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After yesterday’s debacle, I’m certain Leslie Frazier is more than qualified to become the next head coach of the Bears.

January 24, 2022

In less than two minutes, the Bills gave up a 75-yard touchdown drive with ease along with letting the Chiefs drive 50 yards in 13 seconds to tie the game and force overtime. But it got worse from there. The Chiefs again marched down with ease in overtime for the game-winning touchdown on the first drive.

All of this came under the helm of Leslie Frazer.


I could care less. Because of that, I’m certain the Bears are going to want him even more. It was only appropriate how the dots are being connected. Four years ago, Matt Nagy pissed all over the Chiefs in his last game as offensive coordinator. He caused that loss. The Bears hired him a week later. Now, Frazier fucks it up for the Bills against those same Chiefs. The Chiefs have at least made it the AFC Championship every year since Nagy left.

In those three scoring drives for the Chiefs, it screamed “Chicago Bears” by the secondary not defending receivers and leaving everyone wide open. I get it. Mahomes is God. He’s very fucking good. But they made it easy for even Rick Fucking Mirer to play quarterback in that situation. The receivers were WIDE FUCKING OPEN. That is all on the defensive coordinator.

Now, we await the impending press conference of Leslie Frazier becoming the head coach and telling everyone that he will “grow from this.” Fuck. Can we please bring in someone who doesn’t suck at their job?

The Bears have interviewed about 139 candidates for the two vacant positions.

January 20, 2022

Has anyone stuck out in the sea of names? I am not familiar with general manager candidates.

For coach, I’d like to see former Dolphins’ head coach Brian Flores get the job. If not, Byron Leftwich (offensive coordinator for the Buccaneers) is a viable option.

Fire away, my frendts.

Rest in paradise, Grobber.

January 17, 2022

What awful news. Most mornings, I wake up and put The Score on while getting ready for the day. This morning, I find out within a minute that Les Grobestein had passed. The dude was a walking encyclopedia when it came to Chicago sports. It’s a shitty day today as a legend has left us.

I remember Grobber in the early/mid-2000’s being on CLTV Sports Page on Sunday nights. In today’s age, sports talk is everywhere and it’s oversaturated. Back then, there was that nightly show that I did everything I could to watch. Grobber was on the round table at times on Sunday nights. This dude knew everything about Chicago sports. He knew the dates of those games and what happened in them without any hesitation. It was unbelievable.

I called him to let him know the Bulls were basically frauds back in 2011. Les got myself and many more through horrible nights on The Score for the last 12 years or so.

There will never be another like him. Grobber will forever be missed.

Welcome to Fire Ted Phillips!

January 12, 2022

Don’t worry. If the Bears hire a piece of garbage for a head coach, his name will go up at the header as well. That’s what happened four years ago after Matt Nagy promptly blew a huge lead as the play-caller for the Chiefs in the playoffs that cost them the game. The Bears literally hired him within a week or two after.

Ted, do everyone a favor and fuck off. You’re better off taking inventory at Costco.

Pace and Nagy are GONE! But Ted Phillips remains.

January 10, 2022

I am very busy today with work and am currently listening to the shit show press conference by George McCaskey. And yes, Ted Phillips was confirmed to be involved in the hiring process for a general manager and head coach.

Fuck this franchise. Your thoughts in the thread.

The waiting game | Bears vs. Giants

January 9, 2022

For the love of God, George, fire everyone.

George McCaskey is really this stupid, isn’t he?

January 5, 2022

I didn’t see this report until Chucky posted it in the previous thread.

Seriously? We’re going to find out just how stupid he is on Monday. Fuck this guy and the entire franchise that I’ve followed for 30 years. Fuck.

Bears vs. Giants Thread

January 2, 2022

The march to the demise known as the 2021-22 Bears is nigh. Your thoughts on this game in the comments.