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Our five-year nightmare is over.

May 28, 2015

ThomASS is officially gone. Thank God. From what I understand, the Bulls made some offers to other teams but the asking price was too high. That just goes to show that management sucks, too. Instead of trying to get a draft pick or a decent player, the Bulls were probably asking for multiple picks or a superstar player.

Either way, this is great news. It’s addition by subtraction, in my opinion. I know Fred Hoiberg may suck as head coach. The last time the Bulls brought in someone from Iowa State was a nightmare, as well, so I’m prepared. However, I would like to think that the new coach won’t be as stupid as Tom Thibodeau when it comes to managing minutes. Maybe this new coach will actually play the entire bench rather than six players during the regular season.

For five years, we have had to deal with the PATHETIC mishandling of players. To this day, I still blame Tom Thibodeau for ruining the career of Derrick Rose. I don’t know if this team could have won a championship in the first two seasons, but that was certainly their best chance. And the coach of the team threw that away.

Bulls fans, rejoice. It’s a great day.

Feel free to share your thoughts in this thread.

Backs against the wall

May 26, 2015

The Blackhawks are the only team I cheer for that I actually faith in to win a championship. The Bears suck and the Bulls are becoming the laughingstock of the NBA. The Blackhawks don’t have many players on their team that I hate. Actually, there is nobody on the team that I hate. The coach is easy to root for and if someone doesn’t like Jonathon Toews, then they have something wrong with them.

Other than the Bulls in the 90’s, I’ve never seen a team that I grew up loving winning a championship. They have won two Stanley Cups in my lifetime and growing up with this team, I didn’t think I’d even see one. With the previous ownership, I doubt other fans were optimistic either. As good as those teams were when I was growing up, others like the Red Wings and Avalanche always disposed of them. It was so damn frustrating and to see my favorite players like Roenick, Chelios (asshole) and Belfour leave, it frustrated me even more.

One thing is for sure, the Ducks have been a thorn in the Blackhawks’ ass all series. The Blackhawks needed multiple overtimes for their first two victories. In Game 5, Jonathon Toews played Houdini by tying the game with two goals in the last two minutes. Then, the wheels fell off 45 seconds into overtime. The defense fell apart once again.

The Blackhawks are down 3-2 and have to do something they haven’t done all series: win two in a row. I am not saying it can’t be done. It’s just going to be very hard. I admit, there have been times where I thought a game was over with the Blackhawks, only to see them come back and win. I am sure others were shocked, as well. They have done that for the majority of the last few years.

Can the Blackhawks shock us again by winning two straight against the Ducks and advance to the Stanley Cup Final?

Please God, let it happen.

Ray McDonald arrested again; Ryan Pace already looking like an idiot

May 25, 2015

Where there is smoke, there’s fire. Or something like that. The Bears signed Raypist McDonald in March, even after all of the other garbage that was going on before that. I knew this was a stupid idea and I think everyone else thought the same thing, too.

How PATHETIC of the new regime by the Bears to even give this guy a contract. He flies to Chicago and speaks to George McCaskey. The Bears call his parents (seriously) and decide: “Well, his parents say he’s behaving. Let’s give him another chance!”

Fucking idiots.


May 24, 2015


Open thread

May 16, 2015

Tonight is the night.

May 14, 2015

This is the moment we all have been waiting for. Two and a half hours from this posting, the Bulls will tip off against the Cavaliers in what will be the final game coached by ThomASS. All of these years of players committing technical fouls for the dumbest of reasons, missing free throws and playing 44 minutes of game will all be over.

The Bulls, since ThomASS came here in 2010, have been nothing short of undisciplined and not reaching their full potential. I don’t know who the next head coach will be, but I would pray that Jerry Reinsdorf, Gar Forman and John Paxson look at Jeff Van Gundy as their top choice. I know he “criticized” them earlier in the year, but that’s what an analyst does. Management can’t be a pile of sensitive assholes. I believe he is the best option out there.

As a fan, I am disgusted. I have been saying this shit all along about how this team will never go anywhere, as long as Tom Thibodeau is the head coach. The team has been put together to contend for an NBA Championship and instead, we are fed bullshit. It seems to be the norm in Chicago sports for us to have our intelligence insulted. The Bears are a prime example of that. I am sick of it. When the Bulls lose tonight, I will still be pissed, because I do want them to win. However, when they do lose, I will believe that brighter days are ahead. Bulls fans, brighter days are ahead.

At least, I would like to think.

On Thursday, don’t let the door hit you in the ThomASS on the way out.

May 12, 2015

The Bulls will lose this series on Thursday. This means ThomASS will finally be out as head coach of the Bulls. Thank God because I cannot continue watching a team that is undisciplined and poorly managed. Enough is enough.

Blown Opportunity.

May 10, 2015


With 1.5 seconds to go, I thought we might see this. But nooooooooooooo…

Fro…I assume you were watching…please let us know that you are ok (if your head hasn’t exploded)!

I don’t see Lebron and Irving having sub-par games again – at least not in the same game – so I think the odds of the Bulls winning this series just got much worse.

Thibodeau may be a defensive genius (?), but if you can’t score points it doesn’t really matter…defense alone is not enough to win the championship. I don’t think he, or the Bulls will be around much longer…

Noah really CANNOT make a layup…it was painful to watch.

Open thread

May 3, 2015