harden,Lilly and Marmol moving onto the closer role and the recent accquisition of Gregg im comfortable with parting ways with another injury waiting to happen … so long blister boy, thanks for one hell on a roller coster ride since 1998

  15. ksmc2000 Says:

    I’m not so sure we have seen the last of Kerry Wood. Hendry needs to be creative this off-season with not much of a budget to play with all the backloaded contracts starting to kick in. He has been trying to get Peavy, but the trading chips are slim. He offered Jose Ceda, but thats who the Cubs got in the Todd Walker trade, so they were not interested. With the impasse between the Padres and Trevor Hoffman, Hendry could have aquired Gregg to complete a deal for Peavy, and sign Wood for a 1 or 2 year deal. If the Cubs get Peavy, I don’t see them signing Dempster.

  16. robert Says:

    dempster will be gone
    peavy aint coming
    kwood got shown the door
    fuck you hendry

  17. Nemo Says:

    If the Cubs thought Wood was washed up, I could respect the decision, but they did this based on FINANCES. So, FUCK THAT!!!!

    Kerry Wood DID choke in Game 7-but he was a man enough to admit it, and I always respected him for that.

    I don’t like this deal, and the fucker they got is only a year younger than Wood. Cubs don’t have enough prospects to land Peavy Dempster may not feel a sense of loyalty to the Cubs after they dumped Wood. This ENTIRE FRANCHISE SUCKS DICK BALLS DEEP!!!

    Re: NHL 95- I had that or 96 on Genesis and I have it now on emulator. I loved the full north-south wraparound goals! I would even wraparound in shootouts. I loved the little “Here Come the Hawks” organ music at the beginning of each period. Did anyone else think that it was easier to score goals going North to South than South to North? I have NHL 2006 or 2007 for PC and it is a lot harder to score goals.

  18. Nemo Says:

    put a “.” after Peavy.

  19. Fro Dog Says:


    It is harder to score goals South to North. The angle is much different. NHL ’95 is the only game that you can score on the wrap-around often. That is why you always be the home team so you can have the 1st and 3rd periods on the North end. If you go South to North, go to the left side and swing to the right side quickly and you might be able to score more goals.

  20. chucky Says:

    Is there any doubt now that Lovie Smith is the dumbest motherfucker this side of Dusty Baker?

    And the game isn’t even over yet. But I think the season is.

  21. MadCityMac Says:

    Frodog, I’ve been to a number of Badger women’s games; used to go with my girls all the time. Yeah, there are some hotties! There was one girl-can’t remember her name-6′ tall blond who got called for charging or something. We’re sitting right next to the penalty box, and she skates over to the box dropping F bombs left and right, takes off her helmet and she was gorgeous. I fell in love immediately!


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