After yesterday’s debacle, I’m certain Leslie Frazier is more than qualified to become the next head coach of the Bears.


In less than two minutes, the Bills gave up a 75-yard touchdown drive with ease along with letting the Chiefs drive 50 yards in 13 seconds to tie the game and force overtime. But it got worse from there. The Chiefs again marched down with ease in overtime for the game-winning touchdown on the first drive.

All of this came under the helm of Leslie Frazer.


I could care less. Because of that, I’m certain the Bears are going to want him even more. It was only appropriate how the dots are being connected. Four years ago, Matt Nagy pissed all over the Chiefs in his last game as offensive coordinator. He caused that loss. The Bears hired him a week later. Now, Frazier fucks it up for the Bills against those same Chiefs. The Chiefs have at least made it the AFC Championship every year since Nagy left.

In those three scoring drives for the Chiefs, it screamed “Chicago Bears” by the secondary not defending receivers and leaving everyone wide open. I get it. Mahomes is God. He’s very fucking good. But they made it easy for even Rick Fucking Mirer to play quarterback in that situation. The receivers were WIDE FUCKING OPEN. That is all on the defensive coordinator.

Now, we await the impending press conference of Leslie Frazier becoming the head coach and telling everyone that he will “grow from this.” Fuck. Can we please bring in someone who doesn’t suck at their job?

5 Responses to “After yesterday’s debacle, I’m certain Leslie Frazier is more than qualified to become the next head coach of the Bears.”

  1. chucky Says:

    You know what Fro? I seriously don’t think it would matter who they hire for head coach. Every head coach they’ve had since Mike Ditka has sounded the same, acted the same, and basically coached the same. Why, you my ask? The McCaskey Crime Family. I think somehow, some way, they are interfering in the head coaches duties on and off the field. There is just too many similarities in how all these coaches have sounded in press conferences, how they’ve coached on the field, and just about everything else that they do. I agree with our frendt Paul every time he says the McCaskey are screwing everything up. They must be forced to sell the team, otherwise nothing will make a difference, and nothing will change. It’s that simple.

  2. Paul Says:

    Chucky , my friendt I see where the Chicago sports media are all excited about getting a new Gm and Head coach but you know as well as I do this will turn out to be history ,yet again , repeating its self!! Can we all say welcome to another McCaskey CLUSTER FUCK , there will be no change that I guarantee !!!

  3. genrebuster Says:

    George McCaskey is the worst owner.

  4. chucky Says:

    OK, here we go.


  5. Paul Says:

    I hope this guy isn’t a complete moron like Pace , time will tell !


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