Our five-year nightmare is over.


ThomASS is officially gone. Thank God. From what I understand, the Bulls made some offers to other teams but the asking price was too high. That just goes to show that management sucks, too. Instead of trying to get a draft pick or a decent player, the Bulls were probably asking for multiple picks or a superstar player.

Either way, this is great news. It’s addition by subtraction, in my opinion. I know Fred Hoiberg may suck as head coach. The last time the Bulls brought in someone from Iowa State was a nightmare, as well, so I’m prepared. However, I would like to think that the new coach won’t be as stupid as Tom Thibodeau when it comes to managing minutes. Maybe this new coach will actually play the entire bench rather than six players during the regular season.

For five years, we have had to deal with the PATHETIC mishandling of players. To this day, I still blame Tom Thibodeau for ruining the career of Derrick Rose. I don’t know if this team could have won a championship in the first two seasons, but that was certainly their best chance. And the coach of the team threw that away.

Bulls fans, rejoice. It’s a great day.

Feel free to share your thoughts in this thread.

6 Responses to “Our five-year nightmare is over.”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    The press conference is about to start on Comcast SportsNet. It’s such a shame that Jerry Reisndorf won’t fire Forman and Paxson. It’s the pathetic theory of “being a friend” that won’t force Reinsdorf to fire these assholes. John Paxson has been given chance after chance. He’s fired three coaches. Management should be changed.

  2. chucky Says:

    From what little I’ve heard, interest in ThomASS has gone down a lot over the past couple of weeks. Even teams looking to just sign a new head coach aren’t that interested. And they shouldn’t be. And also, a lot of players didn’t exactly endorse him on their exit interviews. How about that?

    Buh, bye Numbnuts. I would that you’ll be missed, but I don’t want to be called a liar.

    Fuck off ThomASS.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Are you saying there wasn’t a team dumber than the Bulls that would make such a move? I was thinking a team would give up a draft pick or something. But maybe you’re right.

    Forman and Paxson are looking like idiots in the press conference, by the way.

  4. abdallaha92 Says:

    I agree Forman and Paxson should be fired. Lets see who is hired next.

  5. CubsBearsSoxSuck Says:

    I think we all saw this coming. I believe Thibodeau did have his moments in Chicago, He did a some good things and some bad things. But after 5 years and still can not manage players minutes and develop a bench, so I agree it’s time for a change.

    How about Steve Kerr coaching in the finals his first year coming straight from the broadcasting booth?? I’ll be rooting for the Warriors and the old Bull Steve!

  6. CubsBearsSoxSuck Says:

    The Beard (by cracky) Lives! Go Hawks!!


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