Ryan Poles is the new general manager of the Chicago Bears. Stupidity ensues if any of the following scenarios come true.


George loved this guy so much, that he actually went to O’Hare to pick him up. He even went to baggage claim to get his suitcase. What a lovely fellow!

The “experts” are claiming the Bears got the best option out there. That remains to be seen. And yet, the Bears are taking two steps back by bringing in shitty candidates to interview for head coach. Below are four candidates that have no business working for the Bears and if hired, Ryan Poles’ name will go up at the top of the page.

  1. Leslie Frazier – Read below this post for a diatribe on this guy. I don’t care if he wants to coach for free. He can go suck somewhere else.
  2. Dan Quinn – 28-3. Should I say more? Fine. I will. Yes, Tom Brady is the greatest. No doubt about it. However, when you basically give the game to him, you should never be allowed to coach again. He makes Matt Ryan throw with the team ready to put the game away. Instead of running the ball to do just that, he gave the Lombardi Trophy to the Patriots with no questions asked.
  3. Sean Payton – You see how Dan Quinn blew a lead in the Super Bowl when it was easily won? In 2019, the Saints had the NFC Championship in the bag against the Rams. All they had to do is run the ball the rest of the way to win. What happened instead? Pass! Yes, there was a no-call on the pass interference. But did it really have to get there? How stupid is this guy?
  4. Jim Caldwell – This guy has just sucked about everywhere he’s went. Enough.

How stupid are these coaches? Why isn’t common sense available? Why do these candidates continue to get interviews when there are others who haven’t even been considered that have a chance at actually being qualified? Why are other teams even bothering with these guys who have proven to be failures?

Can the Bears please do something creative? Can they please find someone who actually knows that when it’s 2nd and inches, to actually run a sneak? All I want is a coach with common sense?

7 Responses to “Ryan Poles is the new general manager of the Chicago Bears. Stupidity ensues if any of the following scenarios come true.”

  1. Jack Says:

    They way I see it, they want to find a Diamond in the rough! But I don’t know if this guy’s the Guy. No experience! Making the franchise as his lab and guinea pig! You have to hire a proven or experience GM. This guy fail as a player, can’t find a team to sign him long term! I don’t know, I have thrown all my Bears jerseys but if this guy is the Guy, I might buy Bears stuff again! It smells like failure to me again. What happen to Riddick? No interview? Lombardi, no interview? I hope this fucking Bears team can win 9 games this upcoming season! I DON’T LIKE THIS HIRE!!!! LOOKS LIKE FAILURE IS COMING AGAIN!!!

  2. John Says:

    I’m shocked that you would consider Sean Peyton to be subpar. I think a worse mark on his record than the no-call, which was not his fault, by the way, would be Bountygate, for which served an entire season’s suspension for. The man, however, is a top-tier coach, up there with Mike Tomlin and Bill Belichik. Yes, he has failures from time to time, but so does Belichik, just look at his game against the Bills. He has consistently put together competitive and competent teams that proved themselves even when his arguable reason for success, Drew Brees, was injured. He has actually been to and won a Super Bowl. A more qualified guy than that you cannot get.

    Yeah, I’m not enthusiastic about Jim Caldwell either . . . and I have a feeling that Dan Quinn would cast a good number of games away. Leslie Frazier, I know nothing about.

  3. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Back when I had Facebook, I followed someone who was a huge Saints fan. The guy was always going off on Sean Payton for abandoning the run game. He had stats to back it up. Payton’s record when running x amount of times was significantly better than when he’d go pass heavy.

  4. Mark Johnson Says:

    John…Not sure you are allowed to come on a site where people say my friendt and not know who Leslie Frazier is. Please read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Frazier#Professional_career

    As I am typing, even Hub Arkush hates most of the people on Fro Dogs list. Wait…Maybe that means they are good!?!?

    After years of passing on 3rd and one…which leads to passing on 4th and 1…I don’t want any pass happy guys. Love Colts Offensive Lineman Quenton Nelson that had hats made that say “Run the Damn Ball”. and gave them to the coaches and players.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Don’t jump to conclusions so quickly. I’m sure Hub stole those thoughts from me!

    In all seriousness, I stand by what I say. What I presented in this post are not opinions. They are facts.

  6. Dave Says:

    None of the above! Matt Eberflus, former Indy Colts DC is the new Bears head coach.

  7. Mark Johnson Says:

    Fro Dog…Just saying after 20 plus years of hearing Arkush go in that circular logic of his and then stuttering for his next thought I can’t help noticing that up is down and black is white with hm. If he dislikes them…I consider them at least above average.
    I also mentioned…no more pass happy Madden jockeys.


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