Rest in paradise, Grobber.


What awful news. Most mornings, I wake up and put The Score on while getting ready for the day. This morning, I find out within a minute that Les Grobestein had passed. The dude was a walking encyclopedia when it came to Chicago sports. It’s a shitty day today as a legend has left us.

I remember Grobber in the early/mid-2000’s being on CLTV Sports Page on Sunday nights. In today’s age, sports talk is everywhere and it’s oversaturated. Back then, there was that nightly show that I did everything I could to watch. Grobber was on the round table at times on Sunday nights. This dude knew everything about Chicago sports. He knew the dates of those games and what happened in them without any hesitation. It was unbelievable.

I called him to let him know the Bulls were basically frauds back in 2011. Les got myself and many more through horrible nights on The Score for the last 12 years or so.

There will never be another like him. Grobber will forever be missed.

4 Responses to “Rest in paradise, Grobber.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I remember Grobber from back in his WLS am days, when they were still playing music. He was the sports director back then. He was really, really good.


  2. Paul Says:

    Condolences to his family.

  3. Mark Johnson Says:

    You just know the Grobber FUCKED Aaron Rogers one last time tonight!! I LOVE it.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Grobber had something to do with that game last night.


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