Various topics to discuss.


This past weekend, the Blackhawks trading Brian Campbell and Troy Brouwer but I don’t really know what to say about that other than the team having a lot more money to spend. I will miss both players but it’s business and I am confident that Stan Bowman can find a way to get a good free agent or two in place of those guys.

The Bulls made a couple picks in last week’s draft. They drafted some guy from Real Madrid. They said he will be ready in a few years? Why? Isn’t a draft suppose to be for players who should be ready to help their team now? I don’t get it. They also picked up Jimmy Butler from Marquette. Supposedly, he is suppose to be Deng’s backup at small forward. His stats (Cue Irish Yeti) in college were pretty good (15 points, 6 rebounds per game) but as we know, that doesn’t mean shit in the NBA. I didn’t understand why the Bulls didn’t try to trade for a shooting guard in this draft. If Keith Bogus is still around, you can bet I am going to be angry all next season.

From what we are hearing, the NFL lockout might end soon. The owners and players will be meeting once again this week to try to get a deal done. There is a month left before training camp starts so time is ticking. If nothing is done by the middle of July, I may start to figure out what I may have to watch or do on my Sundays. It may not be all that bad. I could be watching the Bears’ secondary let quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers or Michael Vick have their way with them. Maybe the secondary is working on that “prevent” defense during this time. Or is it the “Cover Who?” defense? I always imagine Lovie Smith in his accent saying the following at his press conference about this so-called “defense”: In the prevent, that means that we are preventing our defense from stopping the opposing offense.


7 Responses to “Various topics to discuss.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I’ve heard they’re busting their asses to get a CBA in place in a couple of weeks, mainly because it would end up being a financial disaster if they don’t. Amazing how money talks, and bullshit walks.

    Get ready to be pissed about the Bears. Something that got sucked down the memory hole is the fact that Lovie Smith got his contract extended at the end of their playoff run. Lovies MO is to just lay back and have a shitty season right after he gets his extension. It’s happened every goddamn time. So, as we head toward the 4th of July weekend, my prediction for the Bears this year (Assuming that there is football this year) is a 5-11 record and out of they playoffs. They’ll be plagued by injuries as well, providing Lovie with an excuse to totally shitty play on both sides of the ball. And Jay Cutler will be in a body bag by November due to the defense being old and bad and weird and injured. But on a good note, the postgame show with Buffone and OB will totally rule the airwaves and will be can’t miss radio. Buckle up men, it’s going to be a long NFL season this year. You heard it here first.

  2. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Does this express leadership or is Mike Quade just a lunatic? I just can’t see the point being made here.

    Former Cub and current Washington National Matt Stairs played for Quade at Double-A Harrisburg almost 20 years ago.

    “He was our manager and we were in a horrendous hitting slump so he was throwing BP and took the screen away,” Stairs said. “He dared us to hit the ball up the middle which is almost suicidal. Mike is only 50 feet away from us with no protection, but he was fearless trying to make a point. The second hitter in the cage hit a line drive that hit him about 100 mph in the midsection. The ball really smoked him, and you could tell he was in pain but he never went down. He yelled out ‘Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.’ Mike is that kind of leader.”

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    I am in agreement with you about being ready to be pissed off this coming season if there is one. If you think about it, the team had to be near 100% healthy for most of the season just to be where they were at. If they had any significant injuries, there wouldn’t be anybody good to back a certain position up and their record would have been at or near .500.

    Just look at the quarterback situation. I don’t trust Lovie and the rest of the idiots to make a decision on who the backup should be. I told myself I was over what happened in the NFC Championship but it still bitters me to know that Todd Collins pissed away numerous possessions in that game. When Hanie went in, they still had a chance but if he was in after Cutler was hurt, they would have had a better chance to win.

    By the way, did you see RAW last night? I was never too high on CM Punk but he just received my respect for that promo he had at the end of the show. I am not exaggerating this when I say that 10 minute promo was the best I have seen in a very long time. We all know it was a shoot but it sounded and felt damn real. That’s how a promo should be done. The great part about it was everything he said was correct.

  4. chucky Says:


    You’re right about the injuries, or lack of injuries, playing a role in where the Bears landed last year. The fact they were for the most part in good shape during the entire season certainly helped. But that was the worst 11-5 division winning team I’ve ever seen. And that lands squarely at the doorstep of the coaching staff. Todd Collins had no business being in a NFL unifrom, yet Martz just fucking had to have him, didn’t he? Lovies paranoia about letting opposing teams know anything about your injured players doesn’t do the team any favors as well. And with the old bitch Virginia (Ricketts) McCaskey running this organization, Lovie will be head coach of this shithole for life. He could go out and murder babies and the old bitch will still love this asshole.

    I TiVoed Raw last night. I was tired so I didn’t watch. Plus I was watching all the shit about Blago getting convicted, and loving every second of it. So I’ll catch it tonight. Did his promo have anything to do with his contract expiring right after the next PPV?

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    Without ruining it for you, he talked a bit about his contract expiring but you will be shocked at some of the stuff he said.

  6. chucky Says:

    Fro….I just saw it online. That was one of the finest promos I’ve heard in years. Now is reporting that McMahon has suspended Punk. My thinking is that this is a very well written and very convincing work. There may have been some elements of a shoot in there, but my gut is telling me it’s a work. But I’ll say this much, I don’t think there is anybody in the WWE who could pull it off as well as Punk. He’s really that damn good, and Vince would be a fucking moron if he let him go back ROH. Which Punk did mention. Punk is a goldmine, and if there is one Vince loves more than anything, it’s money.

  7. erniesarmy Says:

    I said in May that these clowns would be 15 games under .500 by the All-Star Break.

    I’d like to revise it to 20 games under by the break.

    And Cub sheep, I mean fans, still come out to the ballpark and let Ricketts laugh all the way to the bank.


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