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Ryan Poles | One step forward, two steps back.

March 28, 2022

Trevor Fucking Simien. Really? A guy who has done absolutely nothing in the last five or six years in the NFL is now with the Bears. I don’t even care about the money (it’s $4 million). Was there nobody else better? This is deja vu of when Ryan Pace thought it was cute to sign Mike Fucking Glennon.

Why couldn’t the Bears take a quarterback in the later rounds to be a backup if or when Fields shows that he is a bust?

Trevor Fucking Semen isn’t the answer. Yeah, that’s his name. Trevor Fucking Semen. I can’t get pissed off at him. I suck at playing football too and if a team offered me $4 million to play, I’m not going to think twice.

Ryan Poles, fuck you, dumbass. Your name is going at the top of the header.

Damn it, Illini. Just, damn it.

March 21, 2022

Fuck. Just fuck. The Illini have let me down again. Another season of “we’re talking cutting down the nets at the end of the season” to “can’t even get out of the first weekend” of the tournament.

I’ve been an Illini fan my entire life. Never went there, but obviously born and raised in Illinois. Never left. Since I can remember, I’ve loved college basketball and Illinois became my team. But damn, this stings. For the second year after “high expectations,” they have bowed out in the second round. Last year still pisses me off more losing to fucking Loyola. Fuck Loyola.

This year, they barely pulled it out against Chattanooga. Yesterday, they come back to tie the game despite it still feeling like they were down 20. Then, the wheels fell off. I guess it really is called “March Madness” for a reason.

It still sucks. I was feeling shitty in 2001 after the Elite Eight loss. Then in 2005 with the loss in the National Championship. I was completely deflated and depressed after that. It was nothing but regression after. The last two years under Brad Underwood, it was back to “relevance.” Although it’s been really frustrating. Last year was a gut-punch and yesterday, just pure exhaustion.

It’s very hard to win a National Championship in Division I basketball. Even the all-time great schools only have one or two titles in nearly 85 years or whatever. But damn. Can I just have one for my team?

Ryan Poles *may* have the right idea with the re-build.

March 14, 2022

Khalil Mack has been traded for two picks. Tarik Cohen and Eddie Goldman have been cut. All of these guys cost the Bears a ton of money and it’s no longer a concern. With Mack, the Bears received a pick for this year and another next year.

It’s evident that Poles is making a conscious attempt to clean up the mess that Pace and Nagy left. It could be a while.

Do you think Ryan Poles is doing the right thing? I still feel it’s a bit too early for a definitive answer. I am treading with caution. The good news is that it appears he’s trying to replenish draft picks that were basically given away by his predecessor. Contending teams are built through the draft.