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June 30, 2011

Fire away folks.

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June 27, 2011

This past weekend, the Blackhawks trading Brian Campbell and Troy Brouwer but I don’t really know what to say about that other than the team having a lot more money to spend. I will miss both players but it’s business and I am confident that Stan Bowman can find a way to get a good free agent or two in place of those guys.

The Bulls made a couple picks in last week’s draft. They drafted some guy from Real Madrid. They said he will be ready in a few years? Why? Isn’t a draft suppose to be for players who should be ready to help their team now? I don’t get it. They also picked up Jimmy Butler from Marquette. Supposedly, he is suppose to be Deng’s backup at small forward. His stats (Cue Irish Yeti) in college were pretty good (15 points, 6 rebounds per game) but as we know, that doesn’t mean shit in the NBA. I didn’t understand why the Bulls didn’t try to trade for a shooting guard in this draft. If Keith Bogus is still around, you can bet I am going to be angry all next season.

From what we are hearing, the NFL lockout might end soon. The owners and players will be meeting once again this week to try to get a deal done. There is a month left before training camp starts so time is ticking. If nothing is done by the middle of July, I may start to figure out what I may have to watch or do on my Sundays. It may not be all that bad. I could be watching the Bears’ secondary let quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers or Michael Vick have their way with them. Maybe the secondary is working on that “prevent” defense during this time. Or is it the “Cover Who?” defense? I always imagine Lovie Smith in his accent saying the following at his press conference about this so-called “defense”: In the prevent, that means that we are preventing our defense from stopping the opposing offense.


Open thread.

June 17, 2011

Fuck the Canucks: A great post by our good friend Nemo and a final word from yours truly.

June 15, 2011

Hahahahahahahahaha! Vancouver Canucks!! Played all year to host game 7. How’d that work out? You think it was going to win itself? Just guarantee it and not actually show up to play?!

I HATE that fucking stadium in Vancouver!!! Twice in a little over a year there have been heartbreaking overtime losses there-USA vs Can in the gold medal game and the Hawks just several weeks ago. I HATE those stupid white fucking towels they insist on waving. They probably make good handkerchiefs to cry into. (Fucking golden!)

I HATE how they try to make Canucks games an American vs Canadian thing-considering ALL NHL teams have Canadians, Americans, Swedes, Czechs, Finns, etc. Have you guys ever seen the national anthems before a game in Vancouver? They bring out some 4th grade music teacher reject to sing the Star Spangled Banner off key and WAY too fast. Then they bring in the professional opera singer to belt out Oh, Ca-na-wahh? So, friggin’ disrespectful! Sing both anthems right, you losers!!.

Anyhow, they may have barely beat a subpar Hawks team this year, but Vancouver’s angst will continue. Enjoy the Presidents’ trophy. Take that back to your hometown this summer and see who turns out!


Congratulations to the Boston Bruins for their dismantling of the Vancouver Canucks. That city has had seven championships from their sports in the last decade and it was their first hockey championship since 1972. Like Nemo, I cannot stand this fucking team. A majority of those guys are pieces of shit. They have Alex Burrows is enjoys pulling hair and biting fingers like a damn pussy. Include that with a douche like Ryan Kesler and a one of the dirtiest players in the game in Raffi Torres. Speaking of Torres, Barry Rozner of the Daily Herald said on the radio Wednesday morning that the Blackhawks should get him. Keep in the mind, this is the same guy that said they should trade Patrick Kane. What a dumbass.

In addition, their fans are pieces of shit too: As in 1994 when the Canucks pissed away the Cup against the Rangers, their fans were rioting in the city like sore losers. Here’s the link.

Last but not least, bye-bye Bobby Lu.


June 12, 2011

Hey guys. You all remember this article I wrote last year? Within that article are comments from various idiots as well telling me I was wrong. An example would be by a man (or woman) named Richard Chugger who defended LeBron for saying that the teams he was on were bad and that’s why he never won a title. So then, he goes to the Heat and what happens? Yep. Still no title. I wonder how the assholes at ESPN are feeling right now. This feels so fucking great. It couldn’t have happened to a better bunch of turds like the Heat.

For many years before that article and to this day, I have said that LeBron James will NEVER win a title. Why? Because he is and will always be a self-centered, selfish punk. Seeing the Mavericks win put a big smile on my face. I am happy for Mark Cuban. He took a laughingstock of the NBA and turned it into a championship winning team. I give him credit because I thought their team was finished a couple years ago. It just goes to show you that with the right owners, general manager, coaches, players, etc. that anything is possible.

Memo to LePunk: Have fun in Miami for the next four years. Enjoy never getting your ring. That is unless you buy a championship ring from a player on the Mavericks.

I love Deb Placey of the NHL Network.

June 10, 2011

Deb Placey has had a lot of air time on the NHL Network since the Stanley Cup Playoffs have been under way. She is the host of their NHL Live! show as well as hosting the pre/post game shows in the Stanley Cup Final. If anybody wants to pull the shit of “she’s old”, fuck off. 45 isn’t old. If you think she is, well like a fine wine, she is getting better with age. Many women that I am attracted to are ones in their 40’s or 50’s. Deb Placey is indeed, a babe. It’s not just her looks either. What makes her attractive the most is that she actually knows what she is talking about unlike other women reporters who just report the obvious (Sarah Kustok). So here’s to Deb Placey. Keep up the good work.

Open thread.

June 6, 2011

Good Monday to you all. Stay cool folks. We are going to be in the upper 90’s for the next couple days.