Ryan Poles | One step forward, two steps back.


Trevor Fucking Simien. Really? A guy who has done absolutely nothing in the last five or six years in the NFL is now with the Bears. I don’t even care about the money (it’s $4 million). Was there nobody else better? This is deja vu of when Ryan Pace thought it was cute to sign Mike Fucking Glennon.

Why couldn’t the Bears take a quarterback in the later rounds to be a backup if or when Fields shows that he is a bust?

Trevor Fucking Semen isn’t the answer. Yeah, that’s his name. Trevor Fucking Semen. I can’t get pissed off at him. I suck at playing football too and if a team offered me $4 million to play, I’m not going to think twice.

Ryan Poles, fuck you, dumbass. Your name is going at the top of the header.

6 Responses to “Ryan Poles | One step forward, two steps back.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Yeah, it was only a matter of time before you put his name up there. I’ll bet money right now that Nick Foles is counting down the days until he can fucking escape Chicago.

    From all the stories I’ve read so far it seems the Bears are in complete rebuild mode. Supposedly, Vegas has them at 7 1/2 wins in 2022, and experts are claiming that number is high. I don’t know what will ultimately happen next season, but as long as the McCaskey Crime Family and Ted Phillips runs this team, all I know for certain is that this team will be a fucking mess.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Foles sucks. But I get the point. He’s been lied to and basically dealt a bad hand since he got there.

    The moment I give a general manager credit in this franchise is when they immediately follow it up by doing something fucking stupid. I just don’t get this. Why not keep Foles if he isn’t going to go after a quarterback in the late rounds or even signing an undrafted one? Either of those options are much better than Trevor Semen.

  3. Mark Johnson Says:

    I will just repost my earlier post because it fits this post better than the other post. From March 25…I had this thought after seeing the dripping semen signing.

    Only 3 teams that will deal with the Bears it seems. All our management, coaches and players are from New Orleans, Kansas City or Indianapolis. Unless you want to give away great players for a second round pick, then of course AFC West teams.

  4. Fro Dog Says:


    It appears that the Bears are not following a proper blueprint for building a successful franchise. You can try to imitate other organizations. But the right minds need to be in place in order for it to work. The Bears have not had any of that in at least 15 years. Looking back, Jerry Angelo has to get SOME credit for at least putting the Bears in a position to succeed back then. Unfortunately, his moves did not work the last four or five years he was in charge and his stubbornness set the franchise back. They’re still in recovery.

  5. Mark Johnson Says:

    Fro, I agree with everything you are sayin’. I just can’t figure why so many players and coaches and even GM’s keep coming from the same places. They tried a DT from Cincinnati but he couldn’t pass the physical. I thought Poles was going to cry for a minute during THAT press conference.
    Even the people we fire go back to one one of those familiar places.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Sorry to be AWOL.

    I just now saw Poles on the header…hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!


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